Human Trash with Anime System
33 Not a Fight in the Store
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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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33 Not a Fight in the Store

When Bu Chang and the two guards saw the blue Qi surrounding Bai Mei, their expression drastically change. They were shocked as they didn't expect this lady had such a high level of cultivation. They thought she was just a pamper young lady from some rich families.

"Y-you are in advance stage" Bu Chang said while his face turn white. Because he never really care about cultivation, he was just a novice fighter. While the two guards he brought with him were just an apprentice fighter. Even if the three of them fight the woman, the outcome was already decided.

A golden sword appeared in Bai Mei's hand. The two guards in front of her was looking at her with fear in their eyes. The two can't even move a finger as they felt their bodies turn cold.

"I already warned you, but in the end you didn't listen to me" holding her golden sword, Bai Mei swing the sword decapitating the two guards who were blocking her. The two heads fly in the air while regret was written all over their face. Their eyes were even blinking as they look at their headless body.



The two heads hit the ground and roll towards the scared fatty. Right now Bu Chang was scared to the bone. The two heads were just on his feet but he didn't dare to move a single bit. His fat body started shaking and the fat on his body were just like ocean waves that were moving. His whole body from head to feet was covered in cold sweat. He then takes a step back and stumble on the floor.


The two ladies that came in with Bu Chang screamed as they saw the ugly scene in front of them. After their scream their eyes rolled back and they fainted.

Bai Mei with her cold eyes look at Bu Chang and walk towards him. Her golden sword was releasing a cold glint making Bu Chang felt that a sharp blade was place on his neck.


Bu Chang who was scared silly peed himself making the whole store smell bad. Bai Mei stops when she saw the yellow colored liquid spreading on the floor. Her cute nose twitch as she steps back. She then hide her golden sword and walk out the store leaving the scared fatty inside. Little Ke with a pale face follow quickly after Bai Mei.

"Haaaa" Bu Chang breath a sigh of relief when he saw the lady leave. His pale face turned dark and a ruthless smile appear on his fat face. Bu Chang then thought to himself, 'I'm gonna let my brother know about this. Let's see if you can escape my hands at that time' after that Bu Chang's body suddenly lost its strength and fainted.

The old dude who was watching everything has a mysterious smile on his face. He then looked at the bodies on his store, three fainted while two were dead. He knew that his store will have a bad reputation after this event.


Bai Mei and the little girl return to their Inn. The two was now looking at Bai Shen who have a weary smile on his face. They were shock when they returned and see that his eyes were different. Both of his eyes were purple colored and there was a ripple pattern all over it.

"Ask me anything big sister" Bai Shen said as he knew there were things running inside his big sister's head.

"T-then little brother, what happened to your eyes?" Bai Mei was really shocked when she saw his eyes, she could feel an unknown type of power in those eyes. She felt that her whole body was expose and she couldn't hide anything under the gaze of those eyes.

"Big sister did you remember before when I lost all of my Qi and it was replaced by a different type of power, this was a part of it. With this eyes I could see the flow of Qi inside your body, and I could feel a lot more powerful than before" Bai Shen said some nonsense as he just want to end the conversation about his eyes.

"Then little brother can you show me some of your abilities" even though she was shocked on what she heard. She doesn't want to pry too much in her little brother's ability. She just wanted to know some of his powers.

With a sly smile on his face, Bai Shen stretch his hands towards Bai Mei and said.

"Universal Pull"


Bai Mei release a small yelp as she felt her body being pulled towards her little brother. When she look at her little brother, there she saw a mischievous smile on his face as she float towards him.

"Gotcha" Bai Shen then hug Bai Mei tightly when she near him. The sweet smell of her body instantly invaded his nose. His felt his mouth dry as he continue to sniff the bountiful treasure in his arms.

Bai Mei was embarrassed on what her little brother was doing. She could feel that he was sniffing her body. She lie her soft body on his sturdy chest as she let him do whatever he wants.

"L-l-little Ke is still here" Bai Mei softly said as she remembers that the little girl was inside the room.

Bai Shen was slightly disappointed when he heard what she said. She was correct that the little girl was with them. He turn around to look and saw the little girl was covering her small face with both of her hands. But she was still peeking between her fingers. Her small face was bright red like an apple and she was murmuring some words that they can't understand.

"Haiiss" Bai Shen release a sigh as he began to regret taking the little girl with them. 'It seems my nightly activity would be affected' Bai Shen said to himself and release his big sister from his arms.


"Are you sure they are staying in this place?" Ming Tiankong said to one of his guards. They were now standing at the front of the Inn were Bai Shen and the two were staying. He came here with some of his men to invite the Bai members in his mansion.

"Come follow me inside" the city lord and some of his guards entered the Inn surprising everyone in the lobby.

"Is there a surname Bai that went in this Inn" the city lord asked the receptionist who instantly look at her log book. When she saw that there was, she immediately tell what floor and room number they were staying.

Upon knowing what room number their target was at, the city lord and his guards immediately move.




"Who is it" the city lord knock on the door and wait patiently for someone to answer. Fortunately for him, a sweet voice came from inside and the door slightly opened. A small head peek at the door and look towards them.

"What is it?" the one who opened the door was the little girl Xiao Ke. She was frowning when she opened the door, earlier after her master stop what they were doing. Bai Mei gave her the dress that she bought in the store. Xiao Ke was just trying the small dress when she heard the knock on the door.

"My name is Ming Tiankong and I am the city lord of this city. Can I ask young lady if your'e a member of the Bai family in the capital?" Ming Tiankong asked respectfully when he saw the little girl. He couldn't be careless and offend them that's why his actions where good.

"My masters inside was a member of the Bai family" Xiao Ke said to the city lord while giving him a suspicious look.

"Can I talk to them?" Ming Tiankong asked politely even though the little girl was not a member of the Bai family.

Xiao Ke then opens the door and let the city lord inside.
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