Opposite Worlds
10 Chapter - 10
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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10 Chapter - 10

Their cars were attacked on the way to the airport. There were four cars that came around them and suddenly they were shooting at them. Meera and Prince were in the car in the center while the others ( George, Lewis, and Isaac ) were in the car were in the front and back.

Meera began to drive the car in the opposite direction from the others. Two cars still followed them. The killers were still behind them. She shot on the tires of the car on the left. A shooter from another car shot from behind and the gunshot went into her shoulder, it started bleeding. She gave the steering wheel to Noah and she shot at the car being them. The driver was killed and the cars were left behind.

George and Isaac were also injured while fighting but it wasn't severe as that of Meera. They all won over their enemies. They reached the airport and Meera was shocked by seeing them injured. She asked them to get treated but didn't get her wound treated and it also wasn't visible due to her jacket. Noah was shocked and asked her to get treated but she didn't listen to him.

The plane was ready and Meera was quite busy in making all the arrangements, she didn't rest properly. Lewis, Isaac, and George were all treated by doctors. They sat in-plane and the flight was 5 hours long . Meera felt a bit pain but she ignored it.

They finally reached Australia after a long flight. She informed the King about everything that happened and that the Prince was totally safe. The others planned about going to the beach and partying the whole night. Meera came back after a long call. They all looked happy but suddenly she fainted.

They were all worried and took her to the hospital immediately. The doctor told them that she lost too much blood and there were chances of infection as the wound wasn't treated for a long time. They were worried. She woke up the next day. Noah was standing beside her.

"Are you feeling any pain? Tell if you are uncomfortable." He said and was worried about her.

"I good. Don't worry." She said and was smiling at seeing someone was worrying for her so much.

"Did the gunshot affected your brain? You are smiling." Isaac said and was shocked.

"My life is complete now, I saw the most heartless girl smile." Lewis teased her. They both laughed.

"You told us to get treated but didn't care about yourself. What if something happened to you?" George said in anger.

"Stop worrying." She said and sat properly.

"By the way I have a secret to tell you guys. Mr.K is actually Mr.Jin ( the head )...

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    《Opposite Worlds》