Opposite Worlds
8 Hurt but succeeded
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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8 Hurt but succeeded

She stood at his back and used her arm to block the attack. The bottle was broken on her arm and it started bleeding. She shot him on his leg immediately. She didn't even hesitate before shooting him. Noah was shocked and afraid of her but then he saw her arm. It was bleeding badly and there were glass fragments stuck in the wounds. But it looked that she didn't feel any pain.

"Are you hurt?" She asked him and was a bit worried.

"Stop worrying about me, look at your arm it's bleeding so much." He said holding her arm.

"This... it will recover soon." She said and withdrew her arm.

"But you need to treat it." He held her hand and took her to the car. Isaac, George, and Lewis were working under her and were also his bodyguards. She gave them a signal they took that guy away who attacked them.

Noah took her to the hospital. The doctor looked at her wounds. He started the treatment. Noah was standing beside her. The doctor was afraid of the Prince and was shaking continuously. She took the instrument from his hand and removed all the glass pieces on her own and was calm while doing so. The doctor was shocked that how could she not feel any pain. All the pieces were removed and the doctor did dressing. She told Isaac to take Noah back safely.

"But you are my bodyguard you should be with me," He said and was trying to find a way to stay with her.

"Your protection is my priority and to fight against your enemy first I have to find who is he. He is also your bodyguard ." She said seriously.

"Ok then." He went to the palace with Isaac.

She went to headquarters where that guy was kept. She threw water on his face and he woke up.

"Tell me who sent you," She said pointing her gun on his head.

"You can kill me but I won't tell you." He said without any fear.

"Oh, so you won't mind if your family is killed." She said and put her gun down. She gave a signal. The curtain on the window removed and a lady and a small girl were standing there. They were his wife and daughter. They both were at the gunpoint of George and Lewis.

"I'll count till 5 if you don't tell they will die in front of you. 1...2....3...4 " She said and started counting.

" I.. I'll tell you. It was Mr. K who told me to kill him." She was shocked and ordered them to end the investigation. They were all released.

"Don't ever come back to this city," George warned him and they were sent to the airport.

"Now who is this Mr. K?" Lewis asked as they were sitting in her office, discussing that day's incident.

"The one who killed my parents." She said suddenly and they all were shocked.

"How can this be? You killed the mastermind already, didn't you?" George asked and the others had the same question.

"He was just his assistant before dying he said that it was he who killed my parents but it was Mr. K who ordered him to do so because they were his biggest enemy...

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    《Opposite Worlds》