My Ex-Fiance Next Door
39 Chapter 39: Daniella“s big mouth
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My Ex-Fiance Next Door
Author :SarahAtici
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39 Chapter 39: Daniella“s big mouth

In the Dining

Everyone finished their food but Angelo and Daniella haven't come back.

It worried Mary.

"why does Daniela need to talk to my husband? I believe this was this first meeting" she asked Evan.

The man looked straight at her eyes while his hand is wiping Alexa's lips.

"it must have something to do with the party." He spoke in a cold tone and looked at Alexa

"Alexa eat the onion. Your mother is here" Evan used the fork and shove the onion in Alexa's mouth.

The girl pouted while her face wrinkled in disgust.

"I don't like this" she spoke with chewing it.

In the other side, Ken and Novie were sitting next to each other hissing.

"so my brother's first love was Daniella," she said in a cheered voice.

"don't worry. He's not the only man who had Daniella as their first love" the spoon Ken was holding frost in the air, he looked at Novie while his face went pale.

"don't worry I don't mind it. She's your sister" Novie shrugged her shoulder and push the spoon to his half-parted mouth.

Ken chewed it and smile at her, " you're the best" he moved closer and winked at her.

Meanwhile, Brent keeps on staring at Peyton.

"why didn't you use your own picture? Why Daniella?" those questions has been in his mind since he found out the truth

"Well, Daniella and I always do it. We switch identity. But she's worse than me, she used my name and flirted to a Saudi Prince, the man spent a year looking after a woman named Peyton. Then he found me, he almost kill me because he thought I deceived him. Tsk " Peyton shook her head in defeat.

When she turned to Evan, she saw the darkness circling around him.

"flirt?" Evan asked in a cold voice.

Peyton gulped and kicked a foot under the table. She was aiming for Ken but instead; she kicked Mila's leg.

"ouch, " Mila complained and glared at her.

"what's your problem?" Mila asked in fury.

Peyton raise an eyebrow and mimicked her

"what's your problem." Mila's eyes went round. Her blood has been raging since she met Peyton, knowing she played her first love's feelings annoyed her

Mila got up and about to attack her when Brent dragged her back to the chair. He bent closer to her and murmur.

"don't fight with her. You don't have a chance, look at her boobs" Mila stared at Brent with a muddled expression. The man was like a hound gawking at Peyton's breast, then he shifted his eyes at her chest and waved his head.

"see the difference? Yours is not even half of her" Mila flattened her expression and feel hurt by his words.

"Hey, I am a grown woman" she boastfully said and sit up straight.

"grown woman? You have boob of a twelve-year-old kid" Brent smirked after mocking her figure.

Mila puffed in disbelief. She turned to Novie to ask for help but the woman was too occupied chatting to Ken. The two had their lips stretched from laughing.

After they finished the food, everyone moved to the living room. When Mary got up to clear the table, Evan stopped her.

"let the triplets clean this" Mary quickly rattled her head.

"no... no... you're a guest. Let me do it" Mary urged but Evan's body didn't move. His cold but striking eyes were looking at her emotionless and it's making her feel tense.

"please let them. Their mother has been teaching them to clean after themselves, doesn't matter where they are." Marry stared at him, a surprise was painted all over her face.

The triplets rounded up all the plates while their father helped them to put it in the sink.

Mary dried her hands and smiled at Evan

"how I wish my son Brent can be like the triplets " her head wobbled, baffled by how her son behaved.

"Hey, Brent come here and watch the triplets. Maybe you can learn something" Mary shouted, her loud voice scattered beyond the four walls of the kitchen.

Then she directed to Evan and smiled. "I'll be in the living room. If you need anything, let me know"


In the porch.

Angelo buried his face in his hands, frightened by the news

"How did you know about us?" he asked, his voice was terrified.

"I remember the scar Novie had on her chest. I've seen it before, from the previous Princess. And after that, I dig farther and find out that Novie's mother was the sister of the previous King." Daniella explained and rested next to him.

She could detect the horror in his eyes, troubled for his family's safety.

"Do you know anyone that can help you?" she asked, Angelo, glanced at her and shook his head.

"We cut all the contacts we have after we fled Aldovia. Mary was a princess and about to be married to a prince but we fell in love so she canceled the engagement. Then Mary's parents find out about her pregnancy to Novie, they ordered to kill the baby, so we left before they can do it" Angelo spoke in a split voice.

"What about Brent?" she questioned.

Angelo groaned, "Brent is my kid to another woman, he knows it. He knows everything, but he kept quiet. So I couldn't blame him when he involved himself to the mafia. He knows that by doing so, he can have some help in protecting his sister" He explained.

Angelo leaned his back at the couch and watched the sky, sorrow clouded his feature.

"I understand. Would you like me to keep this to your family?" Daniella asked.

Angelo looked at her, astounded. "Are you not going to tell this to your brother?" he asked, snubbing her question.

Daniella shook her head.

"It's your responsibility to inform them, but don't leave my brother in the dark. Believe me, he's a very protective man. I've seen how he protect Novie for the last five years" Daniella put her hands on her knees and massages it.

"What five years? didn't they just met?" Angelo asked in a disturbed tone, wondering how Ken protected his daughter if they just met.

Daniella widened her eyes, while her body paralyzed.

Seems like Angelo guessed the situation, he got up with rage shaking his whole body and entered the house, Daniella immediately followed him.

"I will beat that man to death" Daniella overheard him saying those words.

(Oh gosh! Me and my big mouth!) she wanted to hit herself for talking too much.


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