Love, Tale
66 Your wife!
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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66 Your wife!

...She had to find her voice. "What are you doing, and why are you staring at me like that?"

"I knew you would be up early so I tried to best you at it, and also I'm staring because I like looking at you." he dropped the fry pan he held and walked to her.

"Nothing new to see."

When he picked her up and placed her on the kitchen table, she gasped, half in shock and half in amusement. "I love looking at it, your face, even when you aren't with me." he removed her glasses.

"You are one crazy—" she trailed off as his lips met hers. He lingered there for a moment. He wanted more, her lips were like a fever and that little body of hers drove him well enough crazy.

"How did you sleep?" his said against her ear sending tiny bits of shiver down her spine.

She remembered how she had found him sleeping last night and smiled "I slept good." she brushed her hands on his arms.

He backed up then. "I slept dreaming of you." he stroked her hair as some curls came loose at his touch. If he could touch more of her he would but he found it oddly satisfying to let the temptation build.

She nudged him as he released her from his embrace. "Well if you don't who will?"

"I am attempting to make breakfast, or at least that's what I think it is."

"Carry me down and I would show you how its done, besides I said I wanted to do it."

He obliged as he brought her down from the table he kept her.

"I agreed to let you cook three days in a week, didn't say I was letting you do it alone."

"The betrayal!"

He laughed at the humor in her voice.

"Scrambled eggs and some toast. I already googled how to do it." he showed her the screen of his phone then.

"Good job" she commented "But no need for that, you have a walking cook book right here!" she raised the fry pan he had dropped earlier holding it the way a warrior would hold a sword.

He sent her what he knew was a cheeky smile before he walked to the fridge to get her what she would need.

"I'm a good cook." Su Yan said thirty minutes later after their food was ready.

"The only thing you were good at was getting what i wanted out of the fridge."

"Nobody likes a bragger."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Just eat."

*Door bell rings*

"Who could that be, I thought you cancelled the order from Orange."

"I did. Stay here I'd go see who it is" He stood up to go answer the door.

She followed him.

"You don't listen do you."

"Not always."

He opened the door to see a white man on his steps.

"Can I help you?" he laid his American accent thick.

The man turned to him then. "Hello, my name is Frederick, I'm a cousin to your next door neighbor."

"OK, nice." He had no interest in his next door neighbor, the man brought home different girls on every night and he just didn't care for his nonsense.

The man was intimidated by Su Yan who stood a good 1 foot over him but he pushed on. "I saw a lady here yesterday, dark skin and really beautiful. I just wanted to come over to introduce myself."

Su Yan couldn't wrap his head around what Frederick had just said.

She went out yesterday? How far did she go? "You mean introduce yourself to my wife?"

"Your wife!?"

"Do you have a problem with that?"

"I didn't see a ring on her finger."

"We are traditionalist, good day."

He was going to slam the door but Frederick apology held him back.

"I'm so sorry, I had no idea. My cousin told me she was most likely a friend of yours as you are never seen with a woman, again I am sorry."

"Apology accepted." He did his best to be calm as he closed the door.

He turned to her obviously asking for an explanation.

"For what its worth I walked along your sidewalk and turned back when I noticed him staring at me."

She was a beautiful woman, it would be weird if people didn't stare. But Frederick was not the problem. "You were asked to rest."

"I did, a lot. But I needed to stretch my feet a little."

He couldn't argue with that as he thought having her house bound 24hrs was a little too much. "OK, I'm sorry. I should have thought of that. We could go for a stroll together whenever you want."

"If you aren't mad at me we could."

"I'm not mad, just worried."

"About Frederick?"

"No, he wouldn't have a shot."

She laughed at his confidence. "Oh really."

He raised perfectly winged eyebrows at her. "Something tells me Asian guys are more up your ally now. Let's eat."

Anyone with confidence like that deserved a laugh.

They had turned to go back to the dinning when the door bell rang again.

"Who could that be now?" if it was another man, so help him god.

"Tell him we have kids now."

Funny they could joke about anything.

He smiled in return as he opened the door.
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    《Love, Tale》