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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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15 The Night 1

After getting his confirmation, Bai Mei returns to her room immediately in high spirits. She was even humming while skipping as she went back.

"Little Ke, tell the maids to prepare their most delicious dishes. I will go out and buy some fine wine" Bai Shen got up from his chair and walk towards the door.

The little girl Xiao Ke breath a sigh of relief when Bai Shen left. But when she remembered what he just said earlier, her small body started to shiver.



Bai Shen was whistling while walking on the streets of the capital. Several young men came out of one of the alley and surrounded Bai Shen. They wear extravagant clothes while each of them was holding a fan with an image sew on it.

'Hmm' Bai Shen look closely to the fan they were holding as he feels that the image was quite familiar to him. When he saw it clearly, his eyes turned wide and his mouth hang wide open. The image on the fan was exactly his face. Even his arrogant smile were copied with perfection.




The young men simultaneously kneel down in front of him, followed by a loud ringing sound. The kneeling young men parted and make way, again from the alley appeared a bunch of muscle man carrying a statue, to be precise his statue.

'Ohh God, to think I would encounter a bunch of perverts the moment I went out' a shiver ran through his spine as he looked at his sculpture. He can clearly see as the sun shine upon the sculpture, his sculpted image was fvcking nude. A small fan was covering his little brother while his bottom was completely exposed. His legs on the sculpture was twisted in some weird way or is it just making some pose. Bai Shen's mind was in total chaos, to think this people will dirty his magnificent image. It was a total act of disrespect towards him.



Again like the young men, the bunch of muscle man kneel in front of him. They put the sculpture they were carrying beside Bai Shen, the bunch of muscle man started to say some weird words and started hitting their forehead to the ground.

Bai Shen subconsciously took a step back as he try to distance himself towards the perverts and weirdos kneeling in front of him.


As he was slowly retreating, an old hand grab his shoulders from behind scaring the sh!t out of him. Bai Shen release a unmanly scream as he stumble forward. Realizing that he just showed a side of him that was unfitting for his 'excellent and magnificent' image, he gulp his saliva and his expression returned to normal.

"Who are you guys and what is your purpose by staining my image" taking out his fan and fanning himself, Bai Shen said with a stern face. His appearance right now was of a benevolent master.

"W-w-we have no such intention of staining the image of Young Master Bai. We just want to show you our support by making everyone see your brilliance" a man answered. Bai Shen turn and saw a young man with freckled face, crooked nose, thick eyebrows and two large teeth slowly walk out of the dark alley. The clothes he was wearing is an exact copy of what Bai Shen was wearing right now.

'Who the flipping hell is this creep' seeing the way the 'creep' in front of him was imitating him. Bai Shen had the urge to slap its creepy face to send it directly next week.

"What do you mean by that?" Bai Shen asked.

"AAhhh being asked by Young Master, this is a blessing of a lifetime" the creep said while swaying his thin hips.




The weirdos all shouted in unison, their loud voices vibrated through the air. While their body was shaking in excitement.

"Fvck! Stop that! You are dirtying my pure eyes" Bai Shen shouted and slap the hell out of the creep sending it flying to the walls nearby.

"Can someone properly explain to me what is happening here!" Bai Shen shouted in frustration. To think that this creep and weirdos would destroy his fun day is really making him angry.

"I can explain it to you Young Master Bai" one of the muscle man stand up and began to explain everything to Bai Shen. He explain about their goals and about the group who oppose them. Bai Shen's face was slowly changing as the muscle man continues.

"So your group mostly compose of young men who wanted to be like me." Bai Shen said.

"N-no Young Master Bai, we know that we don't have the ability to become someone as magnificent and excellent as you. We just wanted to learn some of your techniques and abilities as the True Young Master" a muscle man answered.

"Haiis, I must say this to all of you. It will be much easier for you guys to transcend the heavens, than to learn some of my techniques. The reason was simple, I was born to become the most magnificent, the most excellent, the most handsome, the most talented, and lastly I was born to become the number one. While you guys, haiss, you are just born, nothing extraordinary about you guy." Bai Shen spat a lot of nonsense when he saw the glittering eyes this men had when listening to him.

Bai Shen walk away proudly with his head held high. Now that the creeps were gone, he needed to find the best wine in the capital for her sister.


Bai Mei was busy arranging her room. She decorate her room with some white flowers that releases some cold air. A table was on the middle with different dishes on it. It was already midnight and she was waiting for her little brother to come.



"Sister can I come in" her little brother's voice came from the other side of the door as he knock.

"Brother come in, big sister had been waiting for you to come" Bai Mei answered.

When Bai Shen entered the room, a sweet scent quickly enters his nose. He remember this scent, it was his sister's sweet scent when she hug him. Bai Shen gulp his saliva as some 'random' thought quickly appeared in his mind.

"Sister I brin-" without even finishing his words, Bai Shen was stupefied when he saw what her sister was wearing. She was wearing a tight thin dress that hugs her body perfectly. His eyes roamed and wander around his sister's body, those pale white skin, those slender waist and everything about his sister was perfect. Her platinum white hair was loose down making her look like a seductive fairy.

"Does big sister look good?" seeing her little brother daze while looking at her, Bai Mei become happy inside her heart and asked him.

"Y-yes beautiful, very beautiful. Big sister you were really beautiful, your beauty alone can make empire wage war against each other" Bai Shen woke up from his daze when he heard the melodious voice of his sister. His little brother below was already raging in heat as it tries to pierce through and show itself to the innocent world.
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    《Human Trash with Anime System》