Opposite Worlds
6 Underestimate
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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6 Underestimate

She went to the palace with Mr. Jin to meet the King and the Prince and it was really big and beautiful just like some fairy tales. King David met them personally Prince Noah was also there. Mr, Jin told him about his opinion to make her Noah's bodyguard.

"How are you so sure that she can protect the Prince?" The King asked and was doubtful of her abilities.

"Your highness, she is the best agent in our agency." He answered with great respect.

"I still don't believe it." He said in objection and underestimated her.

"How many bodyguards does he has right now?" She asked all of a sudden.

"Meera behave he's the Prince." Mr. Jin said shaking her arm, warning her to behave herself.

"Doesn't matter to me." She said as if it was nothing. She wasn't afraid of them and was calm. She didn't like rich people and that was the reason she didn't treat them differently.

"He has 8 bodyguards around him who are the best ones." The King said with great confidence.

"I want to fight with them." She said calmly, with no expression of fear.

All of them were shocked and warned her not to risk her life but she stayed stern of her decision so they agreed eventually. She looked really cold. The fight began and it was fierce. The bodyguards were strong, even the head was afraid. They attacked her one by one and she first dodged their moves to know their fighting style and attacked as soon as she realized their weaker points. She used her strength as well as her brain and it impressed the King. In the end, she won. She beat them a lot.

"These are your so-called best bodyguards." She said stretching her body a bit. Prince Noah was shocked at seeing her. He had never seen a girl as fierce as her. He admired her.

The King was pleased and asked her to start her work the next day. She was told to join the university where Prince studied and follow him the whole day to protect him.

The next day, he was personally there to pick her for college. It was not normal, like the Prince picking his bodyguard from her home? She was quiet in the car.

"Hi, I'm Noah the upcoming king." He said with a bright smile.

"So?" She said coldly. He was pissed off at her reaction.

"I am here to protect you not to befriend you." She said and looking outside the window. He was surprised and thought, "How can a girl be so hard to get? She is different from all those girls who chase after me the whole day, they are so irritating but she is quite interesting."

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    《Opposite Worlds》