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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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41 Jealousy?

The expression of everyone changes when they heard the sharp words of the princess, especially Ming Yue who was called a slut by Yun Yi.

"Y-your highness eldest princess that young lady was my daughter, I just asked her to accompany young master Bai around the city" when Ming Tiankong heard what the princess said, his aged face frowned and he said immediately. He look at his daughter who was lowering her head not daring to look up.

"Oh, so you're the daughter of the city lord" Yun Yi said as she look at Ming Yue up and down, "You are beautiful, never really expected that a beauty like you would appear in this small city"

Ming Yue still had her head lowered as if she didn't heard what the princess just said. No one noticed but the rim of her eyes were turning watery and cloudy. Biting her lips, she endure not to cry as she remain still.

"Oy, aren't you too harsh on your words towards her?Apologize to her now" Bai Shen said as he holds Ming Yue's hands. He could feel that she was offended when the princess called her slut earlier. When he hold her hands, he could feel her shuddering and then she tightly hold his hands.

Ming Yue gaze Bai Shen a short gaze and smile at him, when Bai Shen saw her smile, he felt that his whole world suddenly shone brightly. Those smile of hers that could bring light even in the darkest hours, it was like the moon giving light in the night.

Seeing the small interaction between the two, the city lord smile inside and said, "The two of you must be tired right, quickly enter and we will continue in the mansion"

When Yun Yi saw that her fiancee hold the hands of the woman in front of her, her eyebrows frown. The jealousy inside her heart intensifies and she felt she was being treated unfairly by her fiancee. She then enter back into her carriage with a downcast expression.

"You enter here" when Bai Shen was about to mount a horse, they heard a voice from the carriage. Although it never said who it is, they all knew that the princess was pertaining to Bai Shen.

Bai Shen smile helplessly and entered the carriage while Ming Yue mount a horse given by her father.

Inside the carriage nobody talks, Bai Shen, Yun Yi and the maid were all quiet. Although the distance towards the mansion was just a few minutes away, Bai Shen felt that he was inside the carriage for over an hour. The silence and the heavy pressure was making him very uncomfortable. The princess in front of him was staring at him all the time not even blinking.

When they arrive at the mansion, they just ate their dinner and went back to their rooms. Bai Mei was surprised when she saw the princess came with her brother in the mansion. She frowned and just stay silent.




When the siblings was about to lie down on their bed, a sudden knock on the door stops them. Bai Shen reluctantly went to the door and opened it. A surprised reaction appeared on his face and the door was pushed open and a figure wearing a cloak went inside the room.

"You are sharing a room with your sister?" the one who entered the room was Yun Yi. She came here to spend some time with her fiancee, but she was surprised to see that the two were sharing a room with each other.

"We are siblings so it is normal for us to share a room" Bai Shen replied to Yun Yi. He acted like everything was natural as he proceeded to lie on the bed.

Yun Yi stare between the siblings who was even sharing a bed, making up her mind she removes her cloak revealing under it was a red night wear. She then walks towards the bed and lie in between the two. She buried her face on a pillow as her face turn slightly red.

The siblings was shocked by the sudden bold move of Yun Yi. The two stare at her who was in between them not knowing what to do.

Bai Shen wander his eyes on the body of his fiancee, the night wear she was wearing was almost transparent and he could even see her pale white skin. Lying on the bed, Bai Shen slowly over beside Yun Yi with a burning looks in his eyes. A burning seductive scent invaded his nose as he inhaled deeply making his body heated. He gulp his saliva as he continues to stare at the curves of this fiancee of his.

When Bai Shen was about to make his move, a sudden chill crept to his spine making all hairs on his body stood up. He look up and saw the intense gaze of his sister giving him. Reluctantly, Bai Shen put the thought of making a move at the back of his head and just lie there peacefully like a dead person.

Meanwhile, while Bai Shen was fighting his urge to make a move, Yun Yi who buried her face on the pillow was thinking, 'Why isn't he making a move, I know that his sister is here but at least he could hold my hand'

Deciding to take the initiative, Yun Yi lifted her red face and turn to look at her fiancee who was pretending to be dead. A small smile appeared on her usual ferocious face and then she hold his hands. She felt a sudden shock in her body when she hold his hands. She tightly grasped his hands and close her eyes enjoying the warm feeling coming from her fiancee's hands.

Bai Shen look at the ferocious princess beside him and he smile lightly as he thought to himself, 'It looks like this fierce woman can even act as a woman sometimes. Then the jealousy I saw on her eyes earlier is true'
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    《Human Trash with Anime System》