Human Trash with Anime System
24 Bai Shen vs Jiang“s 3
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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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24 Bai Shen vs Jiang“s 3

"I-I know you, you are the third young master of the Bai Family, Bai Shen. Tell me why are you doing this? Does our family offended your Bai Family?" Jiang Ling said with unsightly expression. Almost all of the guards that should accompany them and protect them to safety was already dead. The younger generation of his Jiang family was hugging each other while shaking in fear.

"You want to know? Unfortunately I don't want to talk too much today" Bai Shen said with a playful smile on his face.

"Today all of you will die and this is were your body will be buried" Bai Shen said.

"BASTARD WE WILL FIGHT YOU TO DEATH" all the remaining guards shouted in rage and rush forward. They know that the only choice they have to survive was to kill Bai Shen. It is either they kill him or he kill them.

"Fight me to death?" Bai Shen said mockingly as the remaining guards rush to him putting their lives on this final attack, "Can you even call this a fight, No, this is a massacre"


Bai Shen pointed both his index fingers towards the incoming guards. Small bundle of strings shoot out from his index fingers like a bullet from a gun.

The rushing guards tried to defend against the attack and raise their weapons to block it. But unfortunately for them, the strings that they tried to block penetrated directly through their weapons and hit them. The guards falls one by one like domino and several holes were visible on their bodies.

The Jiang Family members watch in fright as the guards fall lifelessly on the ground. Despair fall upon their faces as they don't want to believe the reality that was happening just in front of them.

Jiang Ling hold his wife's pale hands and said hurriedly, "Ying'er, I know I am no match against that bastard, but I will try to hold him off for some time. When I give you my signal, immediately rush forward and escape with the other members."

Qing Ying nodded without any hesitation, all she wanted was to do was to escape this hell. Jiang Ling felt saddened by his wife's immediate response. He just smile helplessly and hug his wife one last time before facing Bai Shen.

"Bastard!! I will fight you to death!" Jiang Ling shouted and his purple Qi surrounded his body. A black staff appeared in his hands and stab it in the ground.

"Haaa, does all of you know just one line? You guys really like saying the lines 'fighting you to death' but in the end, you guys are the one who died" with a powerless sigh, Bai Shen thought that those line were so overly used.

"Earth System: Black Wall"

"Earth System: Ground Explosion"

The Qi surrounding Jiang Ling fluctuated as he release two abilities at the same time. The ground began to shake and a black wall rise from the ground and surrounded Bai Shen. While being surrounded by the black wall, the ground beneath Bai Shen's feet turned bright red and suddenly exploded. The wall prevents the explosion from coming out and Bai Shen was directly hit by the explosion.

"RUN!! NOW!!" Jiang Ling said instantly towards his wife. Qing Ying and the Jiang family members run for their lives. The chance for their survival was here, if they didn't take it, then there is only death waiting for them.

"Haa, haa haa" Jiang Ling was breathing heavily while holding his staff with one hand. His forehead was covered in sweat and his face was slightly pale. He watch with a smile on his lips as the other members of his family escape. Then he move his gaze towards the black wall, he heard a series of cracking sound and the wall began to disintegrate. When the wall was gone, what was shown to him gives him so much horror. There he saw Bai Shen standing still with the same expression on his face. There were no visible wounds in his body.

"As I said earlier, none of you will escape here alive" Bai Shen coldly said.




He swing his both hands and a thin strings shot forward to the escaping people. Screams and cries of death sounded inside the tunnel as the string cuts every escaping people except for Qing Ying. Her body was surrounded by Gold Qi that protects her from the strings. The necklace she was wearing were glowing brightly. Qing Ying herself was dumbfounded on what just happened, she thought she was going to die.

"Huh?" Qing Ying holds the necklace on her hand and a figure came out of it. It was a man wearing a golden crown on his head and he was sitting on a throne. His aura was majestic and heavy as it wander its eyes in the surroundings.

"Y-y-you are the e-e-emperor of the Divine Sand Empire" Jiang Ling who was shocked as he saw the man who came out the necklace. In the past, he asks his wife on who gave her that necklace, the answer that she just gave him was that it was given by her 'closed friend'. He didn't thought that the 'close friend' she was talking about was the emperor of the Divine Sand Empire.

Bai Shen stare at the man who came out of the necklace, he was really interested on what was happening right now.

"You are?" the man look at Jiang Ling when he heard him talk, then he look at Qing Ying who was staring at him with love and affection in her eyes, "Ying'er what happened to you, I feel that you were in danger so I use the necklace I gave to you as a medium to protect you"

When Bai Shen heard what the man said, he knew that there were some story happening here. This fight got even more interesting on his eyes. On the other hand, Jiang Ling coughed a mouthful of blood when he heard the emperor called his wife. He was sure from his voice that the two of them have relationship with each other.

"W-wife, what is your relation with the emperor?" Jiang Ling weakly asked his wife.

Qing Ying turn her head and look at her husband and said icily, "He was my first love, I willingly gave him my innocence back then. He was also the father of my dead son." Qing Ying felt she doesn't need to hide anything right now. With the presence of her love, she was sure she will survive here.


Jiang Ling instantly lost it and fainted on the spot. His heart shattered when he heard her wife's cold voice. He felt that his whole world collapse with that sudden revelation.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha" a loud cold laughter sounded in the tunnel. The emperor and Qing Ying look at Bai Shen who was laughing so hard while holding his stomach.

"My love, that man wants to kill me. Look around the place, everyone here was killed by him" Qing Ying with a pitiful look on her face said to the emperor. Her courage instantly went sky high in the presence of the emperor.

"So what if I kill them, you will also join them shortly" Bai Shen who stopped laughing said seriously.

"Brat you are arrogant even though you're still young. Let me teach you a lesson in place of your father" the emperor said coldly as he felt disrespected by this brat in front of him. He was an emperor, the people respect him and his enemies fear him. But this brat act arrogantly in front of him.

"Teach me a lesson? Do you even have the capabilities? Let me tell you this, after I erase you, I will strip that slut naked and parade her in the whole capital. After that I will sell her to the lowest brothels in the slums so that even horses and goats can fvck her up!!"
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    《Human Trash with Anime System》