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In Different World with Anime System
Author :QinPoop
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3 Changes

One week later...

A young man could be seen sitting cross leg at the top of a huge boulder. He has his eyes closed and there was a peaceful aura coming from his body. He was wearing a blue robe and he has his long smooth hair tied in a ponytail. His skin was pale and smooth and he was handsome. A sword was placed beside him and it was emitting a sharp aura. Obviously, the man was Fang Aoman.

In these past days, he managed to learn all of the flame and lighting techniques that the system gave to him quickly with the help of the system. He can now release jutsus like he was a master. His swordsmanship also improved greatly like he was a master swordsman.

His damaged meridians had been also repaired with the help of the system. His chakra and Qi was combined by the system creating a new type of energy inside his body which was much more stronger and much purer.

From his memories, he knew that his family was an aristocratic family in the capital of the 'Divine Dragon Empire'. In the capital, there were four great families and five aristocratic families. The Fang family which he belongs was part of the aristocratic family.

Because his Fang family was basically a merchant family. They have several shops in the whole empire and they are the owner of the 'Wild Sparrow Auction House, which was the largest auction house in the empire. Basically, the Fang family was extremely rich. They were even much richer than some of the great families.

When he first learned that his family was so rich, the first thing he does was spend his money on whatever captures his interests.

Now, with his eyes closed, Fang could feel someone walking towards him. But when he felt that there were no ill intentions towards him he just let it be.

"Young master, your grandfather ask me to escort you back to the mansion. He said that you should be ready to attend the birthday of his highness the second prince. All influential families in the capital and other cities were invited in the celebration" the one who came was Xiao Ke. In the past days, she could feel that her young master had changed. Although he still looks handsome, the air around him was no longer like before. He was like a sheathed sword which was ready to cut anything if drawn. She could also feel that the way he looks at her changed, in the past his eyes were just containing appreciation towards her for everything she would do. But now in his eyes, there was affection, care, and love whenever he stares at her, which always makes her entire face red as she just lowered her head in each time. She was feeling embarrassed, shy and happy whenever he stares at her.

'Maybe because of what happened the young master decided to stop pursuing the princess. Hmmp! Even though she was a princess, she didn't help the young master at that time and run away. If it not because of her my young master wouldn't be injured' Xiao Ke's mind was full of her fantasies as she giggled by herself like a silly child, 'But still, I should also thank the princess. Because of that the young master finally change and he will not be following her everywhere she went'

Fang Aoman opens his eyes only to see the little maid with a silly smile on her face. He jumped down the boulder and landed beside the maid.

"Ke'er lets go," he said gently.

The young made wake up from her silly dream and followed behind him.

When they arrived at the Fang mansion. A luxurious carriage was parked outside, there was two white horse in its front.

"You little brat if I didn't let someone fetch you will you even came back home! Do you even know you live here! Every time you need someone to call you back! This is making me mad!" as he set his foot in the mansion. His grandfather immediately barks in front of him. His grandfather's saliva came raining down his face.

"Alright I am here already... Grandfather, I still need to clean myself and change clothes. If you continue I will be late in the banquet" with a helpless smile on his face. He said to his grandfather who grunted at him.

"Hmmp! You better move fast, I will be going on ahead of you now" his grandfather said and started to walk away, "Little Ke make sure he dresses properly this time."

Seeing that his grandfather was gone, Fang Aoman look at his maid and said with a playful smile, "Ke'er do you want to help me in my bath?"

When Xiao Ke heard what he said and his playful smile, her whole face turned crimson red like an apple as she lowered her head.

"Young master I will prepare your clothes you should quickly take a bath" after that Xiao Ke run hastily still with her head lowered. Fang Aoman seeing that Xiao Ke was embarrassed release a gentle smile and continue to walk towards the bathroom. He really likes the feeling when he was talking with his maid, even if she was just there he felt extremely happy inside his heart.

After taking a bath and dressing up with the help of Xiao Ke. Fang Aoman was now ready, he was wearing an elegant robe with golden trims, his hair was now loose down which moves whenever the wind blows. Overall he was like an immortal that descends in this mortal plane.

"Ke'er I will be going now" he then walks in front of her then kiss her white forehead before leaving while boarding a luxurious carriage.

Xiao Ke who was standing frozen in the ground found that her brain was having a hard time trying to process what just happened. After a couple of minutes, her face turned red and smoke was already coming out of her ears. Inside her mind was chaos, 'Young master just kissed me...hee hee' Xiao Ke touch her forehead with a bright smile on her lips.
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