Opposite Worlds
7 Asking for death
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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7 Asking for death

They entered the school and she went to the principal's office first. He decided to go after her out of curiosity. She told the principal that she was joining the college to protect the Prince but he disagreed and said that she couldn't join the college when she wasn't qualified for it.

She took her gun out and pointed it at the principal. Noah entered the room and was shocked by seeing the principal on gunpoint.

"You know you are asking for death by rejecting when I ask you politely." She said coldly.

"S..sorry...You just have to fill this form." He said and handed her a form.

"Better if you obey." She said and placed her gun on the table and filled the form.

The principal was scared to death. He showed her the class and kept shaking the whole time as he was afraid of her.

She introduced herself and took a seat. Noah entered the classroom later on. All the girls were trying to talk to him while Meera was just watching from a distance. The school went on well and it finally ended in the evening. They were standing near the school gate waiting for the car.

"You scared the principal but he asked for it." He said and was laughing.

"How?" She asked and looked frustrated cause school wasn't her thing.

"He rejected someone who works for the upcoming king." He said proudly.

"I just scared him because he refused to accept my proposal and also I had a bad mood today which was mostly because you kept irritating me. " She said without a change in her facial expressions. He was pissed off by her again.

"Watch out!!" She shouted and rushed behind him.

A man was walking towards them with a glass bottle in hand. He wanted to kill the Prince by hitting the bottle on his head. He was about to hit him when...

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    《Opposite Worlds》