Opposite Worlds
9 Reason for death
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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9 Reason for death

"What the one who killed your parents was Mr. K?" Lewis asked.

"Yup." She answered calmly.

"And you knew about it? " George asked.

"Yes ."

"Then why haven't you told us?" They both shouted.

"Firstly calm down. He is a very mysterious guy he never showed up after my parent's death but now finally he is coming to light. My parents were also agents and they were worked for the agency and for King and Mr. K is the most powerful gangster but not many people have seen him till this date. He wants to kill the king and his family so there won't be anyone to compete with as the king has the same power as him. My parents were the ones who almost exposed him and because of them his most reliable people were killed. To revenge them he burnt my parents alive. And now he's back to kill the upcoming Prince." She told them roaming around in the office.

"What a story I...I mean when did you got to know about it?" George asked.

"Last year when I was reading my mom's diary. She mentioned the name Mr.K and I began my investigation about him that day." She replied.

"Now what are we going to do?" Lewis asked.

"We will need the King's help to find him as he is also the one who has seen him." She said picking the key of her car. They went to the palace and met the King .

"I heard Noah was attacked today." He said sitting on a chair.

"Yes sir, a guy tried to hit him." She replied.

"Find him and the reason why he did so." he ordered.

"We have already done that, sir," The king was shocked by the fast progress.

"He was sent by someone."


"Mr. K..." The king was really shocked after hearing this name.

"So finally he's back." She was silent.

"We can't let the Prince live here anymore. You just take him abroad and don't come back until I send you any message." He said in fear.

"But sir..." She tried to say something.

"Its an order." He said in anger.

"No sir, what will happen if we keep running."

"Do as I say or just leave this job." He ordered. This job was the only way for her to find Mr. K, so she agreed to what the king told her to do.

"Sir, can you tell me how Mr. K exactly looks like?" She asked.

"Although this is a secret but I'll tell you for Prince's protection." He showed her a photo that was kept in locker. Now at least she knew about her enemy. The next morning they were going to the airport and were attacked on the way...

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    《Opposite Worlds》