Naughty System In The Multi-Universe
2 Chapter Two : First QUES
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Naughty System In The Multi-Universe
Author :naughty0boy
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2 Chapter Two : First QUES

June 11, 1998

7 AM in the morning the little baby wake up and he realizes that his intelligence is much more than a baby should have. Then he began thinking about why his intelligence more than a baby, could it be because he had the naughty system.

At this moment the system ring in his head

[the host has more intelligence than other babies because **********


The little boy say " system what are you saying, i don't understand because there's ************************* in your speech."

System [ it's because of the host level is too low that why you can't hear it, but you don't have to worry about this cause when you reach a certain level you can hear it. now what the host wants to be his name??]

When the system asks him about what he wants to be his name a voice appears in his head and it seems very familiar [Julian].

the boy [ system what's this voice it seems very familiar ??]

System [ it's your **************]

The boy [ another **********, well there's no use to worry about it, form today my name is Julian Stimpson.]

System [are you sure you want Julian to be your name??]

Julian [yes]

system [then hostname will be Julian ]

Julian [ well, you say that my level is low, so can you show me my level and status??]

system [ yes ]

[Level: 1]

[Str: 0.5]

[Hp: 100]

[Int: 50]

[Ht: 100]

[UC: 10]

[End: 5]

Julian [the Level, Str, Hp, and Int i understand it's, but what do Ht, UC, and End mean??]

system[Ht mean health, UC mean **********, well you can say it a very special energy and more powerful than Mp, while End mean endurance]

Julian [ UC seems amazing, so how can I raise my level??]

system [ you can raise your level through perverted actions, get girlfriends, get lovers, conquer women and by completing quests.]

Julian [ you're a really naughty system just like your name ]

system [ of course ]

system [ there's a quest available currently if you want to raise your level, do you want to take it??]

Julian [yes]

system [ Quest: urinate in the nurse face ]

system [ Rewards: 100 naughty points(NP), Low-Level Strength Potion, Int+2, 16 EXP, 2x lottery]

system [ time limit: 15 Minutes ]

system [ Failure: shut down quest function ]

Julian [ the failure penalty is heavy, but the quest seem fun and so the rewards]

after 5 minutes comes a beautiful nurse with short brown hair, big chest, and slender legs which seems like a jade. the beautiful nurse to take Julian to his mother she picks him from the small bed and raises him up in the air then she looks at his face and she never thought that a baby could be this gorgeous, a white hair with red eyes just like a vampire in the legends. but never in her wildest dreams could she thought when she was pondering about how gorgeous his face he will

urinate in her face.

just like that when the nurse picked him up he exploits this chance and

urinate in her face.

Julian [ ahhhh..... feels good]

system [ Quest complete ]

system [ Obtain : 100 naughty points(NP), Low-Level Strength Potion, Int+2, 16 EXP, 2x lottery]

the beautiful nurse [ ahhhh....]

when the urine splash in the face of the beautiful nurse she surprises then screamed. the doctors and nurses near the room heard her scream and come to see what going on. a handsome doctor was the first arrive at the room and said "xiao yang, why did you scream?? "

yang mei " I were picking him to his mother but he urinates in my face"

doctor " xiao yang give the kid to Hua Ling to clean him and take him to his mother cause she already aking about him, and go take a shower and change your clothes.]

yang mei "thank you li jun"

li jun "you're welcome"

yang mei give Julian to Hua Ling and went to take a shower. hua ling who take Julian was a beautiful woman in her late twenties, had an oval face, black hair reaching to her waist, brown eyes, seductive pink lips, chest of g cup, slender legs, and she wore sandal that reveals her toes seems like made of jade.

when Hua ling finished cleaning Julian she notices that

his eyes were looking at her chest and legs with a look that seems full of lust.

hua ling " really a naughty boy"

she thought [ if he keeps behaving like this what will he be like when he grow up].then she takes him to his mother.
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    《Naughty System In The Multi-Universe》