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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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12 Banquet END

A chill run through Bai Shen's spine as he felt the warm breath of the princess on his ears. His body temperature slowly increase and his little brother was forcing himself up. His nose were being invaded by the pleasant smell of the princess, he doesn't know if it is a perfume or if it is just her natural fragrance. But either of them she smell really good.


"Princess, I know that I am an excellent and an extremely handsome man. I am also well known not only in the capital, but also in some cities of the empire. Can I know the reason on why you chose me as your fiancee. Because as far as I know, the times we saw each other could be counted in a single hand." he cleared his throat and look at the princess who had a red face. The arrogant smile on his face was gone and replaced by a gentlemanly expression. He looks like a completely different person from before.

The guests all frown even the emperor when they heard him describe himself, but they all perked their ears when he asked the princess on why she had chosen him. They were very curious as why such a near perfect woman like the princess, will choose someone like him who was notorious for his **** and 'trash' disposal crimes.

"You want to know why I chose you?" Yun Yi said then continued, "It's simple, because you defeated me and you were strong."

"A-a-also you've touched that place of mine. You need to take responsibility for doing that to me." Yun Yi covered her red face with both of her hands.

"W-what did I just hear, h-he touched the princess in t-t-that place." an old man who looks like a twig pointed his dry finger at Bai Shen.

"H-he really doesn't fear anyone, he even touched the princess. I-i think that he will definitely target me next, I need to hide now" a muscular man wearing a tight dress pointed at Bai Shen while shaking his hips. Those biceps of his were as large as Bai Shen's head.

"Fvck!! Do you think I am so trash that I will attack someone like you. Fvck!! Why do you even wear those dress, just looking at you will dirty my eyes. I need to go to the temple later and asked them to cast purification in my eyes just to cleansed it from seeing you." Bai Shen spat furiously, his face was red as he cursed at the muscle man.

"Bai Shen, is it true that you've touched my daughter?" the emperor said with a dark face.

"Your Majesty, I did not do such thing, I just teach her some lesson and slap her front" Bai Shen said proudly like what he do was just right.

"W-what did you just said? Y-y-you touched my daughter's chest" the emperor lost his bearing and pointed his finger at Bai Shen.

When the guests heard what he just said, all of them gasp in surprise. To think he was this brave to even touch the princess chest. Again, Bai Shen receive different stares from the people. Some were disdain because of his action, while some were respect because of his bravery.

"Your Majesty where did you want me to hit your daughter? I feel that it was inappropriate to hit her face, what would happen if I accidentally disfigure her. Who would want to marry her in the future then? It is her fortune that I am the one who teaches her a lesson, if it is somebody else, they will definitely hit her on the face" he said with an upright and innocent face, he felt that he was being accused just because he did something right.

"FATHER!! it is already fine. Isn't he is my fiancee now, he have every right to touch me wherever he wants and that is none of your business" Yun Yi who was watching shouted at her father. She felt that her fiancee was being 'abused' by his future father-in-law.

The emperor look at his angry daughter not knowing what to do. He was someone who loves his family especially his daughters, when he knew that his eldest daughter was 'touched' by this human trash, his anger flared up. But when he was about to do something to the 'trash', the angry voice of her daughter stopped him.

"Ok, then Bai Shen can you show us some of your skills today. Because I can't believe that you've managed to defeat my daughter who was a Intermediate Mage, while you were just a Beginner Mage" the emperor said with a meaningful smile on his face. He signaled one of his soldiers then said, "I've prepared a platform for you to show us you skills, follow me in the courtyard"


When they arrived at the courtyard, Bai Shen was shocked at what he was seeing.

'The Fvck!! you called this courtyard. This place is so huge you could fit over twenty arenas here.' Bai Shen thought.

A platform wide platform was at the middle surrounded by hundreds or thousands of chair. The guests took their sits while Bai Shen was pushed by his father to enter the platform.

"Bai Shen, for you to properly display your skills to us, I personally chose an opponent for you" the emperor said while sitting on the highest chair, "This man is Ren Shou, he was a pervert and a killer that was caught by one of my guards in the city on the east. He was an Advance Fighter, if you managed to defeat him then I will give you some rewards. But if you lose, you will die and Ren Shou will be freed"

A thin man who looks he will die at any time enters the platform. He was holding a pair of short dagger and was wearing a single piece of clothe that covered his private area.

"The heck! This is my opponent? It looks like I just need to cough on him and he will crumble" Bai Shen said as his fingers move and string appeared at their each end.

Seeing that the two was ready the emperor shouted,

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    《Human Trash with Anime System》