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In Different World with Anime System
Author :QinPoop
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4 Zhi Fang

When Fang Aoman's carriage arrived at the imperial palace, he was amazed by the structure of the palace. From a single glace one could see that the material used in building the palace were not ordinary. Several statues and high towers where everywhere, and the wall were glistening gold. The imperial family really lives up to its name as the royalties of the empire. Even a freaking door is made up of gold.

He was then escorted by a servant to where the banquet will be held. His eyes almost turn blind because of the glittering palace as they walk.

When they arrived at a huge golden door, the servant step aside and said to him, "Young master Fang this is where the banquet will take place. Please enter" with a respectful bow the servant opens the door for him. Fang Aoman nodded at the servant and enters the room.

When he enters eyes immediately focused on him as they new comer. Several people were already inside talking with each other. There were some who was laughing, some were drinking wine, while some where just there waiting for the banquet to start. Young masters and young ladies from different family dresses beautifully and elegantly are here for the banquet.

At the corner of the room, he saw a fat, it was a lump of fat. From one glance he knew who it was, it was Zhi Fang from the Zhi family one of the four great families in the empire. Zhi Fang was the fattest person in the whole empire, maybe some will even said in the whole world. He was so fat that he can't even kneel in front of the emperor. Zhi Fang at the corner was holding a roasted leg and devouring it like there was no tomorrow. His lips and hands are oily, there were even some oil on his clothes.

Fang Aoman smile and walk towards Zhi Fang, from his memories he knew that this fat man and the previous owner of the body were best friends. Although one is from the great family while the other was from aristocratic family, they still managed to become best friends.

"Fatty Fang the banquet isn't even started yet and you're already here eating"

Hearing someone called him fatty Zhi Fang snorted without even looking at him, "Fvck your grandma! Who are you calling fat? Don't you know that I only have thick bones that's why I became like this! If you call me fatty again I fvck your mother!"

"Fudge Fatty how dare you shout at me!" hearing the curses of the living fat, black lines appeared at Fang Aoman's face and retorted angrily.

Feeling familiar with the voice, Fatty Fang look up and see the angry face of his best friend. He then smile wildly like an amiable person and put down his food. With his oily hands, he tried to hug Fang Aoman only to receive a slap in his hands which creates a ripple of fat in his body.

"Fudge you fat man don't touch me with your oily hands!"

Fatty Fang then turn around only to see a woman wearing a pure white dress with a veil covering her face. His oily lips turned into a grin as he reach out his oily hands and wipe the oil using the dress of the woman.

The woman feeling that someone was touching her dress turn only to see that a large fat oily hands where cleaning itself using her dress.

"You bastard how dare you use my dress to clean your hands! Fvck your fat hands! Fvck your family of a pig!" the woman raged instantly, her previous gentle elegance were now gone and was replaced by burning rage. Behind her veil was a pair of eyes almost shooting flames as she stare daggers at the fat man.

Hearing the loud cried of the woman, and calling him fat and his family a pig he also fumes in anger even though it is his fault, "Fvck you woman! Who are you calling fat and pig! Don't you know who I am? I am the young master of the Zhi family! If you bark again I will mop the floor using your dress!"

The woman's anger immediately rose to a higher level when she heard the fat man answered back at her. Her chest move up and down heavily because of anger, she pointed her trembling finger at Zhi Fang trying to say something but nothing came out of her mouth, then she fainted because of anger.

Looking at the unconscious woman in the ground and the fat man who had his head high up with a smug smile on his face, he didn't know what to do. 'This friend of the previous owner is really different. He was arrogant beyond reason, while the previous Fang Aoman was gentle and kind.' Fang Aoman thought to himself as some servants quickly approach and carry the unconscious woman out.

Now that the woman was gone like the oil in his hands, Zhi Fang said "Brother Fang its really great to see you safe after what happened. Fvck that princess! She really leaves you alone and didn't even try to call some help. If not for some cultivators seeing you there lying with full of injuries I believe you will just become a feast in some monsters out there."

Hearing what fatty Fang said he smiled and said with a wave of his hand, "She is a princess of the empire, and as an aristocrat I have the task to save her from the danger."

"Fvck you! What aristocrat! Just say that you love her that's why you save her." Fatty Fang then continued, "If it were me, I will not save that damn princess. She was even more arrogant in me and you know that she doesn't have any feelings towards you. Not even a shred"

What fatty Fang said was correct, the princess never really had any feelings towards the previous Fang Aoman. But because she knew that he was in love with her, she uses that as an excuse to order the previous Fang Aoman around like a servant.

'It is already in the past and the real owner of the body is already dead. Although I have his memories, I didn't get his love for the princess, so for me she was just like any other woman in the empire. Also I have my beautiful Ke'er in my home. She was so kind and gentle. Haaa I want to go home immediately' Fang Aoman thought to himself with a weird smile formed in his lips.

Seeing the smile on his brother's face, fatty Fang thought that he was thinking about the princess and his expression immediately turned dark. With his fat hands he slat his brother's head, "Fvck erase that weird smile on your face. After this banquet I will take you to my favorite place so that you can forget about that princess"

The two then continues to talk with each other. As the time goes on the whole room was almost full of guests.

"His majesty the emperor was here!!" a guard shouted loudly announcing the arrival of the emperor.

A tall man that looks like in his fifties suddenly walk in while wearing a golden robe with a black dragon design on it. He has a golden crown on his head and he has a handsome face. The air around him was majestic clearly as a monarch of the empire his presence alone can suffocate people.

Behind him was an elegant looking lady with a beautiful face that can cause the downfall of an empire. There was a gentle air around her and the smile of her face can cause peoples soul to came out from their bodies. She was the current empress of the empire, Empress Xia Rong.
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    《In Different World with Anime System》