Opposite Worlds
-1 Introdution
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Opposite Worlds
Author :Parinaz
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-1 Introdution

Meera, a girl strong and heartless who never thinks before killing anyone. But little does anyone know that the heart in her chest was broken so many times that it stopped beating. Her Mom was the one she loved her the most and on her wish, she joined XX agency, which eliminates the criminals around the world, and right now she's their best and most dangerous agent. Later on, she worked under it to kill her mother's murderers. She plays with death every day and can go to any extent to complete her mission. Her past is her biggest enemy and also her weakness.

Noah, the prince of Asia, lives in a world that's opposite to hers. A world where no pain is allowed. He never fought with anyone and always obeyed what his father said. He's about to become the King and is a bit arrogant about this. His fate is decided and he accepted it since his childhood. He can't see people get hurt and hate is something that he doesn't know.

They both are opposite and live in parallel worlds. As everyone knows parallels never meet.

But what if they met this time. What will happen? Love will blossom, there will be separations and heartbreaks, several secrets will be uncovered and it would change their fate.

Will it show them a new light or destroy their current life?

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    《Opposite Worlds》