Naughty System In The Multi-Universe
3 Chapter 3: good luck
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Naughty System In The Multi-Universe
Author :naughty0boy
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3 Chapter 3: good luck

Hua ling gives Julian to his mother then left. Anna takes Julian in her lap and unveil her boob and let him sucks. julian was sucking so hard

and it gives Anna a little tremble.

Anna "oh my little boy seems pretty energetic "

julian thought while sucking his mom boobs [ of course boobs milk taste the best ]. System [ host has complete the quest. so do you want to use the rewards now??]

Julian [ but mom is here ]. system [ the host doesn't have to worry about this, because no one can notice anything except you ].

Julian [ then give me the Strength Potion first]. system [ i will inject the Strength Potion into the host's body directly. because the host is too young to consume any of the items himself ].

Julian feel his body burning while he kept sucking his mom boobs,

after 5 minutes the burning feeling in his body stop and he felt a lot stronger than before. Julian get tired from sucking and lay in his little bed beside his mom. while Anna was finishing the procedures to get discharged from the hospital.

system [ the injection finished, do you want to see your status ].

Julian [ yes ].

[Level: 1 (16/200) ]

[Str: 10]

[Hp: 120]

[Int: 72]

[Ht: 120]

[UC: 40]

[End: 20]

[NP: 100]

Julian [ so how strong am I now??]. system [ you are strong as a boy of 8 years old, a normal man in his 20s his strength will be 30s-40s. do you want to play the lottery now??].

Julian [ yes ]

System [congratulations: you get +5% affection to any woman. ]

System [congratulations: godly level UC cultivating technique. ]

Julian [ what is UC cultivating technique??].

System [ UC cultivating technique is cultivating technique that allows it's user to absorb the UC energy from the air, Sunrays, star rays, plants, earth, and the lifeforce of any creature alive. and it a body and energy cultivating technique, so you don't have to worry about that your's body is unable to withstand the UC energy. ].

Julian [ wow, doesn't that mean I will be the strongest in the universe].

System [ yes if you cultivate hared you will be the strongest, but you have to be careful when you cultivate because you will absorb enormous energy and it will attract the attention of the cultivators in this world then you may fall in a dangerous situation. ]

Julian [ wait, does that mean there are cultivators in this world??].

System [ yes, there are cultivators in this world and they are very strong and dangerous to you in the current situation so don't do anything that will attract their attention].

Anna finished procedures to get discharged from the hospital. she comes and takes Julian to go to their home. she put Julian in a baby carriage and take him to her car then she put him in the seat next to

the driver, and drive to their home.

After 10 minutes the car arrives at a medium-size house, Anna picks Julian up form the seat and get off the car then lock it. she enters the house and head to the bedroom, she put Julian in the bed and went to take a shower.

Julian [ i want to cultivate but don't want to attract anybody attention]

system [ feel the air, Sunrays, plants, earth, and the energy in it, then attract it and absorb it like a black hole ]

system [ and if you don't want to attract anybody attention then concentrate, don't absorb too much energy absorb a little energy just like how you suck your mom boobs slowly ]

Julian begins to cultivate slowly and feel the energy enter his body,

and he starts to feel his flesh, bones, and internal organs become Steadier and stronger.

After 10 Julian feel stronger and taller than before, Julian [ system show me my status ]

system [ yes ]

[Level: 1 (60/200) ]

[Str: 17]

[Hp: 160]


[Ht: 160]

[UC: 80]

[End: 450]

[NP: 100]

[Cultivating Technique: godly level UC cultivating technique ].

[Attributes: +5% affection to any woman ].

Julian [ Amazing, at this rate, I will get stronger in no-time, and I feel I become taller]. system [don't get cocky, there are many cultivators in this world that can crush you like an ant, remember that and be always carfeul].

Julian [ yeah..... I know and I will beat them, just wait and you will see]

At this Julian hear his mom voice and he knew that she has finished taking a shower.

Anna come in the bedroom and Julian glare at her, her blond wet hair, beautiful blue eyes, small nose, pink wet lips, fair white skin, and she was wearing sexy shower robe that on cover her pink nipple, so he can see her white boobs, navel, waist, pussy that was cover with little hair, slender white legs, and feet jade. when he looked at her feet and little toes. he wishes he could suck and lick them.

He immediately got an erection and his penis go against the diaper that it almost opened. Anna looks at her son and surprised to see that he looks taller 2 inches than before and noticed that he stare at her boobs, pussy, legs, and feet with a strange look.

then she notices the tent in his diaper and she thought that he shit himself, but when she opened the diaper she was surprised to see her son penis stand hard like a rock, but what surprised her the most that his penis was about 3 inches in length and

1 inch in thick ( circumference ).

Anna can't believe what she's seeing, her son was taller 2 inches in a flash, and he looks more Steadier and stronger than before, is a super man she thought .

and what more her son got an erection from seeing her body.
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    《Naughty System In The Multi-Universe》