Opposite Worlds
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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As the trio decided to make Meera and Noah fall for each other. They all decided to let them both spend maximum time with each other. For instance Noah knew how to cook so they asked Meera and Noah to cook the food and told him to teach her how to cook. And their plans were working. They both knew a lot about each other now.

But somehow they both didn't look very happy. It's just that they both felt the same kind of pain and that was loneliness. but they couldn't fill that gap because they were still holding onto their past. Noah was sad because he wasn't someone alone I mean he just didn't have his own identity. He was just a prince, nothing on his own. Meera had got so many betrayals in her life that she was now afraid of trusting people and even falling in love. They both were broken from inside but still pretending to be strong. One thing that they didn't know was that they both could heal each other. Cause no one knows your pain better than the person that has been through that pain.

It was a really beautiful evening and they both were standing near the beach. By the way their house was near the beach. The sunset was looking really beautiful.

"I used to see sunsets with my parents. After their death everything changed. It's just like my life lost its colors. I loved music a lot but since then I didn't sing again. All the people I knew and trusted proved me wrong and betrayed me. My first love was with those killers. Since then I have been afraid of trusting people and loving someone. So if I ever hurt your feelings I'm sorry. I was just jealous you have such a good life your parents take care of you and then there's me who has no one."

"You know what I'm tired of lying to myself. " Noah said suddenly.

"What do you mean?" Meera asked.

"I don't want to be the king. I never wanted to. It's my sister's dream. For me it's just a nightmare. I never enjoyed anything that children of my age did. All I have to do was focus on being a good leader. I am tired. I want to be an artist...I want to paint it. But I was forced to give up all my dreams." He said and there was sadness in his voice.

"You know what let's just forget our past. Let's forget what we're asked to do and let's do what we want to do. After all there's no harm in being a little selfish and living for ourselves or loving ourselves." She said and had a shine in her eyes.

"You're right. We should live for ourselves and do what we want in the days that we have." He said in excitement and hugged Meera tightly as she just showed him a way out of the problems and doubts. But she didn't push him away as she usually would. She just hugged him back. And they both just stayed like that for some time as if they were healing each other...

*It's not bad if you do what you want to do. One should not stay stuck in someone else's dream. Your dreams, your ambitions make you, you. It's important to love ourselves and it's not selfish. It's important to cherish ourselves. Don't try to fit inside the cup made by society. Be unique and be perfect because your imperfections make you perfect.*

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    《Opposite Worlds》