Oops, I ate a zombie
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Oops, I ate a zombie
Author :PurpleScorpio
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As they were watching those zombies run, They soon noticed that they were running watching something... in the air ?

Shane narrowed his eyes.

There was indeed something, but…

What was it ?

A movement in his back made him turn slightly, in time to see Nora coming closer.

The woman who had her eyes fixed on the scene outside was trying to get a better view.

He looked at her side profile, a bit stunned.

He knew what she looked like but it suddenly dawned on him that she was quite pretty.

Not the sexy or etheral immortal beauty, just a simple and refreshing appearence.

Now that she was next to him, he couldn't help but wonder how a cute girl like her could eat those things outside.

It was a bit contradictory.

Sensing his gaze on her, Nora turned her head and looked at him.

« What ? »

« You surprised me, I thought you wanted a bite. »

She rolled her eyes.

If he really thought she wanted to eat him, wouldn't she already be shot in the head ?

She looked back to the situation outside.

Squinting her eyes, she still couldn't see what the zombies were running after.

« Maybe calling your dad would be a good idea. »

« I'm on it. »

Nora made the call and quickly put the phone on speaker.

« Mm ? »

« Say Dad, we can see zombies running and all, but how did you do that ? »

« Drone. »

« Uh ? »

« Drone and meat. »

A smile slowly appeared on her lips.

« You stole uncle Eddy's toys again. »

« He gave it. »

« Wait, that's not how it... »

The voice that tried to cut in the conversation quickly disappeared with a strange sound.

Nora shook her head with pity.

'Poor uncle Eddy. Another day suffering.'

Her father's voice sounded again.

« The road should be clear in a few minutes. As long as you stay in the east part of the city, you won't encounter zombies. In theory. »

« Theory ? »

« There is only one drone which could enter the city. »

More than half of the warehouse was already empty, and by the time they gave the order to take the drones out, only four weren't already sent away by those zealous and loyal employees.

Furthermore, it was difficult to find an occasion to go inside the city without getting noticed by the military.

They were already lucky they had such an opportunity once, and even though they were waiting to find a second chance, they still didn't find it.

Only one drone meant they were a bit more securised, but it also showed how heavily guarded this place was.

They couldn't waste this drone, and needed to go away quickly.

« Thanks dad. »

After hanging up, everyone cheered up, but the guys felt a bit regretful too.

If they had it on their way in, it would have been smoother and faster, no ?

Soon enough, the last zombies disappeared at a corner of the road, and Shane started the car.

It was time to go out of this mess.

Cautiously looking on both sides of the car, every passenger could feel their anxiousness was at its max.

Their eyes couldn't stop searching for those monsters they didn't want to see.

And even after a dozen of minutes on that empty road, they still didn't relax.

Houw could they dare relax in this dangerous city ?

While the sun was high in the sky, those places that should be full of life were deserted.

Broken windows, abandoned cars that Shane had to contourn, stores where everything was broken, doors left opened…

Dead bodies everywhere.

Or pieces of them.

Blood splattered on the floor.

And the silence, only interrupted by their own car.

Not even a single sound, even from an insignifant tiny bird could be heard.

Nora studied in this city for almost two years now, and she almost couldn't recognise it.

She used to see a lot of people enter those stores, couples eating together at this restaurant, mother and child buying a teddy bear…

A normal city, were nothing out of the ordinary happened.

The sunny memories were destroyed, and only this deadly scenery was present everywhere.

The effects of the drone showed the desolation left after the zombies, and a terrifying thought appeared in everyone's mind.

If those monsters were to escape, wouldn't evey cities become like this one ?

With a shiver running down their spine, they buried this idea and focused on the way.

The drone didn't have a miraculous effect, and they could discern behind some windows the shadows of some standing people, unmoving or obviously… eating.

Some windows weren't closed, and the zombies who were in those rooms were attracted to the drone as much as those outside, and followed.

They took the shortcut, and directly jumped out.

Some happened to just be on the first floor, and were quite lucky, so they joined the drone's followers pretty quickly.

But not all of them were like this.

Some jumped from the fourth or fifth floor, to end up with broken legs. Still moving but they were in such bad state they could only crawl at most.

Or even worse.

Their body couldn't handle it, but they didn't seem to feel any pain.

On both sides of the road, the group could see from time to time one or two of those zombies, making them unable to forget what they were escaping from.

While feeling disgusted by those visions, Nora still couldn't help but grab another sandwich.

She wouldn't taste half of the ingredients in it, and her thoughts were so focused on the outside she found eating disturbing at the moment, but her stomach was craving for some meat.

And to be honest, her own state was a bit awkward, and she didn't dare to ignore her hunger.

What if Shane was right, and she started attacking someone because she didn't want a little sandwich ?

So she tried her utmost to concentrate on her meal and didn't look in the directions of the car windows anymore.

Out of sight, out of mind.


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