Human Trash with Anime System
21 Upgrade and Infiltration
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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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21 Upgrade and Infiltration

After Jiang Zhang leave the Bai residence carrying the lifeless body of his grandson. Bai Shen and Bai Mei thought of asking their father some questions, but noticing that he was nowhere to be found, they just return to their rooms. The two of them both knew their father's personality, they know that this will not end well towards the Jiang Family.

"System how much system points do I need to upgrade my Zanpakuto, Ito-Ito no Mi and the Shikotsumyaku" while sitting at the edge of his bed, Bai Shen asked the system inside his head. Right now he have a total of 1,100,000 system points. If it is enough, he wanted to upgrade some of his abilities.

Ding... The upgrade costs are:

•Ryujin Jakka Bankai: 600,000 system points.

•Ito-Ito no Mi Awakening: 500,000 system points.

•Shikotsumyaku to All-Killing Ash Bones: 900,000 system points.

The notifications sounded inside his mind and saw the amounts of system points he needed to upgrade his abilities.

'Looking at their amounts, I can upgrade my Ryujin Jakka and my Ito-Ito no Mi but that will leave me nothing. But if I upgrade Shikotsumyaku there's some system points that will be left for me to buy something in the system' Bai Shen pondered so hard inside his mind as he rack his brains trying to make a decision.

'Well whatever I'll just gonna upgrade my skills for now' after minutes of thinking Bai Shen finally made his decision, "System I want to upgrade my Ryujin Jakka and Ito-Ito no Mi"

Ding... Upgrading Ryujin Jakka and Ito-Ito no Mi

Ding... Deducting System Points...

After the robotic voice of the system faded inside his mind. A bright red light exploded inside his consciousness. Bai Shen's figure stands inside his consciousness while being surrounded by blazing red flames that burns everywhere. The ground where his figure stands were made of countless of strings attached together moving like a wave on oceans.

While Bai Shen was inside his consciousness, his physical body was also changing. His body was bright red and his skin was continuously shedding. His muscles were moving uncontrollably. The hogyoku in the center of his chest was glowing bright red as it continues to heal his physical body.

Ding... Successfully Finished Upgrading the Skills

The upgrading of his abilities lasted for a couple of minutes before ending as Bai Shen heard the notification inside his mind. He opens his eyes and was surprise in seeing his room. The bed where he was sitting was burning and the whole room was melting. He could feel the power inside his body significantly increase.


With a wave of his hands, the burning bed and the melting of the room was stopped. This room of his was just repaired earlier, but now it seems he needed to change his room.

Ding... Mission:Participate in the Massacre on the Jiang Family

Ding... Reward: 50,000 System Points and 1 Spin on the Unlucky Roulette.

As he went out of his room, Bai Shen receive a mission from the system. He was slightly surprise when he saw what the mission was. But again he knew that it must be his father that plan this massacre. A cold smile appeared on his lips as he praise his father for making his moves quickly.

"Black Knight"

Bundles of strings appeared and compressed. This was one of the abilities of the Ito-Ito no Mi, the ability to make a clone of the user made of strings. With this, Bai Shen can participate in the massacre without him being there personally.


Midnight on the Jiang Residence

The whole residence where in chaos when the patriarch returned carrying the dead body of Jiang Yu. They all knew that hey came to the Bai family to propose a marriage, they all didn't expect that the genius Jiang Yu will die. Several of them asked the patriarch on what happened, but the patriarch just shouted at them and told them to get lost.

"Waaaaaa, Yu'er what happened to you. How did you die!!" a beautiful lady was crying beside the dead body of Jiang Yu inside a coffin. She was Jiang Yu's mother Qin Ying. She came from a prestigious family on a city outside the capital. Although their family can't compared to the Jiang's, her father was a powerful cultivator and a city lord. Seeing her dead son makes her heart grief and pain, this was her child with 'that' man. That man was her first love and she hide the truth from her family about this. She lie that this was the son of her and her husband, fortunately her husband was deeply in love with her and listen to everything she said.

"Wife, don't worry we will definitely take revenge to whoever kills Yu'er. He was our genius and only child, I will make sure that they will pay" Jiang Man said to his wife still oblivious of the fact that Jiang Yu was not his child. He hugged his wife from behind trying to calm her down.

Inside his room, Jiang Zhang was talking to an old man with dried and thin face. This man was an assassin working directly under Jiang Zhang. The man was also a member on an assassin organization called 'Blood Thorn Pavilion'. They accept assassination request from different kind of people in exchange of gold. They were famous for assassinating high ranking individuals and even some kings from small kingdoms.

"Patriarch Jiang, do you really want me to assassinate the third son of Duke Bai?" said the man.

"Yes, I want that trash dead. I want the Bai Chen feel the pain in losing his son" Jiang Zhang said while gritting his teeth, "But you need to be careful when you encounter Duke Bai, like in the past, his cultivation rank was still unknown. I believe that even the king doesn't really know how strong Duke Bai is. If you ever encounter him, you must definitely retreat as fast as you can, or else you will just die"


While the two were talking with each other, a man hurriedly opened the door. His breathing was disordered and his face was covered in sweat.

"P-p-patriarch all of out stores and business in the capital was attacked by several people wearing black clothes. They kill our people and burn our stores." said the man while catching his breath.

"WHAT!!" Jiang Zhang instantly stood up when he heard the report of the man. Surprised and shocked were written all over his face. His beard began to tremble as his body shake.

"Gather everyone in the main hall immediately" Jiang Zhang commanded. His expression was dark as he have a bad feeling about what was happening. Those business and stores were their main source of income. With those destroyed, their Jiang family were definitely facing a heavy crisis.

"Yes Patriarch" the man bowed and leave instantly.

While Jiang Zhang was busy thinking what was the reason this was happening. Several figures silently infiltrated the Jiang Residence. They were all wearing black clothes with short sword on their back. Each one of them was releasing a chilling aura around them. They were all here just for one reason, and that is to KILL.


In a certain sect in the territory of the Black Phoenix Empire, a woman wearing a blue robe was standing at the highest tower looking at the night sky. Her face was cold and there is a chilling aura surrounding her.

"Junior Sister, are you still thinking about that? Don't worry the tournament is near, you will eventually have your revenge" a handsome man said while looking at the woman. He was looking at the woman with tenderness and gentleness inside his eyes. When this junior sister of his first arrive she was just wearing simple clothes while his master was carrying her. Her eyes at that time was like someone who gave up on life. His master told to him how he find her beside a tree outside the capital of the empire. At that time he said she was wearing nothing and her clothes were scattered on the grass. He knew something terrible to this junior sister of her at that time.

'Junior sister don't worry, I your big brother will do everything I can to help you accomplish your revenge' the man said to himself while clenching his fist tightly. He felt pain in his heart everytime he saw his junior sister at this state.
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    《Human Trash with Anime System》