Human Trash with Anime System
40 Side Story: Qian and Wen END
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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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40 Side Story: Qian and Wen END

Wen-wen returned to their Inn escorted by Brother Ya. Her usual bright eyes were now gone replaced by a dead and lifeless look. There was no emotion on her beautiful face, she was just staring lifelessly as a distance. The warm air around her was now gone and replaced by a bone chilling air.

"I will now leave you here" Brother Ya said as he leave Wen-wen in the Inn.

Wen-wen as if not hearing anything just sits in a vacant table motionless. The people in the Inn was all looking at her with pity in their eyes. This young girl who has a bright and gentle personality yesterday was now like a block of ice. Some people wanted to approach but they didn't as they don't know what to say.

"W-wen-wen!!" from the stairs, Qian saw his childhood friend sitting alone. He quickly run and sat beside her. His face was full of anxiousness as he observe his beloved.

"Wen-wen, come follow big brother inside the room" Qian gently said as he stare at his beloved childhood friend.


When the two entered the room, Wen-wen quickly hug her big brother and started to cry. She tried to suppress everything that happened inside her heart. But as soon as they were alone, she'd noticed that she can't suppress it anymore and it just came out. She continues to cry, sob and wail to her hearts content.

Seeing her beloved like this, Qian felt his heart turn cold and a ruthless expression appeared on his face. His ache watching her like this, 'This is all my fault, I am so weak and useless' Qian started to blame himself inside his mind.

"W-wen-wen what did they do to you?" although he already have an idea on what happened. Qian still asked even though he knew his heart will shatter.

"T-t-t-t-they, waaaahhhhh" Wen-wen continues to cry as she remembered everything that had happened. Her face has a horrified look and her face turned pale.

"B-b-b-big brother, I-I-I was dirtied by him. I-I beg him but he didn't stop" Wen-wen said while shivering extremely hard. It was clear that she don't want to remember those things as it was a nightmare for her.

"Who did that to you? Is it the man they called third master Bai?" Qian hold Wen-wen's shoulder and asked her.

Wen-wen didn't answer him but he knew that he was correct. The fat man already said it a couple of time that they will bring her to the so called third master Bai. His eyes turned murderous and he clenched his fist tightly. His nails dig into his palm and blood started to drip from it.

Qian just hug and console the crying Wen-wen until she fell asleep.



Qian left the sleeping Wen-wen alone in the room. Right now he was silently following a man, from what he knew, this man was the so called third master Bai of the Bai family. He was following him to exact revenge for what happened to Wen-wen.

He then saw the man entered a brothel and he followed behind. Several women greet him at the entrance and started to talk some things to him. The women in the brothel all wears tight dress which reveals too much of their skin, a thick make up that if you slapped them their make up will explode like a fog and each of them put some strong perfume that is almost unbearable to smell.

Using the little money left to him, Qian entered a room with one woman. The woman who entered with him could not be called beautiful as she was the cheapest woman in the brothel. Her arms were as thick as Qian's head and there was a farm field in her armpits.

As the time goes on, Qian felt extremely disgusted to the woman with him that he shouted at her to leave him alone. Beside his room was where his target lies, the third master Bai was now currently exhausted because of too much action. Several women lies beside him sleeping with a satisfied smile on their faces.

Knowing that an opportunity arrived, Qian silently went and open the door.

"Can you bring me some wine to drink" the third master Bai said still doesn't know what was about to happen on him.

"You don't need wine as you will die now" Qian then jump forward holding a small knife on his hands






Qian stabbed the cause of everything a total of 23 times in the body. The man can't even scream for help as his body was stabbed before losing his consciousness. Qian seeing that the man already closed his eyes immediately run outside the room and straight to exit the brothel. The women in the brothel saw that he was soaked in blood and instantly went upstairs to check what happened. There she saw the 'dead' third master Bai lying on his own pool of blood. While beside his was the still sleeping women.


When Qian arrived at their room still covered in blood, he was surprised as he did not see Wen-wen inside the room. He quickly went out to find where Wen-wen is.

"BASTARD!!! YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO MY LITTLE BROTHER" Qian felt a bone chilling voice behind him. His whole body shivered and his expression turned to panic, as he was about to run a cold hand grab the back of his head and slammed his face to the ground.

"I WILL TORTURE YOU TO DEATH!!" that was the last words Qian heard as he slowly lose his consciousness.


Wen-wen was now outside the capital aimlessly walking around. When she woke up, she noticed that she was alone in the room. Loneliness crept to her face and she stands up and leave the room.

Wen-wen doesn't know when but she just realized that she was already outside the capital. She went to a nearby tree and sat under it. She looks up and watch the bright moon and the blinking stars in the sky.

"Little girl what are you doing here?" as Wen-wen was pondering to herself, she heard an aged voice behind her. Wen-wen turn her head and stare at the old man standing behind her. When Wen-wen saw the old man, she remembered the gentle expression of the elderly on their small village. The gentle smile on the old man's face gave warm to her cold heart.

"Little girl, your eyes" When the old man saw the eyes of the young lady in front of him, he suddenly felt pity for her. Just by looking at those dead eyes, he knew that something terrible happened to this girl that makes her like this.

The old man stretch out his old hands and said with a gentle voice, "Do you want to come with me? I can help you in many things"

Wen-wen stares between the old man and his hand, then she slowly lift her hand and accept the offer.
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