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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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11 Banquet 3

It was unknown on how long the two of them was dancing. The music ended the same time their dance finished. The hall was silent as the guests watch the two walk back to their table with holding hands. It was a dance full of emotion, a dance full of love and affection.





It was unknown who clapped first waking up everyone from their stupor. The guests inside were all clapping in admiration to the beautiful dance. Even Jiang Yu was clapping his hands with unwillingness written on his face. He hated the fact that Bai Shen humiliated him before, but he can't hide his admiration from seeing such a dance.

"The Bai family is really a prestigious family, to be able to dance with such emotion. My empire are really lucky" a loud and firm voice sounded in the hall. The guests who were clapping their hands all stop and look at the one who spoke.

"Duke Bai, it is your fortune to have such children" the one who spoke was the emperor of the empire, Yun Huang.

"It is really my fortune to have such kids Your Majesty" Bai Chen replied respectfully to the emperor.

Emperor Yun Huang nodded at Bai Chen and look at the guests below then said, "I know everyone of you here knew the reason I called you in this banquet, and that is to announce the man that my daughter have chosen as her fiancee. Many of you would be shock and some may even be against this decision. But I already said my word to my daughter that I will let her choose who she want as her partner in life. So everyone of you must respect the decision that I made."

While the emperor was speaking taking everyone's attention, Bai Shen was sneakily walking towards the girl he saw earlier who was wearing a white dress. She was still standing alone in the corner of the hall. Noticing that someone was walking towards her, the girl look and saw Bai Shen's lecherous smile towards her. A hint of nervousness appeared in her eyes and a forced smile form on her sweet lips.

Seeing the 'smile' on the girl's lips, Bai Shen thought, 'It seems my charm is really great. To think with just a simple smile of mine this beauty instantly fall to me' with that in his mind. Bai Shen walk arrogantly with his head held high. With this act of his, the nervousness in the girls eyes intensifies. She never thought that by being alone and standing on the corner, she would attract the attention of this number one trash.

Bai Shen took a glass of water and stand beside the girl who was visibly shaking. He took a sip of water while thinking, 'She was even shaking because of excitement, I think women in this world is easily charmed by my outstanding appearance'

While Bai Shen was busy dreaming on his own, the emperor continued, "T-the man chosen by my daughter as her life partner was non other than" the voice of the emperor was shaking a sign of unwillingness on his part. But when he look at his daughter at the side, he saw she was glaring at him with her fangs, without no other choice the emperor continued in a dejected manner, "B-Bai"

"Bai? Bai family? does the princess chosen one of the three brothers?" a noble wearing golden clothes said.

"I think the eldest son was already engaged to the second princess, so it must be the second son this time" an old man said.

"Bai Family sure is lucky, the two eldest son are engaged to both princess while the princes were having an eye for the only daughter" the guests seems to forget the existence of the third son of the Bai Family, as they only talk about the oldest two.

"I-it is Bai Family, B-b-b-bai Sheeeeeen" the emperor finished what he said with great difficulty. He feel his mouth dry and his eyes turned lifeless.






A destroyed wall, a sword clash, glass cracked, people fainted and Bai Shen throwing the water inside his mouth towards the face of the girl beside him. The girl beside him was shocked, not because of what the emperor just said, but because of the water that hit her face. Some of them even have very small pieces of meat that Bai Shen just ate. Her white dress was stained while her face was drenched, she look hatefully at Bai Shen before turning around and ran outside the hall.

As for Bai Shen, he didn't even noticed that the girl already left. He was just standing there like a rock while holding a glass of water. The expression of his face was changing every second. He was thinking inside his head, 'Why? why me? I know I am an excellent man. I know that my future are much brighter than the sun lighting the world. I know that I am handsome to the point that even grandmas on their death bed would get wet when they saw my perfect face. But why me? A trash like her who was disrespectful to me who have a higher ranking than her becoming her fiancee? This is a scam a sham!!'

While he was talking inside his head, the guests around were also cracking their brains out. They can understand if the princess chose Bai Wuqing as her partner as he was an excellent man. But choosing the number one trash as their partner, she must have some loose screws to do that.

Bai Shen was called as the number one trash because he is a trash in every aspect of life. The only good thing about him is he was rich and a very handsome person. But Yun Yi, the eldest princess was different. The only reason she was called trash was because her terrible attitude, aside from that she was a perfect women.


Yun Yi jump down and walk towards Bai Shen with small steps. Her fiery red hair were tied in a pony tail and her arrogant face have a hint of gentleness. With her tight red dress and slender body, she looked like a goddess in everyone's eyes. When she arrived beside her fiancee, she lean to his ears and said seductively to him with her hot breath,



Below Bai Mei was broken glasses, it was unknown how many she already crushed with her hands. But from the looks of it, it should be more than enough for at least ten people. Her pair of cold eyes were staring at the 'fox' who was acting intimately towards her brother. Blue Qi was starting to appear below her feet, ready to take action if ever the 'fox' will ever tried to bite her brother.
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    《Human Trash with Anime System》