Human Trash with Anime System
20 One-Hit Dead
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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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20 One-Hit Dead

Gritting his teeth, Jiang Zhang look at Bai Chen with a heavy expression. The pressure falling onto him was so great that he can't even lift a finger. He knew that Duke Bai was strong, but he didn't thought that he will be this strong. And from the looks of it, Duke Bai was just using a little bit of his Qi.

"Mis-misunderstanding Duke Bai, I have no intention to insult your son. I just know that this lotus will be very beneficial to him." a line of blood came out from the corner of his lips. His spotless white robe was drenched on his own sweat. He was really feeling scared in front of this man, he felt his life was gonna be taken in any moment.

"Leave now! My Bai Family doesn't welcome you here!" Bai Chen said to the two. His expression was stern and serious. He really didn't thought that this old man will call his son a trash right in front of him. He then turned around to leave.

"Father you have a guests" as Bai Chen was about to leave. He heard the voice of his son and stop. He look and saw Bai Shen and Bai Mei walking towards him while holding hands.

"Son they were about to leave" Bai Chen said to his son.

Bai Shen look towards the guests and with a slightly surprised tone he said, "Isn't this the little man in the banquet, why are you here? Did you come here to become one of my lackey. If you wanted to become one you must have the capabilities. But looking at your face, it seems you are greatly lacking"

Gritting his teeth, Jiang Yu remain silent and pretend to have never heard what Bai Shen said. He knew if he talk back nothing good will happen.

"They are here to propose a marriage" Bai Chen said to his son. He wanted to see what would be the reaction of his son if he heard they are here for his sister's hand.

"I-I-I didn't know you swing that way, I'm sorry but I'm not like you. Please find somebody with the same hobby as yours" Bai Shen's face turned white as he staggered backwards. His face was full of surprise and horror as he thought that this man want his hand for marriage. He thought to himself, 'Fvck! Never thought that my handsome face can even capture the heart of this little man. To think he will fall in love with me, damn being to handsome really brings some bad luck'


Jiang Yu spouted a mouthful of blood when he heard what Bai Shen said. His face turned white as his body started shivering from extreme anger. He felt that Bai Shen was playing with him. He a proud genius was humiliated twice by this trash in front of him. This was the first time in his life that he ever wanted to kill a person not minding its consequences.

"B-Bai Shen don't talk nonsense, I am not here for you. I came here to propose to your sister" swallowing the blood from his throat, Jiang Yu said to Bai Shen with his eyes almost burning in anger.

When Bai Shen and Bai Mei heard what he said, both their expression turned heavy and grim. Their hands tightly hold onto each other and stare at Jiang Yu with coldness in both of their eyes. To think that their purpose here was to propose a marriage to his sister, Bai Shen thought, 'To think that a little man like you would dare to target my sister. I looks like this little man needs to know his place'

"Father what did you say to them, did you agree to their proposal?" Bai Shen look at his father, he knew that his father already talk to them about this as he saw him preparing to leave earlier.

"Naturally I refuse them" holding both his hands up, Bai Chen replied to his son.

"I see, knowing that my father already refuse your proposal. Your business here should end, you may leave now" Bai Shen wave both his hands like he was shooing some small animals.

"Bai Shen! I request a duel against you! Do you dare to accept, If you win I will leave and never bother you, but if you lose your sister will have to marry me" Jiang Yu shouted at Bai Shen. This man in front of him never gave him respect even in front of his grandfather. His emotions finally exploded and he want to settle it now.

"Are you dumb?" Bai Shen replied to Jiang Yu like he was looking at the dumbest person, "You request a duel against me with that kind of bet? Do you think you have any right to bet with me? Know your place scum and maybe I can spare your little life. If you leave now, I promise you I will think that you never said those ignorant words of yours, but if you stubbornly stay here, I will not be able to control myself and just kill you right here, right now" Bai Shen was extremely angry right now, to think this little man in front of him will suggest a ridiculous demand. His head might not be working properly to even said those words.

"Hhmp, lets see if what you showed in the banquet is real" Jiang Yu snorted coldly as he suddenly move to attack Bai Shen. Blue Qi was covering his whole body, while his claws were forward like an eagle grabbing its prey.

Everyone inside were shocked seeing Jiang Yu attacked, even his grandfather Jiang Zhang was greatly surprised seeing his usually calm grandson exploded in emotions. His face turn dark as he knew that this means trouble to their Jiang Family. He wanted to stop his grandson but he felt that if he make a single move, he will be dead.

A cold glint appear in Bai Shen's eyes. His anger erupted as he see this little man pounce at him. The spiritual energy inside his body exploded and the whole area started to shake. The space tremble and the ground quake. To think that this little man will dare to attack him, he needs to destroy this man to teach others a lesson.


Bai Shen release a powerful punch directed to Jiang Yu. Everyone's expression turned grave as they felt the immense power of the punch, the space surrounding Bai Shen's fist vibrated as it continues towards Jiang Yu.


Jiang Yu stopped his attack as he stared wide eyed towards Bai Shen. He look down and see that a large part of his chest was missing. There was a huge hole in his chest and blood were coming out like flood. His body started to shake as he eventually fall to the ground while unwillingness appeared on his eyes. To think that he will fall to this state with just a single punch, he really overestimate his ability and bite more than he can chew. His eyes turned heavy and make one last look towards the woman he love only to see her cold eyes.

"Yu'er!" Jiang Zhang appeared beside his grandson as he felt the feeling of death covering his body disappeared. He hug the lifeless body of his grandson and tears fall from his eyes. A sweet taste of blood was already on his throat but he forcefully swallowed it back.

"DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO KILL HIM!!" Jiang Zhang shouted at Bai Shen in grief of his dead grandson. His appearance look pitiful as blood covered his white robe. Their visit in the Bai Family turn like this just because of a woman. He can't accept this, his grandson died just because of a woman.

Jiang Zhang slowly stand while carrying his dead grandson. His eyes were black as it wander towards the people inside. He wanted revenge, he wanted to kill them, but he knew it was impossible as he will be killed here like an ant if he attack now. What he needs were time and some preparations. He will need some people who also had a grudge against the Bai Family. To him that is what he was thinking inside his mind to revenge his grandson's death.

While those thought were running inside Jiang Zhang's mind, Bai Chen on the other hand was already gone to make some preparations for tonight. The moment Jiang Yu attack, he already planned to massacre and erase the whole Jiang Family in the empire. He was already flying towards the military camp to get some soldiers from his second son who will do the job.
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