Love, Tale
98 my sins...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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98 my sins...

Precious couldn't complain, her best friend was back much to her relief


"If you are going to surprise me with a proposal, you'll tell me right?" Precious asked Tale who had told her to get dressed for something special at seven pm that night.

Precious settled for a red mini skirt and a simple white graphic top. She finished it off with a sparkly sandal heel.

It was her night, she was going to drop the news of her resignation and she wanted to break the news over some amazing food, drinks and good company. Her company was really tiny she thought.

She settled for a high waist denim short, a crop tank top and an oversized blazer jacket. She had never worn something so short out in public and she was excited about her first.

"Then it will no longer be a surprise."

"That's the point; I don't want to cry in front of a group of people like that." Precious bent down to put on her shoe properly.

Tale made sure the door was locked before turning to face Precious. "Will you relax, you are making me nervous and I can't be nervous tonight."

"I knew it, it's a proposal."

"Stop already, I invited the boys as well mostly because they are the only other friends we have," She paused. "That are close enough to us," she finished.

"I should wear a longer outfit if Woo Jin is going to be there, don't

Speaking of Woo Jin what in God's name is going on between you two?

Precious shrugged "Infatuation, pure infatuation." After the moment she shared with him which she was yet to tell her friend about, she knew now that she really didn't want anything serious with Woo Jin.

"That could be a start to something better and serious," Tale adjusted her hair slide backwards to pull her hair further away from her well made up face.

"I don't think I want anything serious, he's cute, and I have the hots for him but that's basically it."

"I guess if one of us has to hit it and quit it with someone it should be you, I am so proud of you." Tale teased.

"Shut up!" Precious held the gate to their estate for Tale while she tipped the gate keeper. She had plans to stay out a little late and didn't want to end up been locked out.

They pulled up at the presidential a few minutes past seven. Tale confirmed to see if su yan had gotten there and he had. He had been waiting for over ten minutes with woo jin.

"Let's go in, they are here already"

"How do I look? And why are we here?" Precious asked.

"If you look bad will you head back home to change?" Tale asked with a frown. "And we are here because I have something to celebrate."

"Have you seen me in a trash bag?"

"Sadly, yes." Tale responded. "Let's go inside already." She linked her free hand through Precious's hand and pulled her towards the entrance.

"They look amazing," Precious spoke low

"They always do," Tale replied. Both Woo Jin and Su Yan had settled for an all black assemble.

"You two are late," Woo Jin accused once they stepped into the reception of the large hotel.

"They are Nigerians," Su Yan stated.

"Dude that's racists," Woo Jin defended.

"No its not," Precious said firmly. "If you don't know a Nigerian never being on time, then you don't know us at all."

"Are you done airing out our shortcomings?" Tale asked as hugged Su Yan before moving to woo jin who didn't seem like he was in the mood but did it anyway. "I like when you think you have a choice," Tale teased him.

"I do."

"Well, let's get to it, you guys wait here," Tale instructed as she walked to the reception and said a few words. In a few minutes a well dressed in a suit stepped out of the elevator towards her.

"Miss Tale?"

"Yes," she smiled widely at him.

"I'm Temi, whatever needs you would have during your time here with us tonight, I'd see to it that it's done perfectly and in time."

"That's why I'm here, thank you,"

Temi smiled in reply.

"Do you know what's happening?" Precious asked Su Yan as they walked towards Tale and her strange new friend she seemed to know.

"No, I am more in the dark than you are." Su Yan replied honestly confused a bit. he wish he knew what it was but he wanted Tale to enjoy her plans working out the way she wants.

"Woo Jin?"

"Don't look at me; I don't have a bug on her movements or her calls." Woo Jin spoke fast as they finally reached where she stood.

"You guys ready?" Tale asked happily?
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"No!" Su Yan joked.

"If you are going to get us eaten, start with the boys. It will give me enough time to repent of my sins,"

Temi smiled and greeted each one of them as he led them to the VIP area of the rooftop for a night of celebration.

When the elevator closed Tale linked her fingers with Su Yan's looking up to smile at him. He freed his hands to hold her close, she found comfort in that.

This night was going to be awesome, she could feel it.

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    《Love, Tale》