Lust Knight
52 52 Minutes in Heaven part 1
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Lust Knight
Author :LamenThief
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52 52 Minutes in Heaven part 1

Lucien heard the sounds of footsteps in the water while playing with little Ko. He knew who it was and waited to see what she would do.

Cassidy hugged Lucien from behind and pressed her big breasts against his back. She, like most other girls, didn't mind being naked because there were only women and Lucien there.

She knew that only Astrid could compete with her sexy body and wanted to use her sensuality to get more attention from Lucien. Of course, he loved the feel of her soft breasts on his back as he caressed Ko's fluffy fur.

Cassidy touched Lucien's waist and chest, then reached down to take his cock. She started to massage it slowly back and forth. "Do you like it?"

Lucien couldn't deny that he was enjoying it. Not only was the sensation of her breasts and Ko's fur much soft, but her delicate hands were giving his cock so much pleasure... But he couldn't let his woman think too well of herself in front of him.

"Use your breasts, and maybe I'll give you a bit more..."

The natural pool in the stream was not very deep, so everyone could see Cassidy giving a handjob to Lucien. And they were all delighted to see his big cock so hard in Cassidy's hands. Some girls were already wet with just that tempting sight...

Cassidy didn't think twice and knelt in front of Lucien. The bottom of the stream was made of sand, so she found a comfortable position while caressing Lucien's cock a few more times with her hand.

Lucien continued to play with Ko and soon felt the heat of Cassidy's mouth on his dick. She swallowed it deep into her throat to make it well lubricated with her saliva, then put his dick in the middle of her big breasts and squeezed it while moving her upper body, giving Lucien's cock a fantastic titjob.

Cassidy's movements were purely based on instinct as she had no experience with things like that, but Lucien thought it couldn't be more perfect... Until she started to suck the head of his dick while rubbing her breasts from Its middle to the base.

"Mhmm... Keep it up; it's perfect!" Lucien could only enjoy Cassidy's heavenly treatment. He wanted to give her as much pleasure as she was giving him... But now was not a time that he could focus only on his beloved Queen, he had to help all the girls.

While Cassidy continued to focus on his cock, Lucien turned the head to receive a passionate kiss from Mia. She still remembered how he kissed his mother intensely and just gave her a tap...

Mia loved her mother but would compete for the title of "favorite girl" too. She forced her inexperienced tongue into Lucien's mouth and tried as hard as she could to give him pleasure...

"Mmm..." She thought that with enough initiative, she could have an advantage over him, but Lucien's tongue dominated hers quickly... Mia loved being dominated by Lucien in any way possible, and could only moan as her body gets hotter and hotter even though they're in the water...

Lucien put Ko on his shoulder, then hugged Mia's waist with one arm while using the other to massage one of her breasts. He knew he was delighted with Cassidy, but he would not fail to take good care of his cute Mia...

They said nothing, and only the slight moans and lewd sounds were heard, making all the girls horny. They watched that heroic scene where Cassidy made a mess with Lucien's cock between her breasts and mouth while he made a mess in Mia's mouth.

"I love your mouth, Mia... But if you want to drink the first load, now is the time."

Lucien could kiss Mia for a whole day without getting tired because she had a pleasant taste of blooming flowers... But he felt that he would not resist Cassidy's intense attacks to long.

Mia already drank a lot of Lucien's saliva while they kissed. She wanted more and more of his mouth, but when he talked about the "first load," she was obviously interested in it, and would not let her mother have it all...

Cassidy felt Lucien's cock start to throb, so she stopped using her breasts and put it in her mouth. She also heard him talking to Mia, but she didn't want to let go of his dick like it was her favorite food, which she wouldn't even share with her daughter.

Mia, instead of disturbing her mother, bent down and started sucking Lucien's balls while Cassidy sucked his dick. Mia loved everything about Lucien, and in that position, she was able to enjoy a lot of his addictive scent, so she sucked his balls with great affection while her little nose was rubbing the base of his cock, making her delighted by that fragrance.

Lucien was extremely pleased with that heavenly stimulation. He could only think of how adorable the mother-daughter pair were so fantastic, and he loved them more and more.

"I'm coming!" His connection with Lust intensified Lucien's feelings. The tattoo they shared also shared the pleasure, and she kept whispering obscene things in his mind to make everything more lustful...

These lustful feelings, plus his passionate side created by the affection for his mother, made Lucien an infinite abyss of desire and possession...

"Make them drink all your cum... Mark them with the pleasure that only your body can give them... so they will be together with you forever..." Lust was a great demon and would do her best to make Lucien feel more of that sinful pleasure and give more pleasure to the girl ... She needed power as much as he did...

Lucien couldn't fight his own possessive nature, and seeing Cassidy's pleading look, he knew she wanted it as much as he wanted to give it to her.

"Drink everything, my Queen!" Lucien held Cassidy's head in both hands and thrust his cock deep into her throat while he cummed very much inside her.

Cassidy didn't mind about the way Lucien thrust his dick into her, on the contrary, she liked it very much, and wanted to drink all that hot milk, which she was already addicted to.

As Lucien's cum went down her throat, Cassidy's entire body said "yes," while her mind said "more," she couldn't speak, but mentally she couldn't stop her passionate thoughts. "I love it so much!! How I love love love it!!! Fuck!! Why is he so good?!"
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Lucien wanted to make Cassidy drink everything, but he knew it was too much, and there was also Mia, who had not stopped sucking his balls while he was inside Cassidy.

"No! No, please!" Cassidy couldn't stop following Lucien's cock with her head while trying to drink more of her favorite milk, but he pulled her head away with his hand while giving his cock to Mia before his orgasm was over.

"Here, Mia." Lucien put his cock gently inside her little mouth, and the cute Mia started to lick and drink his cum in a much soft way than Cassidy. Lucien loved how they behaved differently, but they both loved his cum just as he loved giving it to them...

Mia knew her mother should have drank more than half of it, so she gently stroked Lucien's balls, begging his cock to give her more milk. Of course, Lucien's cock loved the gentle stimulation of Mia's soft hands, making him cum a lot, filling Mia with "Lucien's love."

Mia drank to the last drop "his love," and then began to lick his cock to "clean it." She then gave his cock a final kiss on the head and gave Lucien a wide cute smile. "Thanks! I love it so much!!! Also, I feel a lot better now."

Not only Cassidy but all the girls were jealous of Mia for being so sincere with her feelings. From the lovely look, Lucien gave her; they knew that Mia had gained an advantage against them in Lucien's heart.

How could Lucian not be fascinated by Mia being so cute? He gently stroked her face while speaking as lovingly as he could. "You are so adorable, Mia! I felt great pleasure with your hands and mouth."

"Of course, you are amazing too, my Queen. Nothing beats the softness of your beautiful breasts." Lucien hugged Mia and Cassidy while whispering loving words to them.

Lucien's erotic scene with the mother-daughter pair was too intense for the girls...

Aria forgot to keep her daughter turned to the other side, and they both saw everything. As harpies, they had an influential sexual desire, and even though Ella was young, she was already in the age of thinking about men... After seeing Lucien, Ella would only think of a man all her life as well as her mother...

Maggie was disgusted by men because the Black Hand Party mercenaries were always stupid with her... Although Lucien was her enemy at first, he didn't hurt her and was giving her the chance to be part of his group...

Seeing how affectionate he was with Cassidy and Mia, plus how brave he was to stay behind to save Rose, she couldn't help but be attracted to him. The fact that he was divinely handsome and his cock being mesmerizing also helped Maggie to make her mind, and she started to undress.

Rose's eyes shone with competitiveness and jealousy. After Lucien saved her and carried her for seven hours, she was sure he was an excellent choice as her life partner. The fact that his blood was beyond perfect is a bonus as Rose appreciated his personality more.

She didn't want to waste time and started walking towards Lucien to have her "share of him" too, but before she could get into the stream someone passed running beside her... Rose could only feel the wind and curse herself for being so slow when she saw that the fox-girl acted so fast.

Anne was very excited to see Lucien being so intense with Cassidy and Mia. She was getting wet while seeing the man she loved with other girls... This was not something she wanted... She wanted to be there with him... She wanted to be in his arms just like Mia and devour his dick just like Cassidy...

But why was she watching when other girls were enjoying it? He had already said that he wanted her... He made it clear that everyone could go to him... She was watching because she had no initiative to get what she wanted...

Anne could not change the past, but now she would not remain passive. She wasted no time and ran towards what she wanted so badly.

Lucien heard Anne's footsteps and gave Ko to Mia as he walked away from them a little to receive Anne in the appearance of a bullet in his arms.



Anne was so excited and eager that she couldn't hold back and jumped on Lucien with all the strength she had. He did not expect her to be so intense, and they both fall into the water.

The stream was not very deep, but Anne managed to press Lucien on against the sand on the bottom of the water while she was on top of him, and they started a passionate submerged kiss.

Of course, a submerged kiss would not be easy. Anne forced her tongue into Lucien's mouth, but water also came in, making them have a really wet kiss...

Lucien liked Anne to take that initiative, but he, as a man, had to lead. He didn't think twice about pushing her out of the water.

When he was pushed by Anne, they fell near a rock in the middle of the stream. This rock was almost two meters high, and more than one meter was outside the water. Lucien pressed Anne against that rock and held her two arms firmly on the rock.

Anne couldn't move, and Lucien started an intense kiss by forcing his tongue in of her mouth, but when she tried to follow his lead, he stopped the kiss.

Lucien gave Anne a sensual smile, making her blush as he lovingly teased her. "Little fox, little fox... Do you want it so badly?"

"I want it! I want it so much!! Give it to me, please!!!" These were not just Anne's thoughts but also of other girls who had not yet their share of Lucien. Of course, Mia and Cassidy also wanted more too...


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