Opposite Worlds
3 Revenge
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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3 Revenge

They reached the headquarters soon. Mr. Jin was really happy seeing his son and the others back safely. He sent him home with the trio. Later, he called Meera to his office.

"Thanks for today." He said and she just nodded back which made him a bit sad.

"It has been so many years since you joined our agency, earlier it was fun for you but then you got a strong motive to stay in this line. So now, it's finally the time to end it. I have found him," He said in a serious tone and passed her a photo. The person he was talking about was the man who killed her parents. "Now, tell me, will you hesitate while completing your mission?"

"Why would I? I worked so hard all these years, just to find that person and kill him with my own hands. He killed my parents 5 years ago so he has to pay for his deeds and I would be the one who will make him pay." She said and there was a fire in her eyes, the fire of revenge.

"Here's all his details." He said and passed her a file. She was taken aback when she saw his real name and face as it was the person she believed the most. The one whom she trusted the most. But then she remembered that the person in the photograph is the one who burnt her parents alive.

"I'll make sure that he suffers the pain that my parents suffered 5 years ago." She said and walked out of the office.

She lost her parents at the age of 17. They were burnt alive by their enemies. She killed all of them except for their mastermind. He did a lot of effort to find him but always came to a dead end. Now that she finally got to know who he was, unexpectedly, he turned out to be her first love.

She made a plan to capture him and it did work. She captured him in chains and held him at her gunpoint but was afraid to shoot him. Her hands were shaking while killing someone for the first time. It happened so because he was someone she loved and trusted a lot.

"What happened? You did so much effort to capture me now you are afraid to kill me! You are a coward just like your parents. It was all my plan to make you fall for me, so you could never doubt me and then I would have killed you as well. See my plan worked, you can't kill me." He said with a cunning smile.

She was angry at her foolishness and shot him continuously for 5 times. He was dead but she was the one left without answers and a broken heart. It was the first time, after her parent's death, that there were tears in her eyes.

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    《Opposite Worlds》