Opposite Worlds
11 Possibility
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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11 Possibility

"What !! how's it possible? How can Mr. Jin be Mr. K?" George asked in shock.

"Listen to me first. It is possible that he is Mr. K I think so. See he became the head after my parents died because the previous head was killed in a car accident. Also, nobody knew him before that, he..he just appeared out of nowhere. Suddenly he claimed to be his son and took control over the whole agency because all the best agents died at that time. This all can't be a coincidence." She explained.

"But didn't you see Mr. K's photo already?" Lewis asked.

"I did but plastic surgery is also possible." She said.

"He once mentioned that his face was ruined in a mission so he had to do a surgery to remove the scars and there were some changes in his face when I saw his childhood pictures at his home." Isaac said.

They were all suspicious and suddenly Noah asked, "Who is Mr. K?" They all were staring at him. It was like they finished watching the whole movie and he's asking who was the hero.

"The one who wants to kill you." Meera said leaning backward.

"And Mr. Jin is Mr. K?" He asked as he was too confused.

"It is possible according to the evidences." Lewis said and was frustrated because of the twists and turns coming in their lives.

"So what are we going to do now?" Isaacs asked Meera.

"Pretend that we don't know anything." She answered calmly.

"What but why?" They all asked at once.

"Do wanna die by telling him that you know his secrets? If yes then go ahead." She asked in anger.

"No Of course I don't wanna die. I have to become a king." Noah said in a bit of arrogance.

"This is your problem. Arrogant guy. So what if you are becoming the King, You still are a human-like us." She shouted. He was frightened and left the room in anger. They followed him and she was left alone in the room.

"Noah stop. Wait for us." Lewis said running after him. He stopped when he was tired.

"H..how can you run so fast?" George said catching his breath.

"Am I really that arrogant?" Noah asked looking at them.

"Actually yes. Like you always say that I am the upcoming King and all as if that's your only identity." Isaac said and was lost in his own world. George and Lewis were staring at him.

"Thanks for being honest." He said sitting on a chair nearby.

"What I think is that you depend on your father. All you are now is the upcoming king which is because your father is the King, You are getting it in heredity." Lewis said sitting next to him.

"Exactly you should become something on your own Like only Noah, no Prince, no King." George said and sat with them.

"Don't be sad because of Meera, she is like this and hates arrogant people. She is cold and extremely grumpy." Isaac said and patted Noah's shoulder sitting next to him.

"Yeah, she shouts a lot but actually she is lonely and sad inside" George said.

"Thanks guys. I didn't have many friends since childhood, you guys are really special." He said and was feeling blessed to meet them.

"It's an honor, Prince." They teased him.

"You can call me Noah from now." He said smiling.

"Ok buddy." They said and they all started laughing.

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    《Opposite Worlds》