Opposite Worlds
13 Enjoying without any stress
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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13 Enjoying without any stress

Meera was discharged from hospital 3 days later . She and Noah were really friendly with each other and Meera didn't dislike him that much as he was not as arrogant as before . They went to hotel and rested for one day as they all were tired after staying at hospital . It was clear that Mr. K was actually Mr. Jin but she didn't tell this to them . He killed her parents to become the head as the previous head was planning to hand over the agency to Meera's father . He kept her in the agency so she would never doubt him . But he never thought that her first doubt after hearing the name Mr. K would be on him .

All the boys decided to go to beach next day and forced Meera to go with them . There weren't many people on the beach . She sat in a corner and Lewis , Isaac and George went for swimming but Noah didn't know how to swim . So he sat next to Meera and he looked at her . He felt that she was really pretty . She had shine in her eyes , her hair moving my the breeze and a soft smile on her lips . She looked like an angel to him . She felt that someone was staring at her and turned to left and found it was Noah . He was just lost in a different world and she sprinkled water on him . He was shocked . She ran away and was having a bright smile on her face . He ran after her and they played with water . They splashed water on each other . For others it was stupidity but for them it was really fun . It was one of the best days in their life as they were the happiest and enjoyed their life without any worry . They laughed a lot . Lewis noticed them and told others also .

" It's been a long time since I saw her this relaxed ." George said coming close to Lewis .

" It's the first time I saw her smiling like this ." Isaac said from behind .

" Yup and I wish she stays like this ." Lewis said .

" Hey have you noticed she's always different when she's with Noah ." Isaac said putting his hand on Lewis's shoulder .

" Hmm I hope they stay together forever ." George said .

" Yaa they look perfect with each other ." Isaac said .

" Hey how about we make them fall for each other ." Lewis said . They exchanged glances .

" And the new mission begins ." They said altogether .

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    《Opposite Worlds》