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In Different World with Anime System
Author :QinPoop
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5 Banque

Behind the empress were the two princes and the princess. Staring at the princess, Fang Aoman couldn't help but appreciate her beauty. She really deserves to be called as the most beautiful lady in the capital. The only flaw she has was her arrogant and prideful personality.

The two princes, the crown prince and the second prince highly resemble the emperor. They were both the leading talent in the whole empire.

The crown prince was gifted in martial arts and was hailed as the number one genius in the capital. He was also the direct disciple of the sect master of the 'Seven Sword Sect' which were the strongest sect in the empire.

The second prince, unlike the crown prince, was not that talented in martial arts. His talent in martial arts was only above those average martial artists. The second prince is a highly intelligent individual that the scholars in the capital were like children in front of him. He also has a unique temperament and air around him that makes him easily approachable. Because of this, two of the great families on the empire and three aristocratic families in the empire were on his side. Because of this reason, even though the crown prince has the backing of the most powerful sect. It is still hard for him to become the next emperor even though he is the crown prince.

"Ladies and gentlemen, today we will celebrate the birthday of my second prince. I am glad that all of you attend this banquet in celebrating my son's birthday" the emperor the raise a glass of wine and shouted, "Let the feast begin"

The doors in the room immediately open and several servants carrying a tray of food poured in. The people inside immediately take some foods for themselves and go to their table to eat.

Fang Aoman also take some food and return to his table only to see a mountain of food there. Behind that mountain of food lies a mountain of fat, Zhi Fang. He was swallowing everything without even chewing his food. He was like a pig and there is no sign of being a noble in the way he eats. He was even worse compared to how the commoners eat. Fang Aoman then shook his head helplessly and proceed towards the table to eat.

While they were eating, Fang Aoman could feel that someone was walking towards their direction but didn't mind it. As the person moves closer and arrived beside their table, that said person pull out a chair and sit on it.

The fatty was still eating not without even taking a single glance on who just sat beside them. When Fang Aoman looks up, he saw a handsome young man looking back at him. He has golden hair and a pair of black eyes. His clothes were of pure white like the morning clouds. From his memories, Fang Aoman didn't know who this young man was and it was his first time seeing this man.

"You must be young master Fang Aoman from the Fang family. I want to thank you for saving the princess on that day" the young man said as he extended his hand with a smile on his lips.

'The heck is this guy' Fang Aoman thought as he stare at the young man in front of him.

Noticing the strange look Fang Aoman was giving him and that he didn't even shake his hand. The young man laugh dryly and retrieve his hand with an awkward expression and said, "Oh, you must not know who I am right. I am Yang Wanming from the Yang family, one of the four great families in the empire. Also, I am pursuing the hand of her highness the princess in marriage"

Although he was showing a friendly smile towards Fang Aoman, behind his eyes were cold and sharp light. This surname Fang in front of him was just a young master from the aristocratic family, while he came from the great family. He already declare that the princess will become his partner even without the princess nor the emperor knowing it. It is just in his mind. After saying what he wanted to say, Yang Wanming left the table and went back to his group.

Fang Aoman look at the back of the man, 'I don't care if you pursue that princess as I am a completely different person. Although the previous owner might love the princess, but that is the previous owner not me. As long as you don't make troubles for me, I won't care whatever you do. But if the trouble present itself in front of me, I can only retaliate with ruthlessness' he thought.

He knew that in this world where the strong eats the weak, what he need most was power. Whoever has power will be able to move freely in this world. Power and strength is everything in this chaotic world. Where lives can be lost in just small little things. Thus, he force himself to change. He will not become like those protagonist in a novel in his previous world that has a hero syndrome. He just decided that he will do whatever he wanted and protect the people he cared of.

After some time, the feast prepared was ending and the second prince who was the star of the day finally took the stage. He stand in the platform and his eyes revealed a big smile and shouted, "Today I must thank you all for attending this celebration for me. Now that the feast is almost over, isn't it time for some entertainment. Ladies and gentlemen please follow me at the courtyard" after that the second prince left not before the emperor and the empress leave.

"Fvck the feast is almost over, I haven't eaten to my full yet and its already over. The second prince must be short on money" fatty Fang grumbled as he tried to look for some more food but failed to find, "Brother Fang how about you loan some money to the second prince to buy more food for the feast"

Fang Aoman just rolled his eyes when he heard what the fatty said and thought, 'I think I already know what was gonna happen in the courtyard. It happens all the time'

He and fatty Fang then left after so much persuasion from him to stop the fatty from eating some of the unfinished food.
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    《In Different World with Anime System》