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In Different World with Anime System
Author :QinPoop
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1 Transmigration

In a well lit room, a young man was lying in the bed. There was several bruises and injuries in his body. His face was pale as white and his lips are purple. Beside the bed was a young woman wearing a common maid outfit. Her eyes were red and there were tear marks of her cute face. She was holding a wet towel as she gently wipe the body of the young man while she continues to release some soft sobs.

The eyes of the young man who was lying on the bed suddenly moves and slowly opened which startled the young maid.

"Y...y..young master you're awake! I will inform the family head right now please just stay in bed!" after saying that the young maid immediately run out of the room like she was running for her life. The worry on her face was gone and now replaced by relief, as she show a smile which looks extremely cute.

The young man tried to get up from the bed but the pain from all over his body was unbearable that he immediately fall back down. His cloudy eyes looks around his surrounding trying to see where he was.

'Fudge! Where the flip I am!' as he continues to look around, his head started to get dizzy. From the last time he remembered he was walking in the streets late at night when he heard a couple of loud shots when he felt a hot and warm feeling on his chest until he lose consciousness.

While he was busy thinking of what happened a loud footsteps came from outside the room and the door suddenly burst open. He was shocked that he almost jumped out of the bed even if he had no power to move. He stare at the person who entered and see a old man with a long beard and big muscular body entered the room. The old man looked at him with a happy and relief as his eyes wondered around his whole body. Behind the old man was the young maid who was now crying with her hands on her chest.

The old man took a huge stride towards the bed and immediately hugged his body.

'Fudge! Is this old man trying to kill me! Fudge! Fudge! My whole body hurts! Oh Fudge the pain is unbearable release me now!!!' the young man tried to shout but he find it extremely difficult to say something while being hug by this bear like old man.

"Ayo! Master the young master are still recovering from his injuries, please don't do this" the young maid behind who was crying saw that her young master was dying by being hugged by the old man suddenly shouted as she tried to separate the two.

The old man reluctantly release the young man from his arm. His eyes were red as if he was gonno cry at any moment.

Seeing that her young master was now released in that suffocating arm of the master she release a sigh of relief. The she turn and saw that her young master was staring at her with grateful look as if he was saying, 'Thank you for saving my life'. The face of the young maid turned red as she instantly averted he eyes in different direction.

While there was an awkward silence in the room, the old man cleared his throat two times and said, "Little Ao, don't you know how worried I, your grandfather this days when I heard what happened to you. You almost lose your life because of following that princess" his voice was stern and heavy as he look at his grandson with a serious face.

When the young man heard the words of the old man, he suddenly felt an immense pain in his head as he clutch his head tightly with his both hands. Memories flooded inside his mind like a raging tsunami. From his memories he knew that his name was Fang Aoman an eighteen years old young man, the same name and age as his previous life and now he was the sole heir of the Fang family.

This old man in front of him was his grandfather, and he was the family head of the Fang family. While the young maid behind him was the only child and daughter of the butler of the house and her name was Xiao Ke. He and her grew up together and they were the same age.

As he tried to process all the memories inside his head he realize that his family was just an ordinary merchant family in the past. But that all changed when his grandfather accidentally saved the previous emperor when he was leading his merchant caravan towards the city. They battled against the pursuers of the emperor for so many hours until they finally emerged victorious. And because of that, the previous emperor reward his grandfather a title and a land for him to rule.

While the memories was flooding inside his head. His grand father and Xiao Ke was both looking at him with a dumbfounded expressions. Because they were just witnessing an extremely bizarre phenomenon just in front of them.

At first they were worried as they both saw his clutch his head in pain, but a second after that a transparent sphere suddenly surrounded his body and they can both feel an extremely destructive and pure aura coming from his body. They were both confused on what was happening because when Fang Aoman was brought in the mansion he was full of injuries that they call all the great doctors in the capital. They all had a same conclusion that even though he was safe and alive, his meridians have been damaged and it will be impossible for him to cultivate again. But now they were seeing this, they were left standing as they watch with their mouths wide open while they tried to think where all this Qi is coming from.

Meanwhile Fang Aoman doesn't know what was happening inside the room as he only focuses on each memories that came inside his mind until he head a sound inside his head,

Ding... Synchronizing Anime System with the host.

Ding... 13%









Ding... Congratulations to host for successfully synchronizing with the Anime System.
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    《In Different World with Anime System》