Opposite Worlds
4 Hiding Pain
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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4 Hiding Pain

She wiped away her tears and went back to headquarters and acted as if nothing had happened, as if she never loved him cause it was the only way to get out of that grief. Everyone knew that she loved him the most after her parents died. And they were shocked about the fact that how could she be so heartless to kill him with her own hands and not even shed a single tear.

She was hurt but denied to admit her feelings. As a result of the betrayal, she became even more quiet and cold. She started hating the word love. According to her love was just a trade in which you give your heart to another person but in return, you only get pain that breaks you in a way that you're not able to heal again. She was feeling depressed so she decided to go on a mission to divert her mind from him.

She asked Mr. Jin to give her another mission to do. He said that at that time there was only one mission but he didn't want her to do it.

"I don't care what it is, I just need to divert my mind." She said and looked straight into his eyes. He knew that she was hurt and needed a distraction to get over that pain. He sighed and opened the computer to show her what the mission was.

"As you already know that the Prince of Asia is going to be crowned in 4 months and there are people who are trying to kill him to get the throne and the power that it holds. The mission is to protect him until the crowning day arrives. " He told her and waited for her to react as he knew that she hated the rich families.

"No big deal, I'll do it." She was determined. It shocked Mr. Jin how easily she said yes to it. He finally gave up trying to stop her as he knew that she won't, no matter what he did.

"Fine then, I'll inform them but if you fail this mission it's going to be the last mission of your life." He warned her with a serious expression that didn't even surprise her.

"What's so special about this Prince?" She asked and started playing with a pen that was kept on the table.

"Its Prince Noah. The upcoming king, he is special ." He emphasized.

She agreed to do the mission but what she didn't know was that it was going to change her life...

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    《Opposite Worlds》