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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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35 Bright Moon

Imperial Palace of the Black Phoenix Empire


"B-big sister please calm yourself. You don't need to do this as it will not change anything" said a woman with a worried expression.

"That bastard doesn't even visit me one bit even though we were engaged. All he knows to do was play around and do whatever he wants. Then when I decided to visit him he was not in their mansion and leave for a little adventure of his" said the angry woman. She was Yun Yi the fiancee of Bai Shen, after the banquet happened and the emperor announce their engagement she was eager and waiting in the palace for Bai Shen to come. But her fiancee never visit her even once and just leave for his little adventure. Right now she was so angry and throwing things everywhere. Several precious items were already destroyed by her, and her little sister the second princess Yun Lien was in her room trying to calm her down.

Yun Lien was having a hard time right now. Her sister was really angry and was unreasonable. Whatever she said her big sister doesn't listen and continues to throw things left and right. Her father and two brother already came trying to calm the situation, but upon seeing the raging Yun Yi, all of them backed off and didn't want to get involved in this matter.

"Big sister I already asked Big brother Zeng (Bai Shen's oldest brother, Yun Lien's Fiancee) if he knew where his youngest brother went to and just said they leave the capital using the east gate" Yun Lien watch her sister then continues, "I believe that they were going to stop by in the 'Clear Sky City' as it is the first city that they would reach and the closest one in the capital"

"Do you really think that they will stop in that city?" Yun Yi asked her sister as she stopped while holding a jade glass that he was just about to throw.

"Yes big sister, they will definitely stop in that city" seeing her big sister stopped her actions, Yun Lien said with assurance.

"Then you can now leave my room, I have to prepare my things" Yun Yi push her sister out of the room as she plan to prepare her things to follow her fiancee and teach him a good lesson.


City Lord Mansion, Clear Sky City

Ming Tiankong was having a dinner with the Bai siblings and the little girl. With them was his only daughter and only child, Ming Yue. The room was silent as no one was talking, each of them was busy eating the food on the table. Bai Shen was rapidly eating anything as if the food was going anywhere, while his big sister was eating elegantly while staring at the young lady in front of her.

Ming Yue feeling the stare of Bai Mei just lowered her head while eating. Her face was slightly red as this was the first time she shared a table to someone except her father. Ming Yue was a beautiful girl, her hair was silvery white like Bai Shen which shines like a moon. Her beauty was like the moon which shine brightly wherever she was. She and Bai Mei was an empire toppling beauty, and both of them has their own charisma.

Bai Shen was even surprised when he saw a beauty like her here. He didn't think that there will be someone like her in this city. Bai Shen right now was feeling extremely lucky that he accepted the city lord's invitation.


"Again I would like to formally thank young master and young lady Bai for accepting my invitation" as he can't handle the silence anymore, Ming Tiankong said as he bowed again respectfully towards the two.

"He he he, It's alright city lord, I would also like to thank you for inviting us in your mansion. I Bai Shen will surely remember your generosity towards us" Bai Shen said while patting his chest.

"I know it is slightly late but let me introduce my daughter, Ming Yue. She was my only child and my only family as my wife already died because of some complications after giving birth" the city lord introduces his daughter while he said the last part of his words a little down.

"City lord must have a beautiful wife to be able to give birth to such a beautiful young lady" Bai Shen said while eyeing Ming Yue who had her head lowered. But Bai Shen could see he ears turn bright red when he said that.


Bai Shen felt a burning pain on his waist as if his skin was getting ripped. He look and saw the slender fingers of his big sister twisting his skin while looking at him with a pouting lips. Bai Shen thought to himself, 'This could be a little troublesome, my big sister is clearly jealous right now'

Bai Shen release a feeble smile as he try to bear the pain in his waist.

"Does young master really find her beautiful? As you know young master she was already in a marriageable stage and she still doesn't have a fiancee right now. So, what does young master think?" when Ming Tiankong heard that Bai Shen called his daughter beautiful which he agree one hundred percent.

"What do I think?" slightly surprised by the troublesome question Bai Shen said, "Hmm, maybe she should find a proper and elegant man who she can marry. The status is not important as long as they love each other"

Bai Shen was acting like a good man with his head held up, then he continues with a straight face and playful smile, "But if she can fall in love with me that would be great"


The city lord and everyone in the table spit and choked on their food when they heard the last thing he said.

Ming Tiankong was smiling ear to ear, while his daughter almost buried her red face in her chest as she felt embarrassed.

"Little brother what do you mean by that?" Bai Mei who was sitting beside him said with a smile that was not a smile.

"Big sister what I mean is if she can't find her ideal man, she just have to look at me. Ha ha ha ha" Bai Shen said as he laugh loudly at the end.

The little girl who was eating silently look at Ming Yue in pity as she felt that her young master will bare his fangs to this pure big sister.

"Oh I almost forgot! There is an auction that will be held in a couple of days, does young master and young lady want to attend and see if something catcher your eyes?" the city lord said.

"An auction? That would be interesting" Bai Shen said, 'It seems a perfect chance appeared to play with some people'
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    《Human Trash with Anime System》