Opposite Worlds
5 Opposite
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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5 Opposite

She was not at all affected by the fact that she was going to work for the Prince of Asia. It wasn't something she was panicked or worried about. If it was a normal person he would have been overjoyed but for her, it was just a normal mission, a job that she has to do.

Prince Noah is the most perfect and living example to represent the word 'luck' according to people around the world. He is the luckiest person as per the sayings because he was born in the richest family of Asia and was going to be the king. He was born with a silver spoon and never even had to struggle to achieve success unlike any common person The only son of the current King of Asia, King David whose one of the richest people in the world. But fame and success also bring a lot of enemies. He also has a lot of enemies. The king was strong and knew well how to fight, so his enemies couldn't affect him much. He also had a daughter named Mary. He never let his son, Noah fight, he only told him to focus on becoming a king since childhood, so Noah never tried any other activities and doesn't know how dangerous this world can be. He didn't know how to fight and eventually, it became his biggest weakness. He was now going to become the king, the gangsters wanted to kill him so they can get control over the whole of Asia. Noah never had to do any work on his own as he had a lot of servants surrounding him. He lives the life that people wish for.

Meera was the total opposite of him. She was brave, ruthless and bold. Her parents died when she was 17 since then she survived on her own. She knew how to fight for herself and had set out on a journey to do the wrongs right. The path she chose was full of difficulties and danger. She played with death daily and it became her favorite game.

She belonged to a world that Noah had never seen. She was an undercover agent and killed a lot of people but Noah can't even see a person get injured. They belonged to totally different worlds but they were unaware that they are destined to meet.

King David was now old. Although Princess Mary was more capable of getting the thrown, he still forced Noah to become the king as he thought that boys were more capable. Noah didn't enjoy his childhood properly and Never got in any danger. He didn't enjoy his life at all, it always felt like a prison to him.

It's true people always see your success not the sacrifices and failures behind that success. These worlds were going to collide. What will happen now?

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    《Opposite Worlds》