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In Different World with Anime System
Author :QinPoop
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7 Figh

Detecting the stares of the people around him, Fang Aoman boringly stood up and walk towards the platform. His bored expression turned into annoyance as he stare at Yang Wanming in the platform. He thought, 'This man is really no good. He must be planning to show off in front of the princess and the emperor'

"Do you really want to accept the challenge young man. From what I heard you were injured just a couple of days ago and it has damaged your meridians. You can refuse his challenged and I will not look down on you" a majestic voice sounded in the area and the people look where it came from. Unexpectedly, it was the emperor who said those words.

When Yang Wanming and the people around heard the emperor's words, they all thought that he was favoring Fang Aoman. This makes Yang Wanming who already doesn't like Fang Aoman hates him even more.

Yang Wanming handsome face turned frosty but he immediately hide it and said in amicable manner, "It is this ones fault for not knowing that the young master of the Fang family has injured his meridians. If you can't fight I can understand that"

Hearing the hypocritical words from Yang Wanming, Fang Aoman sneered inwardly while his lips turned into a friendly smile, "Don't worry young master Yang, although I am injured I can still fight. Also, I want to personally test the strength of young master Yang. So how can this little one not take this chance"

Fang Aoman's words were a clear provocation towards Yang Wanming. The people then began to think that there must be a feud between this two.

"Fang family, Fang Aoman" he cupped his fist towards Yang Wanming while his eyes turn towards the direction where the imperial family was watching. He clearly heard a cold grunt from that direction. It must have came from the princess herself.

Yang Wanming didn't reply to him and just take out his treasured sword. Even though he think that with his level of cultivation, he didn't need to use any weapons in defeating Fang Aoman. In his mind, Fang Aoman was not worthy enough for him to fight seriously with weapon in his hand. The only reason he take it out was to show off his swords skill, and to thoroughly beat Fang Aoman in front of everyone here.

Seeing that Yang Wanming took out his sword, how can Fang Aoman not know what he wanted to do. He stare at the sword with interest and said, "Before we fight, how about making some bet"

"A bet?" Yang Wanming and the others were startled as they didn't expect Fang Aoman to initiate a bet. But thinking that he can easily beat him, Yang Wanming replied, "Okay I agree. What do we bet here?"

Now that his opponent agreed, Fang Aoman smiled and said, "Simple, if you win I will do one wish for you"

'Do one wish for me? Do you think you have something I didn't have?' he though for a moment, 'Maybe I can order him to do shameful things in front of this people' Thinking of this Yang Wanming revealed a cruel smile and said, "Okay I agreed. But you MUST clearly do what I want"

"Of course I will definitely do it" Fang Aoman replied, "Then if I win, that sword will be mine to take"

Thinking that he will definitely lose to Fang Aoman, Yang Wanming immediately agreed.

The audience has their eyes glowed, they wanted to watch what will be the outcome of this battle with bet. Even the emperor lean forward as he wait curiously.

Seeing that both of them are ready, the referee then announce, "BEGIN!"

Holding his treasured sword in front of him, Yang Wanming said coldly, "Be careful as my sword doesn't have any eyes"

After that, he immediately jumped forward gripping his sword, he was staring at Fang Aoman who just stood there like a block of ice and internally thought, "He must be scared silly that he can't even move. Hmmp'

He held his sword up and aim towards Fang Aoman's right arm and slashed downward.


Yang Wanming's eyes reveal a frosty glint as he feel his sword hit its target. But what happened next was something he didn't expect. The Fang Aoman in front of him who had his right arm severed suddenly release a small 'poof' and turned into a piece of log.

He was shocked, the emperor is shocked and everyone is shocked.

They all clearly saw what happened. They even thought on how vicious Yang Wanming is in his attack. They didn't expect him to intentionally cut his opponents arm. But as soon as they felt pity towards Fang Aoman and the Fang family. The supposed Fang Aoman suddenly turned into a piece of wooden log.

But as they were still trying to figure out what happened. Out of nowhere a figure appeared behind Yang Wanming.

"You are too vicious" Yang Wanming heard a cold voice behind him which makes all his hair stood up in fright. His spine shivered and he tried to turn around only to receive a strong punch in his abdomen.

Fang Aoman stared coldly towards Yang Wanming who flew several meters away from him and started to vomit blood. He was clutching his stomach in pain as he tried to stand up. He look up and stare at Fang Aoman with hate as if he wanted to kill him.

Feeling the killing intent that Yang Wanming was releasing, Fang Aoman the pick up the sword which belongs to Yang Wanming and asked the system inside his mind, "System how many system points will I receive after I exchange this item to you?"

Ding... Inspecting item...


"Host will receive a total of 10,000 system points if you exchange this sword. Does host wants to exchange it now?" the mechanical voice inside his head replied.

"10,000 huh. Not now I need to use it for now" he replied to the system.

"This sword is mine" Fang Aoman declared boldly as he examine the sword.

"Bastard this fight is still not finished yet!" while gritting his teeth, Yang Wanming replied with great difficulty. That punch he receive was so powerful that he felt his organ twisting in pain.

Fang Aoman with an expressionless face look at his opponent and said, "Then let me finish you now"

His words were like a death sentence in Yang Wanming's ears as he look at him with horror and fright. He had never been in this kind of situation in his whole life, this was the first one. He felt so powerless against this young man who he thought was a useless human. He never expected him to be this strong.

Yang Wanming was clearly a strong and could be called a genius in the capital. At the his young age right now, he was already at the peak stage of core formation. Just a little push and he will become a foundation establishment expert. But unfortunately for him, he decided to challenge Fang Aoman who have a overpowered cheat anime system.

Fang Aoman made a series of hand sign which no one noticed because on how fast he perform it and said, "Fire Style: Fire Ball jutsu"

After that a huge ball of roaring flame came out from his mouth. The huge ball of flame flew towards the helpless Yang Wanming. Everyone watching gulped their saliva even the members of the imperial family. They can feel that the temperature in the air immediately shot up when the huge ball of flame appeared. Everyone was sure, if this ball of flame hit Yang Wanming. He will be burned alive.

Thus, when the huge fireball was about to hit. The referee who was watching at the sidelines immediately acted and blocked the huge ball of flame with his hands which were coated by his qi. When his hands touch the fireball, he can feel the burning pain in his hands. His clothes were slowly turning into ash. And the skin on both his hands started to emit a crisp sound. It is a fact that even him can't stop the ball of flame completely.

Seeing that the referee intervene, and was already in so much pain just stopping the fireball. Fang Aoman casually wave his hands and the fireball shot up towards the sky before exploding. The bright explosion cause the surrounding to lit up as the people stare at the sky dumbfounded.
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    《In Different World with Anime System》