Opposite Worlds
17 The big secre
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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17 The big secre

It had been 1 hour since Meera left and Noah was getting a bit worried now. He then decided to call George as he only had his number. George and others were on their way to the house. He picked up the call and was kind of shocked as according to the plan they must have been trapped by that time but he answered it in case it was from Mr. K.

" Hello." He said through the call.

"Hi George. Actually Meera went inside the house alone and she isn't back yet." He said in a worried tone.

"Wait what she went there alone? Then where are you ?" He literally shouted through the phone that made Lewis and Isaac also heard him and also got to know what was going on. They speed up the car and told Noah to stay in the car until they reach there.

"Boss why did you take all the risk yourself?" Lewis said while trying to connect to her Bluetooth.

"We thought we were doing the dangerous part but she was the one doing it and all alone," George said and he was tracing her car.

"Found it. She parked it near the house only." He said as he found the location. Isaac drove there and they reached there in 10 minutes. They saw the car and went inside it and discussed the plan to enter the house.

*Inside the house*

A man splashed water on Meera's face and she regained consciousness and slowly came to her senses. She found herself tied to a chair. Her feet and hands were also tied. Then she saw the same man, whom she saw earlier when she entered the house, in front of her. She struggled to untie her ropes and her hand ropes got untied. That man gave a signal and two guys came to hold her but she punched them and untied the other remaining ropes that were tied around her feet. That man pointed a gun towards her.

"Don't move or I'll shoot." He said loudly.

"Do you think I'm afraid of dying." She said and moved towards him. He shot the gun and the bullet went into her arm. But her facial expression didn't even change.

"You know I was wondering what I should call you? Mr. K? Mr. Jin ? or Uncle John...

* Flashback *

XX was actually an agency founded by Meera's grandfather, Henry and he was the previous head of it. He had 2 sons, Sam, Meera's dad, and John ( who is Mr. Jin and Mr. K as well ). Sam was more capable and Mr. Henry decided to make him the next head while John was not even part of this agency. Mr. Henry was a friend of the king and when King David ( current king, Noah's father ) Sam and his wife Lucy ( Meera's mom ) who was also an agent in the agency were given the duty to protect him. At that time what they knew was that John was studying abroad but actually he was forming an underworld agency that was made to work against XX agency and also to gain control over the world. The king had most powers so he was their biggest enemy and they aimed to kill him. John himself decided to kill the king but failed to do so, then he chose to kill Sam and Lucy who were fighting against him. He actually burnt them alive and in doing so his face was also destroyed. Mr. Henry scolded him and asked him to surrender but he killed his father as well. Later he got plastic surgery and pretended to be the new head and told others that the previous head chose him. Meera was 16 at that time. John decided to keep it a secret from Meera because he wanted to use her to achieve his goal. But now she knew his truth and was also against him so it was best for him to kill her.....

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    《Opposite Worlds》