Human Trash with Anime System
31 Clear Sky City
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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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31 Clear Sky City

Inside the City Lord Mansion

"Is what you just said true about the members of the Bai Family in my city" a middle aged man said towards a guard who was kneeling in front of him.

"Yes City Lord, what I just said is true" the guard replied. This guard was the one who was on the city gate earlier, he was also the one who talk to the Bai siblings earlier.

"Alright you can leave now" the guard bowed and immediately leave the room.

'Hmm, what could be their intention in visiting my Clear Sky City' the city lord ponder to himself as he think of a reason for the arrival of the Bai members. He was Ming Tiankong the current city lord of the Clear Sky City.

The Clear Sky City was being controlled by three powers, the Ming Family, the Black Sky Organization and the Emerald Lotus Auction House. The Ming family is the one who controls the running of the city. The Black Sky Organization is the one who controls the slums on the city and dark business. The Emerald Lotus Auction House on the other hand was the one who controls the businesses in the city,, and also they are the most mysterious among the three. Many people didn't know where they come from even the other two powers. They just suddenly appear in their city and bought almost every running business there. Their background was unknown just like their intention there.

The other two powers already task someone to investigate the Auction House, but everytime they do it, they will just suddenly lost contact to the person they send to investigate. Because of that, the two power decided to stop investigating the auction house and just observe them.

"Maybe I can use this chance to build some relationship to the Bai Family" Ming Tiankong said to himself and continue to contemplate about the idea.


In the streets of the city, Bai Mei was walking while wearing a light blue dress and a veil was covering her beautiful face. The little girl was following behind her while humming a happy tune and skipping steps. The two immediately gathered the attention of anyone who see them, just from the aura of Bai Mei the people knew she came from a prestigious family.

"Little Ke follow me inside, lets buy little brother some clothes" Bai Mei saw a clothing store and went inside with the little girl following behind.

The inside of the store was quite nice, there are different clothes hanging on display. Some have extravagant style while some is rather ordinary. Bai Mei continues to look for a clothes that she will buy for her brother.

"Oh! a customer" an old dude came out from one of the room in the store and was surprised when he saw that his show has a customer.

"What does young lady wants? Maybe I can help you choose some" Bai Mei just glance at the old dude and return to selecting clothes.

The old dude just shrug his shoulder and wait for them to finish selecting clothes.

"How much for these?" Bai Mei pointed at a light blue clothe with a simple design. She chooses it because it has a similar color on the dress she was wearing now.

"The silk of that clothes came from a silkworm that only lives in the north. It costs about 50 gold coins" the old dude said.

"I'm taking it" Bai Mei put a pouch of gold in the table, "hmm" When she gave the gold coin to the old dude, she turn and saw the little girl staring at a small dress. Just from the was she stared at it Bai Mei knew the little girl wanted it.

"I'm also taking that" she pointed at the dress the little girl was staring shocking the little girl, "I'm giving it to you for taking care of my brother"

"T-thank You Big sister" Little Ke bowed deeply while her face was red in shame.

Bai Mei put the clothes that she bought for her brother and little Ke inside her spatial ring.

"I will give you the dress in the Inn, lets go and stroll a bit more" the two then walk towards the exit.

As they were about to exit the store, a fat man enters wearing an extravagant clothes. In both of his sides were two ladies wearing heavy make up. They were seductively twisting their body while the fat man had his hands roaming in their bodies. Behind them was two bulky man who have an intimidating aura surrounding them and a sword was hanging on their waist.

"Oh" the fat man saw the woman in front of him and he was captivated by her presence alone. Although he ca't see her face as it was covered in veil, he knew that behind that was definitely a beauty. The fat man lick his lips in lecherous way and a vicious smile appear on his face.

"May I know this Young Lady's name, oh and by the way I am called Bu Chang, you can just call me brother Chang" Bu Chang said while his eyes were roaming around Bai Mei's body. He couldn't help but admire this perfect body in front of him. He couldn't wait to see what was hiding beneath the dress.

"If you don't want to die get out of my way" with a voice that could even frost a burning flame, Bai Mei said to the fat man.

The fat man and the two ladies give way as they felt their hearts turned cold. But as Bai Mei was about to exit the store the fat man shouted, "Stop her!"

The two guards immediately move and blocked the door with their bulky body. The two of them hold the handle of their weapons and look down on Bai Mei with a malicious gaze.

"Get out of my way and you will live, block me and you will die" Bai Mei said towards the two guards who were blocking her. The icy expression on her face intensifies and the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped. Everyone inside felt cold and they started shivering. The face of the two guards turned pale and their lips turned purple as their teeth started to clatter.

"Don't you know who I am, my brother is a core member of the Black Sky Organization. If you dare to harm me or my men, my brother will definitely not let you off. Why don't you just follow me just one night and then I will let you go" even though he was shivering, Bu Chang still think that if he said who his backing was, this lady in front of him will be scared forcing her to follow him.

"Are you threatening me?" without turning her head, Bai Mei said and the blue Qi started to surround her body.
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