Human Trash with Anime System
25 Bai Shen vs Jiang“s 4
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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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25 Bai Shen vs Jiang“s 4

When Qing Ying and the emperor heard what Bai Shen just said. Their expressions warped in anger and hate. This man in front of them has such a poisonous tongue. Qing Ying's body began to shudder in rage as her eyes stare deathly at Bai Shen.

"Hhmp, let me see if you can still talk if I pull out your tongue" the emperor snorted coldly towards Bai Shen.

"Sand System: Divine Spear"

The emperor clasped his hands tightly and the gold Qi around him move. Black red and came out from the ground and formed into several spears pointing at Bai Shen. The emperor pointed his finger and the spears shoot forward like an arrow aiming at Bai Shen's head.




Bai Shen's face turned serious in facing the spears. He could feel that each of this spears carried a devastating power. Bai Shen quickly jumps back creating some distance between him and the spears. As he touched the ground, two masses of strings came out from the ground blocking the spears. The spear suddenly disintegrates into sands that rain over Bai Shen.

"Sand System: Decaying Sands"

"Hhmp, with this you're finished" the emperor snorted icily, "My sands will enter inside your body and it will rot your insides slowly. You will feel pain that you've never experienced before. If you beg me to kill you now, maybe I can grant it and kill you painlessly"

'Oh! so that's the reason why they suddenly went inside my body. Maybe I can give them a little show before finishing this" Bai Shen thought inside his head, a playful smile slowly appeared on his lips and he acted.


"IT FVCKING HURTS!!! STOP THIS!! STOP THIS!! IT HURTSSSS!!" Bai Shen acted and rolled in the ground. His acting was so good that the two really believe he was in pain.

"Ha ha ha ha, this is what you get in offending me!" the emperor laughs in joy when he sees Bai Shen's face full of 'pain and agony'. His screams and cry were like soft music in his ears as he enjoys the scene.

"Bastard trash you were just all talk and no action. What did you just said earlier? You will strip me naked and parade me in the capital? Hhmp, you must survive here first before you can think of doing that!" Qing Ying who was scared to her wits earlier gain her normal composure. Right now she was seething in anger. Her face was red and she was breathing heavily. She was also watching in joy as Bai Shen roll in the ground.

"He he he, slut say whatever you wanted to say right now because after this the whole capital will witness your glory" still acting Bai Shen gritted his teeth and said with a lecherous smile on his face.

Witnessing how the bastard still has the ability to talk this way to his lover, the emperor walks forward and stopped beside Bai Shen.

"I really admire your ability to endure the pain and stay sane all this time. I wanted to play with you for some time at first, but with the words that were coming out of your mouth. I need to end you now, be sure to remember in your next life that there are some people you cannot hope to offend" the emperor said while he was looking down at Bai Shen.

"Sand System: Sands of Execution"

Blood red sands started to rise above Bai Shen's head and formed into a giant blade. The blade made of sands were beating like it has some life in it.

"Do you want to know why the color of this sands was blood red. It was because of the blood of all the victims that I had killed in the past. Their blood permanently changed the color of my sands, at the same time it also increases its power as it absorbs its victims Qi that was inside their body" the emperor said.

"Fvck!! If your gonna attack just attack, why do you need to talk too much. I didn't even answer your question if I wanted to know why your sands look like that. You just wanted to talk and talk, you must be a lonely guy right. Fvck!! Even I become talkative like you" Bai Shen exploded in anger and shouted at the emperor. His head was already aching because of the emperor.

On the other hand, the emperor was watching with his eyes and mouth wide open. Because the brat who should be on the ground rolling and screaming in pain immediately jump back to his feet and started shouting at him. The emperor thought inside his head, 'What the hell was happening here, how can he still stand up like nothing was wrong. I can still feel using my Qi that the sands were still inside his body, but fhdjfhdjhdj'

The emperor was thinking inside his head when he was suddenly wrapped by strings. His head to his foot was completely wrapped, he was like a cocoon.

What happened was when Bai Shen saw the shock look of the emperor, he knew he just broke his acting. That instant he moves while the emperor was still unprepared. The unfortunate emperor was caught just like that.

"Ha ha ha, what are you saying just now ha ha ha" Bai Shen laugh heartily when he saw the emperor's wide eyes, "As for you little slut, you said I was just all talk and no action. He he he let me play with you and you will understand what real action is"

Qing Ying was scared to her wits when she saw her lover gets wrapped by the strings. The attack of the emperor that was to hit Bai Shen disintegrated as the emperor loses his focus trying to break free. Each time the emperor moves, the strings will even get tighter and will eventually crush him to meat paste.

Bai Shen moves and appeared in front of Qing Ying. He moves his hands and touches her face, 'Hmm, this slut is beautiful, her skin was also smooth and soft. Her figure was also perfect and no excess fat could be seen in her body' Bai Shen thought as he admires the slut in front of him.

Seeing the brat in front of her staring at her 'beauty', Qing Ying twisted her body and smile seductively. She opens her mouth and sucked Bai Shen's fingers.


Bai Shen instantly pulled out his fingers and slap the sh!t out of Qing Ying making the slut fly and crashed to the nearby wall.

"Fvck woman!! I dare you do it one more time and I will insert my hand in your ass and pull out your intestines away" Bai Shen shouted exasperatedly while stretching his hands daring Qing Ying to do it again.

Qing Ying on the ground holds her cheek where Bai Shen slaps her. There was a clear red handprint on her cheek a clear sign that she was hit pretty badly. Qing Ying endure the burning pain and stare at Bai Shen with her burning eyes.

"What the flip are you looking at?! Do you want me to hit the other side as well, I will gladly do it for you!!" when Bai Shen saw the way she looks at him he just becomes extremely angry.

"As for you dog sh!t emperor, I had enough playing with you time to end this" Bai Shen look at the emperor who looks like a butterfly cocoon and only his eyes were visible.

The strings that was wrapping the emperor began to contract and crush the emperor. The eyes of the emperor were bulging as he stare at Bai Shen with hate. His eyes were burning with fury as he already knew what would happen to his lover after he was gone.

A perverted idea went inside Bai Shen's head and he pick up Qing Ying and brought her near her lover.


Bai Shen ripped Qing Ying's clothes while looking at the emperor with a smile. Qing Ying's body aws exposed and her private areas were here for the world to see. Bai Shen lifted her from behind and face her against her lover's face.


Qing Ying release a seductive moan as Bai Shen started to rub and massage her cherry pearls. Her body was turning red in every touch of Bai Shen in her body. Bai Shen's hand then started to crawl down and using his fingers, he played with the wet meat.


As Bai Shen was continuously playing with Qing Ying, the emperor suddenly exploded and disappear leaving behind Qing Ying who was already drooling.

"Haaiiss, we were just getting on the good part of the show. Haaa" Bai Shen throws Qing Ying on the ground beside the unconscious Jiang Ling and wrapped them in strings. Then he walks and dragged them going to meet the real Bai Shen.
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    《Human Trash with Anime System》