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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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30 New Powers

Inside a luxurious Inn on the capital a man holding a golden fan was sitting beside the window. The man was Fang Ying who the Bai sibling encountered in the 'Flying Sparrow Restaurant'. He and his friend Jirou was still staying at the capital of the Black Phoenix Empire as they plan to watch the upcoming tournament in the capital.

"Young master do we send the men and follow them?" Jirou who had lost one of his arm against Bai Mei asked Fang Ying. Ever since that day, he hated the Bai sibling down to his spine. He wanted to get revenge against them especially to Bai Mei who cut his arm.

"Hmm, you go and follow them and bring with you five of our Advance Fighter. If you ever see a chance quickly grab it and attack them, but bring Bai Mei to me. I wanted to experience what she tastes like" Fang Ying said with a cold smile on his handsome face.

"Yes!" Jirou immediately move with a twisted smile on his face. He was already imagining what would be their expression especially Bai Mei when she was under him.


After hours of travelling, the siblings and the little girl finally arrived at a small town. When the guards at the city gate asked who they are, the Bai sibling just show the symbol of their family and the guards respectfully greet them and let them pass.

The three was now inside a large room in a relatively large Inn. Their room only has 2 bed and 1 bathroom. Bai Shen will sleep in one bed with his little servant Xiao Ke. While Bai Mei will use the bed beside them. When the little girl heard that she was gonna sleep with her young master, she instantly protested and tell she would rather sleep in the floor. But after some threatening from Bai Shen, the little girl was forced to agree while tears were building up in her eyes.

"Little brother do you want to tour the city?" Bai Mei asked her little brother with expectations.

"Nahh, I'm just gonna lay down on the bed for now. Big sister should tour the city if you want, but bring Little Ke with you" Bai Shen decline the offer as he still need to spin the roulette from the system.

"Yes, yes, Big sister Bai, Xiao Ke will come with you. Xiao Ke felt she would be eaten if she stay here with young master" the little girl immediately agreed when she heard what Bai Shen just said. She thought that if she stay here, there will be a high chance that her small body will be eaten by her young master.

"Alright, Little Ke follow me" his big sister agreed and went out the room holding the hand of the little girl who was excited.

Seeing the two were gone, Bai Shen asked the system inside his head, "System I want to spin the roulette"

Ding... Spinning the Unlucky Roulette...






The giant roulette inside his mind began to spin. At the side of the roulette was several box with a question mark cover over it.

Ding... Congratulations to host for winning the Rinnegan Package

Ding... Does host want to use the package and merge his Chakra to the Hogyoku...

Bai Shen was really surprised on what he just receive. He thought that he will get some stuff like random rock from a certain anime because of the name of the roulette. The thought of winning something like this never entered his head.

"Yes, merge it" Bai Shen said softly as he was still surprise to his core.

Ding... Merging begins...

Bai Shen could feel a new type of power flowing into his body. The warm feeling gives his comfort inside his mind. With his eyes closed, Bai Shen could feel both his eyes involuntary moving and he can feel a tingling pain from them.

Ding... Merging completed...

When Bai Shen heard the robotic notification inside his head that was saying it was completed, he slowly open his eyes. When he open his eyes, he could see the world a lot different now. There are energies flowing and floating around him. He look out the window and see the different energies flowing from each persons body.

Bai Shen then look at a man wearing a robe, just base on his clothes he knew he was a cultivator even if he just have a low rank. Bai Shen could see that there were yellow Qi inside the man's body. But just above that yellow Qi, there were another type of power that was spiraling inside his body. Bai Shen then continues to look at different person, there he saw that each of them had this type of unused power inside their bodies.

"System what is that energy that I was seeing inside the body of a person" Bai Shen curiously asked the system.

"Host the thing you could see was their Qi, while the spiraling type of energy was each persons chakra" the system replied to him.

"Then system, can everyone in this world use chakra besides Qi?" Bai Shen asked.

"No host, they cannot use chakra. As long as a person has a Qi inside his body even if it is just a little, they can't use their chakra in their life." the system said.

"Then can I use chakra?" Bai Shen asked.

"Host that is a dumb question, of course you can use chakra. Host must remember that your Qi was already gone and your chakra was already fused in the Hogyoku so you can freely use it without any restrictions" the system said.

Bai Shen then walk in front of the mirror inside the room. He look at himself and saw that nothing physically changed except his eyes.

Bai Shen stretch out his hand towards a chair nearby and said, "Universal Pull"

A strong pulling force came out from his body and the chair flew directly towards him and crashed directly at his hand.

Bai Shen then look at his hand and smirked, he was already thinking of how he could show off his power to his sister later on.
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    《Human Trash with Anime System》