Human Trash with Anime System
26 Bai Shen vs Jiang“s END
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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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26 Bai Shen vs Jiang“s END

Imperial Palace of the Divine San Empire


"Y-your Majesty what happened?" said an old man beside the emperor.

Sitting in his throne, the emperor spat a mouthful of blood. His face turned pale and his expression was heavy. His clone made of Qi just got destroyed and now he receive the backlash of it.

"Send someone to the capital of the Black Phoenix Empire to investigate someone. I will tell the description of the target later" the emperor sternly said as his whole body was shaking. Just imagining what would happen to his lover in the hands of that brat make him shake in anger. To think that an unknown brat like him can destroy his Qi, for the emperor this was an utter humiliation.

"Also, send someone in the Blood Thorn Pavilion. Tell them that I have a request for them and I was ready to pray a huge amount of gold if they successfully finish it" the emperor said.

"YES YOUR MAJESTY!!" the old man said as he quickly run outside the room.

"Cike, are the preparations still not finish?" the emperor said. After that, a man wearing hooded black cloak appear in front of him.

"Emperor Jiao Hua, don't worry our preparations were running smoothly. I promise you after the tournament in that little empire, our preparations will be already completed and we can initiate the invasion" the hooded man said with a eerie voice. The Divine Sand Empire and the organization of the hooded man was planning to invade the Black Phoenix Empire for a couple of years already. Some of their men were successful in entering the neighboring empire and joined their ranks.

"As the tournament would be held in the capital and some of their powerful figures will be their watching the tournament. We will then move our army to invade their territory in the outskirts" the emperor said with a cold smile on his face.

"That will be their fall Emperor Jiao Hua, just don't forget your promise. The virgin blood of your daughter is what we just need, we don't want any part of the empire." the hooded man said as he slowly fade away like a wind.





Series of cracking sound was heard as Jiang Zhang's skin was burning to crisp. His long beard was already gone, the left side of his face were black as it was burn severely. Right now Bai Shen was holding Jiang Zhang in his neck lifting him up. The old man's appearance was so miserable that even his family won't be able to recognize him.

At this time, Bai Shen's clone walk leisurely while dragging the husband and wife behind him. Jiang Ling has already regained his consciousness earlier while being dragged. His eyes were dead because of the affair of his wife.

"Jiang Zhang look your son and his slutty wife. Do you know that the grandson you love so much was not blood related to you. He was the son of this slut and the emperor of the Divine Sand Empire" Bai Shen told Jiang Zhang everything that happened in the tunnel, his face was like someone who was telling stories at kids with his smile.

Jiang Zhang can't even utter a single sound because his throat were already crushed. He just stare with his black eyes at Bai Shen, what was running inside his mind right now was unknown.

"You guys are boring~" Bai Shen then free Jiang Ling and throw him in the ground. There were no reaction at all and he didn't even groan when he hit the ground pretty hard. Bai Shen then toss beside Jiang Ling his almost dead father so that they will die together.

Qing Ying on the other hand was still bound by the strings naked. She look like someone from a bondage play.

"Then time to burn some bastards"


Bai Shen wave his Ryuujin Jakka towards the father and son. The blazing inferno of fire burn the two to ashes in just mere seconds. The fire continues to burn the whole hall, the whole Jiang Residence were now caught in a blazing inferno. Bai Shen then took the naked Qing Ying and teleported away from the residence.


The night at the capital was bright because of the burning Jiang residence. The people and the guards were doing their best to kill the fire, but each time they did, the immense heat will burn their skin making them retreat. Some even use water system to kill the fire, but it will just evaporate even before closing to the fire.

Bai Chen was watching the Jiang residence in fire. Behind him was his son while pulling the naked Qing Ying. Bai Chen then said with a worried voice, "Son don't you think it is already enough, if the fire spread the whole capital will be burned."

The Ryujjin Jakka then return to its former form. The flames in the Jiang Residence just suddenly disappeared greatly shocking everyone. But all of them breath a sigh of relief knowing that the fire was gone and their houses will be safe.

"I guess there will be visitors in our residence tomorrow, haaa it will become a headache talking to those people" Bai Chen said, "Then, what do you plan on doing in that woman"

"I will just say that, the people on the capital will witness a great show tomorrow, especially the men." Bai Shen just replied to his father with a huge smile on his face.

"Just don't let your sister see her, or else not only she will die, you will also face her" after saying that Bai Chen instantly disappeared leaving the puzzled Bai Shen behind.


While everyone was in chaos, inside a room in the capital, a beautiful young lady was staring at the blazing fire. Her eyes were calm and serene, her hair was black and she was wearing a white dress. Beside her was a beautiful woman with a similar face to her.

"My dear, what did you see on that trash that makes you like this" the woman said to the young lady, she was her mother and after the two met in the banquet, her daughter just suddenly acted like this.

"Mother don't ask me, even i don't know the reason why I am like this. My mind was in disorder like my heart" if Bai Shen could see this young lady, he will recognize her as the 'lost lamb' he saw in the banquet.

At first when she met him she was afraid of him. But for some unknown reasons, he kept appearing inside her dreams making her like this.
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