Opposite Worlds
15 Restar
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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15 Restar

A new day came so did new hope and new danger. They all ran away from home but they were still in danger. Mr. K had great connections in Australia as well so he ordered his people to kill them, at first sight, earlier but now he came there as he knew how capable Meera was.

Today they decided to go to the market that was quite away from their house. They all were wearing Bluetooth headphones that were connected as the king called then the day before and told them to be careful as Mr. K was somewhere in Australia only.

*10 in the morning*

They reached the central market and some people were busking there.

"Didn't you want to be a singer you should give it a try?" Noah whispered into Meera's ear. She stared at him and he started looking away cause her glare is very dangerous. The artists performing there asked if anyone wanted to join them. A smirk formed of Noah's lips after hearing this and he pushed Meera towards them. And they asked her to sing and she had to as the crowd started cheering for her.

She held the mic and stood properly. She closed her eyes and started singing. It looked as if she was lost in her world but everyone could tell she loved music a lot. Her hair was moving a bit due to the cold breeze. Her voice was sweet as honey and felt soothing to the ears of those who heard it. She was wearing a white dress and was looking like a goddess whose voice could heal every pain. Everyone, there was swaying along with the beat.

When the song finished she opened her eyes and saw everyone clapping for her. The artists came to her and praised her a lot. She returned the mic and walked to where the trio was sitting and Noah was standing.

"Wow boss I didn't know you could sing," Isaac said clapping for her.

"Yup no one could imagine this heartless girl to sing this beautifully," Lewis said standing up and walking to her for a hi-five. But she glared at him and he backed off in disappointment.

"Don't be angry Meera it was a shock for all of us," Noah said putting his arm on her shoulder. She smiled softly at him. The trio was damn shocked to see her smiling and not resisting a guy getting this close to her and they exchanged glances.

"Ahem, so we three are going to the mall for some shopping so you two can do whatever you want" George said and stood up followed by the two others.

"Okay but stay connected," Meera said and they nodded and turned around.

"If you didn't show up at the time of emergency get ready to dig your own grave." She shouted from behind. They look at each other and acted like they were crying.

"Bro why are we living this hard life?" Lewis said with a crying face.

"Even if we stay alive during a dangerous mission I'm sure she'll be the one to kill us," George said looking at the sky.

"Let's shop some expensive clothes to comfort our weak hearts," Isaac said patting their shoulders.

"What should we do now?" Noah asked Meera.

"Let's just roam around the city." She said letting out a sigh.

"Okay." He said and held her hand as they started walking.

Noah was looking at different paintings that were showcased in the street for inspiration. They were just walking around looking at the paintings when Meera saw some people in black clothes and there was a logo behind there clothes that said 'K'. At first, she ignored it but then she saw her and Noah's picture in their hand. She realized that they were Mr. K's men. They turned around and she pulled Noah into a corner where they couldn't see them. Noah was confused by her sudden action. He was about to ask her the reason but she covered his mouth. When they went from there she removed her hand.

"Noah listen carefully. we are in danger right now. Mr. K's men are following us and I'm sure he ordered them to kill us so we have to run right now." She explained and he nodded indicating that he's ready. She called the trio and informed them of the situation and told them to come to the central point where they were earlier.

In the next 10 minutes they all reached the central point. They got into there car which was parked nearby and started driving to their house. Lewis was the one driving.

Little did the knew that those men and Mr. K were following them all this while and a big secret was going to be revealed...

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    《Opposite Worlds》