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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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14 Fame?




The emperor who was sitting on above started clapping. A satisfied expression was on his face as he look at Bai Shen.

"Good, good good, you really amaze me this day Bai Shen. Your engagement to my eldest daughter and the events that happened here will be spread throughout the empire. They will know that you, Bai Shen the so called Number One Trash are strong and capable man. That all of those 'rumors' about you are false" the emperor said in good mood. He was really satisfied with this son-in-law that he get.

"Your Majesty those rumors are" Bai Shen didn't finish his sentence, although those rumors were positively true, he doesn't want to destroy the good 'image' that the emperor had for him.

"Your Majesty can I request something?" Bai Shen said.

"Son-in-law what is it that you want?" the emperor replied still happy as he called him son-in-law.

"Your Majesty, can I request to take him with me and make him my subordinate" the face of the emperor changes when he saw where Bai Shen was pointing.

Bai Shen was pointing to Ren Shou whom he just defeated. The thin man was lying on his own blood as he slowly lose his life.

"Is there any reason on why you want to take him as your subordinate" the emperor said as he was curious on why Bai Shen wanted to take the criminal.

"Your Majesty, as you see earlier, he had some capabilities and know some transformation technique. I think it would be a pity to leave him here and slowly die" Bai Shen said while kneeling.

"Ok, you can take him. But you will be the one responsible if something unexpected happened" the emperor said with a serious face.

"Thank you Your Majesty" Bai Shen replied.

"All right take him away and heal him. Lord Bai follow me in my study we will 'discus' something about the engagement. The rest of you are dismissed" the emperor announced with a loud voice.

The guests who came all started to leave, Bai Chen who was asked to meet by the emperor enters the palace once again. He knew what the emperor wanted to talk about and he already prepared his answers for those questions.

Bai Shen uses his strings to close the cut wounds from Ren Shou's body. The unconscious man was slowly wrapped by the strings and carried by Bai Shen towards their carriage.

On their way to the mansion, his big sister was asking him again and again if he ever received any injuries on the fight. He already said that he was fine and did not receive any kind of injuries but his sister touch him all over his body.


The next day...

Like what the emperor had said, the news of his engagement and his fight was spread like a wildfire in the capital. Several messengers were send to other cities to spread the news. Some people started to think that the so called Number One Trash of the empire was not really a trash, and that it was just a made up by someone who hates Bai Shen. But those who were 'abused' by Bai Shen was fuming in anger as they spread news on how they were abused by the trash.

Because of the two news spreading in the capital, two group of people were formed, the pro and anti. The first one was mainly composed of arrogant, hedonistic young nobles of the empire. They were the young masters from different families that were worshiping Bai Shen like some sort of god. They idolized him so much that they make a bid statue of him in the capital. The statue of Bai Shen were several meters tall, his handsome face was carved with his usual arrogant look while holding a fan. In the past because of the strong opposition from the palace, they never dared to show up in public. But now that the emperor announce that those rumors were false, all of them rejoice and went out to spread the name of their idol. The name of their group was 'The True Young Master'.

The Anti group was composed of the people that the previous Bai Shen abused and their families. There numbers were so many that they looks like a group of sardines in the sea. Some of their cases were on how Bai Shen raped their girlfriend or wife, how Bai Shen ordered his guards just because he found them unpleasant, and many more that the author can't think of. The name of their group was 'No To Abusive Bai Shen'.

While the two group was in constant fight against each other, the reason of their fight Bai Shen was inside their mansion living his life. Beside him was the Little maid Xiao Ke who was pouting her small mouth. She was holding sliced fruit and put it in Bai Shen's mouth.

"Little Ke, later I will asked my father to let you be my personal maid. You should feel honored about serving someone like me" Bai Shen said leisurely.

The little maid beside him froze when she heard what he said. The corner of her big bright eyes started to gather tears. This is not a tears of joy, the tears appeared because she felt she had been wronged. Xiao Ke didn't hate Bai Shen or anything, in fact she was grateful at him because he brought her to this mansion giving her shelter. She was just scared at him because of the rumors about him attacking little girls like her. Especially her, she thought she was extremely cute(which is true) and because of her cuteness Bai Shen will definitely attack and eat her up.

"Y-y-young Master Bai, c-c-can't I just be an ordinary maid in the mansion. I-i-i really like what my job right now is" with shaking voice, Xiao Ke said to Bai Shen while her face was full of grievances.

"No I already make a decision and I won't change it, also as you know, I am the most famous young master in the capital. If you become my personal maid, the people will 'respect' you like they respect me" with a straight face Bai Shen said without even blinking.

'I know that you are famous, and I know why you are famous. All of that was because of your wrong doings. The reason they respect you was because they were scared you will target them next, what would happen to me if they know that I am your personal maid. Those people who 'respect' you will definitely target me' Xiao Ke complain inside her heart.

While Bai Shen was busy eating his fruits and Little Ke was complaining inside her heart. Bai Mei entered the room while wearing a short blue dress.

"Little brother would you come to my room tonight, I wish to celebrate your engagement with the princess with just the two of us" with a red face, Bai Mei said to her little brother.

"Then big sister just need to wait in her room, I will bring some delicious foods and the finest wine in the capital" Bai Shen replied. His heart was beating faster as he look at her sister's seductive figure. He adjust the way he sits because his little brother was getting lively.
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    《Human Trash with Anime System》