Opposite Worlds
1 Kidnap
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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1 Kidnap

"I have three of your agents and your son, release my brother or I will kill them all." Said the gangster on phone to the head of XX agency, Mr. Jin.

They had captured the gangster's brother a week ago and now he wanted them to release him, therefore, he kidnapped three agents and the son of the head.

"Hey, you won't get anything by threatening him. He would have already sent Meera here to deal with you and when she comes you can't do anything." Said George (one of the three agents) staring at the gangster without any fear.

"Who is Meera now?" Asked the gangster furiously.

"Meera, she is the best and the most dangerous agent. She is heartless and she is the one who captured your brother." Lewis, the second agent said.

"In short, she is your death." Isaac, the third agent added with a cunning smile spread over his face.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a motorbike, it echoed in the whole abandoned building where they were held captive by the gangster and his men. The son of the head was afraid.

"There she comes." The trio said together.

A motorbike entered the building breaking the weak wooden door, on it sat a girl wearing black clothes, black tights and a leather jacket with black long boots. Her hair tied in a ponytail and anger was visible in her eyes.

She was Meera. She was an undercover agent but in front of the world, she lives abroad for studies and was settled there. She was the best agent but was only 22. She joined the agency when she was 12 years old, for it was her parents' job. She was trained for 4 years and worked as an agent since the age of 16. She was like a daughter to the head but still, she called him Sir. Her true motive for joining the agency was to get her revenge. She got injured several times but slowly she got used to the pain and now it didn't affect her at all. No matter how weak she got due to injuries, she always finished the mission that she was given. She was really cold outside and lonely on the inside.

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    《Opposite Worlds》