In Different World with Anime System
9 Fight in the Road
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In Different World with Anime System
Author :QinPoop
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9 Fight in the Road

Because of the strange light that appeared at the sky of the Magical Forest Range. Several powers sends some of their people to investigate what causes it. Different sects and academies sends their disciples and students. Churches sends their templars and powerful families and clan sends their family members. Even the emperor sends his crown prince to investigate the area.

Right now, at the road going to the Magical Forest Range, a carriage could be seen moving. If one was to see this carriage, they will immediately thought that they were to reckless. The road going to Magical Forest Range is also known as the bandits den. There were several bandit groups who operate in this area. The most famous one is the 'Burning Ash bandit group'. That bandit group were mainly composed of cultivators who practice fire type techniques. They were known for burning their victims alive until they turn to ashes.

"Young master don't worry, Xiao Ke will do her best so she don't be a burden to the young master" inside the carriage, a sweet and lovable voice rang. The one who spoke was Xiao Ke who was clutching both her hands while her big bright eyes were full of determination.

Staring at his lovable maid, Fang Aoman's heart almost melted. With her cute appearance like this, he almost lose his control and want to hug her tightly. He just sigh and stare at this cute creature in front of him.

Earlier when he told his grandfather that he wanted to go and investigate the strange light. His grandfather flip instantly and roared angrily at him. Saying that he almost lose his life before and now he wanted to go there and join the fray. His grandfather's roaring can be heard by the servants in the whole mansion. Fang Aoman's whole face turned wet because of the saliva coming out from his grandfather's mouth. But he didn't even let out a fart and just remained silent until the old man calm down.

After over an hour of shouting the same thing over and over again, his grandfather finally stopped. Then now its his chance, he told his grandfather that he will not enter and just watch from the outskirts of the forest and added some lies at the end. His grandfather knew that it is not a safe journey so he ordered one of the manager of their shops to go with his grandson. At first, the old man wanted Xiao Ke's father to escort him, but the butler denied as no one will organize the mansion and protect the old man. So the old man just take some random manager and added Xiao Ke so that someone will take care of his grandson's daily needs.

"Young master, it seems there is some people fighting ahead of us. What does young master plan to do?" a voice sounded from outside the carriage. The one who spoke was the random manager named, Sun. At first, Fang Aoman thought that the manager that will be with them would be a middle aged man with white hair and long beard. Who would have thought that the so called manager would look like a gangster. His face was stern and there were several scars across his face. His body is also huge like he is a body builder, and his height in over 8ft. The manager looks so intimidating that the little maid become scared when she first met him.

But what shocked him the most was the cultivation ranked of this manager. He didn't expect that this bear like human was at the middle stage of golden core formation. One must know that in this empire, the right and left generals were both at the peak stage of the golden core formation. Additionally, the two generals were also the head of their family, which were a part of the four great families. The strongest person in the empire was definitely the emperor being at the early stage of martial monarch.

But this random manager had this cultivation. He then began to think what level of cultivation his grandfather has, and Xiao Ke's father the head butler. Also about Xiao Ke, the little maid unexpectedly was a genius in cultivation. She was at the early stage of foundation establishment. When he noticed this, he began to suspect if their family is really an ordinary merchant family in the past. There is also one thing that he can't remove in his head, and that's about his parents. What ever he do even when he asked the system about it, the system merely replied that he has no such memories inside his mind. Because of that he asked his grandfather, but his grandfather immediately dodge the topic and left in a hurry.

"Stop the carriage at the side" Fang Aoman ordered as he and Xiao Ke wet out the carriage.

At the distance in front of them, a luxurious carriage surrounded by a group of guards were fighting against a group of people wearing red clothes.

"Young master, the people who were wearing red clothes definitely comes from the Burning Ash bandit group. I already encounter them in the past when they tried to rod our merchant convoy which were personally led by your grandfather. At that time, the master easily dispose them like ants. Even the bandit leader at that time was personally beheaded by the master. I thought that the rumor of the bandit group still operating here would be true" Manager Sun said as he watch the fight, "Young master do you want me to completely dispose all of them now?"

"Not now, let's watch them for now" Fang Aoman said and with a wave of his hand, three chairs appear and the three of them sit down. Xiao Ke was holding a box of sliced fruit and feeds her young master with a gentle smile on her face.


"He he he, why don't you guys just surrender and hand over everything. If you just do that simple thing, non of these blood shed would happen" a man wearing a red crimson clothes said. He was the leader of this bandit group. He painstakingly build this bandit group again after the previous leader died.

"You bastard! We are the Han family from the Silver City! How dare you disgusting bandits attacked us! If the master heard this news, you and your little group will be kill mercilessly" and old man retorted as he hold a bloodied sword in his hand. The was already going on for too long, and their group was clearly at disadvantage.

At first, they were travelling peacefully as they were going to the Magical Forest Range. They didn't expect that a bandit group was waiting here in ambush. And the ambush that they prepared kill some of their men instantly. If not for his quick thinking and organizing the remaining guards, all of them would already died in the hands of these bastards.


Another guard was killed and his head fly towards the luxurious carriage.

The old man then noticed at the distance that a carriage were moving towards them. He thought that with the help of those people they can defeat of even make this bandit group retreat. But unfortunately, the carriage stop and the person sit and watch them.

The old man was not the only one who noticed the carriage, the leader of the bandit group also noticed them. At first he thought that his luck was bad as there will be more people to fight. But when the carriage stopped, he began to beam in joy and his eyes revealed a murderous intent and continues to battle.
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