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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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36 HTWAS-36

After the dinner, everyone went to their room to rest. Bai Shen went to his room while behind him was the sulking Bai Mei. Her lips were pursed and her cheeks was pouting. When they entered their room, Bai Shen directly went to lay on the bed while watching his sister. She looks extremely cute that he had the urge to just hug her tightly.

"L-little brother, what do you think about that woman?" with a low voice, Bai Mei said to her little brother while she lay down beside him.

"She was cute and beautiful, and I feel she was a kind and shy person" Bai Shen said as he slowly hug his sister's slender body.

"Then do you like her?" her big sister asked him while looking directly at his eyes.

"Well, I don't know how to answer that question as I just met her" Bai Shen replied to his sister with a worried expression on his face. He knew that his sister was feeling jealous because of what he said earlier.

"Big sister you don't need to worry, even if I will have other woman in the future, you will always be my number one" Bai Shen said with an assuring voice, while he continues to inhale his big sister's sweet scent.

"So you plan to have other woman. You already have me and the first princess and you still want another woman" Bai Mei said with a frown while her cheeks was pouting, then she continued, "Just make sure that big sister will always be your number one, if that ever change. Humpp! Lets see if I don't cut that little brother of yours"

When Bai Shen first heard her first words, he was slightly scared as he don't want his sister to be angry with him. But when he heard what she said the second time, his eyes widen as he stare at his big sister who was snuggling on his chest. Bai Shen thought, 'Doesn't that mean that she already accepted that I will have other woman in the future' Bai Shen's eyes were shining brightly as he imagined him being surrounded by peerless beauties.

"Sister you are the best! I Love You So Much!!" Bai Shen hugged the beauty beside him and started to kiss her.

Surprised by her little brother's sudden attack, Bai Mei just close her eyes and dive deep into pleasure. Their bodies began to entangled with each other as they remove their clothes. In just a short time, a seductive moan and skins hitting each other sounded inside the room. Again, the siblings dive into their love with each other and have a little battle.




"Y-young master and big sister, the breakfast is already prep-" Little Ke knock on the door and peek her little head in. She can't even finish what she was saying and was made to stopped because she was surprised on the scene in front of her. Her little face turned bright red when she saw the naked bodies of her masters. She could clearly see their private parts exposed to the sunlight. Their pale white skin was glistening as the light touches their skin. Little Ke was rooted on her place as she don't know what to do.


Feeling that there was someone watching him, Bai Shen slowly wake up and saw the little girl by the door. He stare at her who was covering her face with both of her hands while she was peeking between her fingers.

Bai Shen followed where the little girl was staring and he look down. What he saw was a raging sword standing proud as if ready to pierce the heavens. The dry liquid on its blade was the proof of the intense battle that happened last night.

"Do you want to touch it?" with a perverted smile, Bai Shen asked the innocent little girl.



Being asked by her young master if she wanted to touch his sword, Little Ke shouted and slammed the door closed as she run away. Her face was burning red and there was a steam coming out on her head. The innocent little girl just witnessed a scene that will always hunt her for eternity.


Because of the shout, Bai Mei who was sleeping peacefully slowly woke up. When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was her little brother's face who was smiling while watching her. She blink her bright eyes curious of why he was staring at her. She looked down and saw her rabbits was exposed and also her precious area. It was now her turn to become embarrassed and her face turn red as she covers her body with the sheets.

"Big sister why do you still cover your body? I already see every inch of your body, and I already taste your fruit and its sweet nectar so there is no need to cover it up" Bai Shen said with a perverted face.

When Bai Mei heard the shameless words of her little brother, her bright red face got even more brighter as she feel an urge to slap the head of this shameless brother of hers.


When the two went down to eat breakfast, everyone was already seated and just waiting for them. Bai Shen could see the little girl with her head lowered with a red face.

"Little Ke, did you like what you see?" Bai Shen asked the little girl with a teasing voice.

Little Ke pull up her small feet and hug her knees while burying her head on her legs. She was so embarrassed and was cursing her young master inside her mind.

Ming Tiankong watch curiously the two exchange and asked, "Does young master and young lady enjoy the night in my mansion?"

"Yes, we enjoy it greatly. I thank city lord for letting us stay here" Bai Shen said while gazing at his sister with a meaningful smile on his face.

"Ho ho ho, I'm glad that you enjoyed the stay. Then please join us for breakfast" Bai Shen and Bai Mei sat beside each other and started to pick up foods. Everyone on the table then started eating while constantly discussing some things.

"Dear daughter, why don't you accompany them and stroll around the city" Ming Tiankong said to his daughter. He wanted to let them stroll around the city so that they can talk a little bit with each other.



Ming Yue choke on her food when she heard what her father suggested.

"That would be great, I just arrived and still doesn't wlak around the city. I hope young lady Ming would accompany us for a stroll" Bai Shen energetically said. He was staring at Ming Yue whose face already turn red from shyness.

"I think I will just stay in the room. I feel extremely tired because of a certain 'someone' that doesn't want to stop" Bai Mei said while looking venomously at her little brother. She could feel her lower area slightly sore because of her brother's intense movement last night. Although she wanted to go with them in strolling, she just can't because she have difficulty in walking.

"Ok then please rest well big sister. Little Ke you should stay here and accompany big sister" Bai Shen said as he avoid making eye contact with his big sister. He could see from earlier that she was having a hard time walking, 'Maybe I was a little bit intense last night'

"Alright then, Yue'er you should accompany young master Bai around the city" Ming Tiankong was smiling brightly when he heard that only the two of them would be alone strolling around the city.

"Y-yes father" with a soft voice like a mosquito, Ming Yue replied to her father shyly while stealing glances at Bai Shen who was looking at her with bright eyes.
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    《Human Trash with Anime System》