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In Different World with Anime System
Author :QinPoop
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8 Mission

The whole place turned dead silent after they witnessed the fight, that is if one can call it a fight. At first as the young master of one of the great families and one of the genius in the empire, Yang Wanming will win very easily. Who would have thought that he would lose in this way. He lose tragically that he never had a chance to fight back. He lose face for his Yang family, and his treasured sword was taken.

Yang Wanming was then carried by some people so that his injuries could be healed. But not before staring at Fang Aoman hatefully, 'I will have my revenge against you!'

Not long after sounds of applause sounded in the whole place. Some people even cheered when they saw Fang Aoman win the battle. Of course they came from the family who has a connection with the Fang family.

In the corner the emperor was still shocked on what happened. With his cultivation, he could clearly feel that Fang Aoman was just at middle stage of core formation. His cultivation was not bad, but it was also not that good. He can only be considered as average in the capital and as one who came from an aristocratic family. His opponent was at the peak of core formation, in normal circumstances he should have lose against Yang Wanming, but he did not lose, he win decisively.

The empress who was beside the emperor was staring at Fang Aoman with a gentle smile in her beautiful face. Her smile was just like the light of the moon in the darkest night. There are some thoughts running through her mind that no one knows.

Meanwhile, the princess was frozen silly at her seat. Her beautiful eyes almost bulge out from its sockets and her mouth was wide open. As Fang Aoman almost followed her everyday, she clearly knew the extent of his strength. But now witnessing this fight, she suddenly have a thought if Fang Aoman was still the Fang Aoman she knew. In just a couple of days, so many things changes about him. He also didn't even come to her when they meet in the banquet, he didn't even spare her a single glance. Her mind and heart was now in mess as she didn't know what to do.

"Ha ha ha. Brother you really are a great one eh. You beat that bastards ass and even took his sword" when Fang Aoman went down the platform, his friend Fatty Fang happily greeted him with a beaming smile. The fat on his body were shaking in every move he made, "Also brother, I as your brother didn't know that you were this strong. You really is a great brother of I, Zhi Fang"

Hearing the fatty's words, Fang Aoman just rolled his eyes lazily. He knew that if he converse with this fatty who has a skin much thicker than the city wall, he will be just wasting his saliva.

After his fight, the competition ended. No one wanted to go up and challenge someone. As if they already has their full, they just silently sit.

The emperor seeing that no one was coming up, sigh and shouted, "Since no one wants to come up, this competition ended here. Those who wins their battle go to the palace later to receive your rewards" after that. The emperor left the area not before taking a one meaningful glance at Fang Aoman.

The people then left the whole area excitedly. They wanted to share to their close ones what happened here.

"Fang Aoman!" someone shouted.

When Fang Aoman and the fatty were about to leave, they both heard a loud shout. When they look who it is, they were slightly surprise. The one who shouted has a huge body and his face looks old. He was Wang Zitong who battled against Wu Congming earlier.

"What do you want!" the fatty said clearly irritated by this man from the Wang family.

"Well, the three of us won our fights. So why don't we go together to receive our rewards" Wang Zitong suggested with a friendly smile.

"Fvck! Don't you show me that smile of yours, it looks so ugly. Are you scaring me to death haa" Fatty Fang shouted furiously. That smile really scared his sh!t. It seems he just see a ghost as black lines appeared on his face.

Fang Aoman just stare intently at Wang Zitong before replying, "Ok, you can come with us" after that the three of them walks towards the palace with the fatty still complaining on how ugly Wang Zitong is.


"Welcome back young master" when Fang Aoman returned to his home. He was greeted by the smiling Ke'er. Her face is slightly flushed red as she greet him. The kiss he gave to her were just like a curse in her mind that she won't be able to forget.

"I'm back" he smile gently at his young maid and ruffles her hair. The young maid's body instantly stiffened and her face turned bright red up to her ears.

Earlier in the palace when they receive their rewards. Wang Zitong asked for a better axe which the emperor agreed. Zhi Fang asked for a free meal for a whole month in the restaurant which were own by the imperial family. The emperor was surprise by the request as this is the first time someone requests something like this to him. But staring at the living fat in front of him, he knew that this month will be the hardest for that restaurant. After the emperor agreed to his request, the fatty wants to kowtow but his belly obstruct him as his head can't even touch the ground. The emperor laugh after seeing that which makes the fatty slightly embarrassed even with his thick skin.

Fang Aoman then request to be able to enter the imperial library which the emperor instantly refuse. The emperor said that only members of the imperial family has the authority to enter the imperial palace. Then the emperor said that he can allow Fang Aoman to enter the 'Scholar's Library' which were located in a city outside the capital. The three of them then thanked the emperor before leaving.

Ding... Mission received...

•Investigate the phenomenon happening in the 'Magical Forest Range'

•Reward: 8,000 system points.

While Fang Aoman was in his room, notification sounded inside his mind. He was surprised to that it was a mission.

'Huh it says investigate?' Fang Aoman then get up and leave his room. He went outside only to see an illuminating light in the east of the capital. The people in the capital were all staring at the sky.

"A heavenly treasured must have appeared" someone loudly exclaimed.

"No it must be a magical beast who receive a breakthrough!" someone shouted.

"Whatever it is, I'am sure that the palace will send someone to investigate the place. And it seems its coming from the core region of the Magical Forest Range" someone said.

Seconds later, sounds of horses galloping was heard. Fang Aoman then saw a group of armored people rushing. When he saw the one who was leading the group, he was surprised. It was the crown prince himself.

"The strange phenomenon and the systems mission. I guess I have to get ready now" Fang Aoman then turn around and return to the mansion.


Meanwhile, inside a room in the palace. A beautiful and elegant lady was looking towards the direction of the strange light. Her expression was serene and there was a gentle air around her. She was the empress, Xia Rong.

In her hand was a flower ring. A beautiful smile was on her face as she was slowly tracing the ring on her hand.

'Over ten years has already pass, But you still doesn't remember me. Although I am the empress of the empire, that is just in name. I and the emperor doesn't even touch each other even though we were married. I know he only wanted my physique to mature so that when he takes it, it will allow him to breakthrough to another realm' loneliness were written on her bright eyes, as a single tear slowly came down, 'I hope you regain your memories faster. So that I can be with you'
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    《In Different World with Anime System》