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In Different World with Anime System
Author :QinPoop
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6 Challenge

When the people arrive at the courtyard of the imperial palace. There was a huge platform at the center. From the looks of it, it must be an arena for fighting.

'Just as I thought, this is the entertainment that the second prince was talking about' Fang Aoman thought.

The emperor, empress, the two princes, and the princess walk beside the platform and sit. With the signal of the emperor, the servants immediately guide the guests to sit. Fang Aoman and the fatty also follow and sit.

Seeing that all of the guests are seating now, the second prince stand and walk at the center of the platform, "Today we will have a little competition between some of our younger generation. Whoever wants to participate must come up here and challenge whoever you want to. Of course, you can refuse the challenge if you want. But know that the emperor is watching you. This will also show how talented the younger generation of our empire as we are its future"

"But there are some rules in coming up here. Killing and severely injuring them is prohibited. But small injuries and wounds are allowed as it is inevitable to have those in this kind of competition. Of course, for those who win in their battle will be rewarded. My father emperor already agreed to this, you can request a thing from him as long as it is reasonable he will give it to you" the second prince look at the eyes of everyone in the area and his lips turned flat, "Then whoever wants to go first you can already come up here and challenge someone"

A middle-aged man then steps into the platform when the second prince went down. He looks around and said, "Is there any brave heroes here who want to showcase their talents here. I will be the referee for this little competition"

The crowd then turned into a murmur as they talk with each other.


After seconds of waiting, a young man jumped into the stage, "I am Wang Zitong from the Wang family" the man called Wang Zitong has a huge body and his face looks like he was old already. But all of the people here knew that he was only twenty years old. But because of the martial arts that he was practicing, his appearance changed.

Wang Zitong turn his head and stare coldly at a young man and shouted, "Wu Congming do you dare to battle against me!"

Everyone looks at the man name Wu Congming, there were expressions of surprise and shocked written on his face. He definitely didn't expect that someone would challenge him. Noticing everyone's gazes towards him, he stood up and jumped at the platform and said, "I don't know why are you challenging me and you must have a reason on your own. But that doesn't matter, I will teach you a lesson that you won't forget"

Wu Congming then takes out a sword, while Wang Zitong carried a huge axe in his hand. Both of them were staring daggers at each other and they rotated their Qi in their body.

The referee seeing that the two were now ready shouted, "Begin!"

The two young men then charge at each other brandishing their weapons. They will clash from time to time creating sparks whenever their weapons met each other.

The emperor was watching the fight with interest in his eyes and said with low voice, "The youngster from the Wang family will win" the empress and the two princes and the princess turn and look at the emperor. From their view, they thought that the young man from the Wu family will win as he was pushing back his opponent.

The empress then said, "Why do you think he will win. I think the young man from the Wu family is in an advantage in this fight"

"That is only for now, look at him closely he was slowly showing signs that he was already getting tires. His breathing was also unstable and his moves were slowly slowing. While his opponent although shows that he was getting pushed back, there were no signs of fatigue in his body. His breathing is also stable" the emperor answered his empress.


A few breaths after the emperor finished his words, a figure came flying across the platform and came crashing at the ground. The young man from the Wu family was embedded in the ground with a pale face and blood was trickling down at the corner of his lips.

The referee came and checked the young man and realize that he was unconscious and said, "The winner of this round, Wang Zitong from the Wang family"

After announcing the winner, several men came out and carry the unconscious young man out. While the winner Wang Zitong just snorted coldly and jumped down the platform.

Fang Aoman who was watching the fight have a bored expression on his face. Although he can see their movements clearly, it feels like they lack something. He then asked inside his mind, 'System what do you think about those two who just fought. Looking at the reaction of others here, I suppose they should be great. But I feel that there is something that they both lack'

'Host if you call that thing a fight then playing and dancing is also a fight. The two of them looks more like dancing than fighting. There is so many unnecessary moves in each of their strikes. They put more importance in what the appearance of their attack and made them elegant. As a martial artist they obviously fail, but as a dance the both of them are in fact a genius' the mechanical voice inside his head replied.

Because he only fights against magical beast in this past few days, Fang Aoman never really know what a fight between human martial artists looks like. Although he was using a completely different type of energy which were the combination of his spiritual pressure, chakra and qi. He can still sense the cultivation level of those two.

The two of them are both at the late stages of core formation. The cultivation realm that he know in this world is limited as he only rely on the memories of the previous owner. The first realm is known as the Qi gathering, the cultivator gathers his Qi inside his dantian for him to use. The second real is called Qi condensation which makes the cultivator condense his Qi to use. The next is core formation, foundation establishment, golden core formation and martial monarch. Each of this realms has fours stages which are the early stage, middle stage, late stage and the peak stage. When he asked the system at what level of power he has now, the system answered that he can be regarded as a foundation establishment peak stage cultivator. But if he tried to go all out with his opponent, he can defeat anyone which were a realm higher than his own.

The competition continues as many young master and young lady of each family challenge each other at the platform. Heng.. Even Fatty Fang decided to challenge someone, but the one he challenges were someone who was a whole realm lower than his. Fatty Fang as a core formation cultivator middle stage, shamelessly challenges someone at the Qi condensation middle stage. The unfortunate young man was defeated easily and was thrown out of the platform like a rag doll. What more the Fatty even started boasting on how strong he was and that he didn't even use half of his power.

When the audience heard him they all rolled their eyes at him as they thought to themselves on how shameless can a human can be.

'If I were him I would hide my face in shame'

'He even dared to boast like that! Fvck he shamelessly challenges someone much more weaker than him and he act like he was so powerful'

'If I were him I will not show again in front of the emperor'

'As someone from the great family like him, I feel pity for his Zhi family'

While different thoughts ran across the heads of the audiences, a streak of light shot out from on of the audience towards the platform. A young man was standing elegantly at the platform with his golden hair swaying in the wind. His black eyes were coldly looking at someone as he said, "I Yang Wanming challenge you" he then pointed his finger towards a young man.

Everyone turn to look at where he was pointing, and there they saw a handsome youth with a bored expression on his face.

'Fudge!' The handsome youth was naturally Fang Aoman.
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    《In Different World with Anime System》