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In Different World with Anime System
Author :QinPoop
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Inside Fang Aoman's mind, a mechanical voice rang out which startled him. He opens his eyes only to see that he was in a wide dark room. At the center of the room he saw a huge monitor. He walks towards the monitor and see that there was something on its screen.

'Anime System?' he mumbled as he read what was display on the screen.

"Host is correct I am the Anime System" the mechanical voice sounded again inside the whole room.

"Where are you?" Fang Aoman said as he look around the dark room.

"Host I am in front of you" Fang Aoman look in front of him only to see that the screen was gone and there was a young boy standing in front of him. The young boy was clearly not a human as his body was made of pure metallic objects.

"You said you are the Anime System? What is that?" Fang Aoman asked the boy in front of him. The young boy's height only reach on his waist. But there was something on him that makes him feel cautious.

"As my name simply implies, I am a system that can give you power, weapons, and everything as long as it came from an Anime and as long as you have sufficient system points" the boy replied to him with his mechanical voice.

Fang Aoman started to realize what was happening right now. First his soul transmigrated in the body of a young man in a completely different world. And now, there was a system inside his head just like those fanfic novels he had read in his previous life.

Just thinking that he can have the power of those anime characters that he watched in the past makes him excited. 'I can have those devastating eye powers from Naruto, I can have those ultimate strength of a Saiyan, I can have those Zanpakuto from Bleach and I can have those devil fruits from one piece. And that's not all, the system said as long as it came from an anime I can have that with sufficient system points. There are so many more interesting things in different animes that I want to have' his entire body was shaking in excitement while his breathing become heavy.

"System you said that I can have anything as long as I have system points right?" he asked, "Then how can I acquire this system points?" although he already have some ideas on how to acquire system points. He still asked just to be sure.

"Host can acquire system points from killing, completing missions given by the system, and by exchanging items in the system. There is also some hidden missions which when the host successfully finished, the system will not only reward a huge amount of system points there will also be a bonus gift from the system. So host need to do his best" after hearing what the system said. Fang Aoman's eyes brighten as if he was enlightened. 'It is just as I thought, just the same of those cliche fanfic he had read in the past.'

He smiled widely like a creepy guy ans said to the system with his sparkling eyes, "Then system as you know I don't have anything right now. Killing would be impossible for me to do as I can feel that my body has no power and really weak. As for completing missions and exchanging items, I can only see what is available for me. But don't you have anything for me like a gift or something?" he was rubbing both his palms with each other like a merchant going for a transaction.

"Just like the host said, the system prepared a gift for the host. But the gift that the host will receive would be random. It will be base on the host's luck if ever he acquire something good." after saying that. The boy in front of his stretch his arms forward and a bright light converge in his palm. A small orb the size of a shoe box was floating in his palm and said, "Host this is the gift that the system prepared. You just need to think of opening it and it will automatically opens by itself. I repeat host, inside this thing is a random objects that even I don't know"

Looking at the floating orb in front of him, Fang Aoman move his hands and take the orb from the boy's hand and thought, 'Give me something special... Please give me something special... Fudge give me something special... Oh..God give me something extraordinary'

He already prayed as he was desperate to get something good. Then he shouted loudly inside his head with voice full of determination and desperation, "OPEN!"

The orb in his hands suddenly emit lights of different colors which brighten the whole room. The light was so bright that he has to close his eyes. Then he could feel a warm feeling as if he was bathing in a hot spring. It lasts for a couple more seconds before disappearing completely.

Ding... Congratulations to host for acquiring the following items...

•Fire and Lightning Chakra Attribute

•Fire and Lightning release techniques skill book

•Basic Chakra control

•Shinso- Shikai (Unlocked) Bankai (Locked)

When the notifications inside his mind stopped and he saw what he just acquired. Fang Aoman had the urge to jump and hug the boy only to realize that he was not there. The thing that he acquired could be considered as a very good things. Because from the memories he get from the previous owner of the body, he could tell that in this world even though who have the smallest amount of Qi and even if you are only at the first level of cultivation, you can be considered as an elite.

As he was thinking happily to himself, a wave of information came inside his head. His whole body began to turn bright red as if he was gonna explode. Sweat covered his whole body as he endure the tearing pain he was feeling right now. It was so painful for him as he was only an average human in his past life and because of that, he lose consciousness..

What Fang Aoman doesn't know was that his grandfather and the maid was still inside his room. The sphere which surrounds his was already turned black which prevents them from seeing him. But both of them had cold sweat on their back as they could feel the immense heat, the thunderous rumbling and the sharp aura that was leaking from the inside of the sphere. Their relief and happy expression turned to worry again as they don't have any idea on what was happening.

"Little Ke lets go out and don't disturb him" Xiao Ke reluctantly leave the room with the master.

"Guards don't let anyone go near the room. If anyone dared to violate my order execute them immediately" Fang Aoman's grandfather didn't know what was happening in his grandson. But he knew that he cannot be disturb right now or else there may be some accidents that might happened.


Inside the imperial palace a middle aged man wearing a long golden robe was seating in a throne while in front of him was a beautiful young woman. If Fang Aoman was here, from his memories he will know that this was the princess of the empire, which the previous Fang Aoman was in loved with.

"Daughter, I heard that something happened to that boy. What do you plan to do now?" the man seating in the throne asked. He was the current emperor of the empire and the most respected person in the whole capital. His was the son of heaven, the ruler and he was treated like a god. He was Long Huang the current emperor.

"Emperor father, Fang Aoman is just a friend of mine. It is not my intention for him to get hurt because of me. He was the one who acted on his own, and as a help. I already instructed our best doctors to help treat his wounds, that should be enough" the princess answered gently. Her golden hair was loosely swaying behind her like she was an immortal.

"Ok you may leave" the emperor wave his hand and dismissed the princess. He turn his head and look at the dark night outside the window and thought, 'That boy's grandfather saved my father in the past. I plan to arrange a marriage between him and my daughter. But it feels like I need to change this as my daughter doesn't feel anything for the boy'
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    《In Different World with Anime System》