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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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10 Banquet 2

The banquet starts as the emperor arrived. The foods were served and the guests starts eating. Each family has their own table assigned on them. Bai Shen with his father and sister was eating at their table.

'Mmnn, so goood~' Bai Shen thought to himself as he continues to eat food plate after plate. People were all staring at him in disdain as he eat like a pig. All the guests were noble of the empire, they have trained proper etiquette on how they should act. But looking at Bai Shen the 'Number One Trash' of the empire and how he eats, some of them lost their appetite.

"S-son you should eat a bit slowly, remember even if you have no face in the empire, I your father still have some face left, if you continue this I will lose all of that." with a whisper his father said to him.

"Fa *nom* ther don't wor *gulp* ry, your son here wi *nom* ll gain you face later" while eating, drinking and talking at the same time, Bai Shen replied to his father who have a helpless expression.

"Father don't disturb little brother when he was eating, what would you do if he choke his food!" Bai Mei angrily reprimand her father while offering a glass of drink to her little brother.

Bai Shen continues his action not bothered by the gazes he was receiving.

As the banquet continues, a group of people enters carrying several musical instruments and started playing a melodious song. The guests created a space at the center of the hall and several people started dancing with their partners.

Young men started inviting young ladies to dance. While Bai Shen was licking the oils on his fingers, a handsome young man went to their table.

"May I have the honor of inviting Young Lady Bai to dance with me" the man offered his hands while bowing. In terms of appearance, he was one of the most handsome man Bai Shen saw in this banquet.

"You've come at the right time. Let me borrow your clothes for a bit" Bai Shen wiped his oily hands on the clothes of the young man. The grease on his finger marked at the white clothes that the young man was wearing.

"Tell me what is your name and what is your family" the young man glared at Bai Shen who was looking at him with a smile.

"Young Master Bai, I am from the Jiang family in the capital, I am Jiang Yu" Jiang Yu suppressed the anger and humiliation he felt inside his heart. He knew that he and his family were like an ant in the face of this prestigious Bai Family. But inside his head he was cursing, 'This fvcking trash dared to humiliate me, just you wait after I make your sister fall in love with me, I will make sure to repay you for this'

"Jiang Family? Jiang Yu? never heard of it. You want to ask my sister for a dance? Return once you had proper title in the empire like me." with a proud face, Bai Shen said to the young man who was gritting his teeth. After that, the young man turn and left.

"Son do you really don't know about the Jiang Family and the genius Jiang Yu?" his father curiously asked. He knew the Jiang Family was just a small family, but Jiang Yu was a well known individual from the younger generation of the Jiang Family. He was a genius and who became an Advance Fighter in the age of 25. Because of that, countless young ladies from different family proposes marriage to their family, but each of them was declined as they said he have someone he admire and love. Bai Chen look at the young man who was surrounded by beautiful young ladies and thought to himself, 'It seems he is interested in my daughter, but unfortunately for him, my daughter will never spare him a single glance' Bai Chen then look at his daughter who was helping his son wipe the remaining oil on his fingers.

'Although marriage between siblings were common tradition for other families to make their bloodline pure, that doesn't mean that our family also practice that tradition. Then, there is the emperor and his suggestion about my son and the eldest princess' Bai Chen thought. He knew that his daughter had a certain feelings on her little brother, and that feelings were not familial love. It is a love of a woman to a man.

"Nope, never heard of them" Bai Shen just answered without a thought.

"Little brother will you accompany your big sister for a dance?" with a charming smile on her face, Bai Mei brought her courage and invited her little brother for a dance.

'Why is the position reversed? The man should be the one inviting the woman' Bai Shen look at his big sister and shamefully stand up and hold her hands. He brought her sister in the dance hall and started their dance.

Everyone inside the hall was watching as the two siblings dance in harmony. They forget about anything and just watch as the two dance to the music with a smile on their faces. They even forgot that the man was the number one trash of the empire.

Bai Shen and Bai Mei was having the moment of their life. Bai Mei had a sweet and gentle smile on her face as she enjoyed the dance with her brother. Her entire attention was focused on their dance. For her, this was the happiest moment of her life.

'To be able to dance with you this time is already a gift from the heavens. We may be brothers and sisters, but this will not stop me from loving you. Big sister will always be beside you wherever you go. Big sister will never marry another man as big sister will be content in her life just staying at your side.' Bai Mei thought to herself. A tear full of emotions fall from her crystal clear eyes. The happiness and sorrow inside her heart was released and she show a graceful and painful smile.
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    《Human Trash with Anime System》