Human Trash with Anime System
8 Transformation
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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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8 Transformation

After the meeting with their father, Bai Shen returned to his room. He took out an old looking book that his father gave to him earlier. Because his talent in cultivation was low, in his 18 years of life, he was just a Beginner Fighter. The average rank for an 18 years old was that , they must be a intermediate fighter/mage while some geniuses were at advance stage. His father told him to practice until tomorrow before the banquet so that he can advance even just a little.

When he open the book, he saw written in golden words were 'Celestial White Tiger Manual'. Unlike the outside of the book, the pages inside looks new. The pages were clean and there were no sign of any damage. Bai Shen continues to look at other pages but he found that there were no words written on it which makes him confuse.

"System, can you scan this book?" unable to think of why it was empty, Bai Shen asked the system.

Ding... Scanning...




Ding... Scanning complete...

"Host what do you want to know about this book?" the system said with its robotic voice.

"I want to know why is there nothing written inside the book" Bai Shen replied inside his head.

"Unable to answer host because system doesn't know either. The system only know things about animes, so please don't ask the system silly questions." the system instantly replied to his question.



Bai Shen choke in his own saliva when he heard the reply. 'Why the fvck did you ask me what I wanted to know if you also know nothing' he thought.

"T-hen system, what can you do about this book?" Bai Shen take a deep breath and ask the system.

"Host can use it to exchange to the system. Don't worry the system is fair when it comes to exchanging items, probably.." the system replied while the last word was a whisper.

"What will I receive when I exchange this?"

"The so called Qi in your body will disappear meaning you won't be able to cultivate like the people in this world do. The system will change your Qi into spiritual energy and will give you the 'Hogyouku' from the anime 'Bleach'. The system will also give you 1,000,000 system points as the system felt this book is very precious." the system said.

"Do you want to exchange it?"

"Yes exchange it" without a second thought Bai Shen agreed to the system. He was thinking that it was a fair trade with the system.

Ding... Exchanging the 'Celestial White Tiger Manual'...

Ding... Exchanging complete...

Ding... Host receives the following:

•Hogyoku: the host will automatically fused with the hogyoku granting him a tremendous upgrade in his powers and abilities. Host will acquire the power of hogyoku being fused with it.

•1,000,000 System Points: for exchanging the item, host receives a generous trade from the system.

After the notifications of the system sounded inside his head, Bai SHen immediately felt his body changing. The Qi inside was disappearing while a strong power was coursing on his whole body. His bones and organs were constantly destroyed and repaired at the same time. The extreme pain he was feeling right now was so intense that he almost lose his consciousness. A bright bluish ord slowly fused in the center of his chest and a warm and cold feeling instantly flows inside his body.

After a couple of minutes, Bai Shen opens his eyes and felt his body. His body felt so light like he was just a feather. He clenched his fist and release a simple punch.


Bai Shen look in shock at his fist, in front of him the wall was easily destroyed. He knew that the wall of their mansion was made from precious stones and was covered by Qi. Especially his room, his father personally make the walls and infuse his Qi to protect his son that he loved so much. Ordinary cultivator won't even leave a scratch to those wall, but with his simple punch, it was destroyed.





A series of hurried footsteps enter his ears, he knew that the punch he make alerted the people in the mansion.


Bai Shen was smiling helplessly at the people who enters. His father and sister entered inside the room with a worried face. Bai Shen look at this familiar scene.

"Son!" "Little brother!" his father and sister shouted at the same time. His father was already wearing his sleeping robe, while his sister was covered in towel with her hair and body wet clearly she was in the bath and immediately run here when she felt the commotion.

"Son what happened here? Are you attacked by someone?" his father said as he inspect his body and the destroyed wall when he notice some changes, "S-son w-why don't you have any Qi in your body?" his father nervously said.

"W-what?!" Bai Mei still covered in towel instantly grab his hand and check, "I-it is true, brother what happened to your Qi?

"Haiss" Bai Shen take a deep breath and continue, "It is because of the book that father gave to me"

His father's face turned pale as he thought that he just destroyed his own son, while Bai Mei look at her father with deadly eyes.

"It is not what you guys think, look at this" Bai Shen remove his shirt and show them the 'hogyoku' in his chest. "This is what happened when I opened the book. My Qi suddenly disappear and this emerge in my chest. There is also a different type of energy flowing inside my body, and it is extremely powerful. Look at what happened, i just release a simple punch and it completely destroyed the wall in my room." he said. He wanted them to think like that so that they won't ask any further questions in the future.

His father and sister thought for a little before accepting what he said. They know he was hiding something but they don't want to ask any further.

"Son can you show me how you did that earlier" his father said with a serious face. He wanted to see what type of power his son receive from the ancient manual that he and the previous generations of the family failed to comprehend.

Luckily for Bai Shen, his room was at the top of the mansion. He walk to the broken wall and look up at the cloudy dark sky, it was already night and the moon was illuminating the capital. He clenched his fist and punched towards the sky.


His father and sister felt a huge gust of wind containing an unknown type of power released when the punch was made. They look up and their eyes and mouth open wide, there the clouds in the sky were blown away revealing the beautiful starry sky. It was a magnificent view that the three of them just look up.

Bai Chen then look at his son and hug him tightly. Tears were forming at the corner of his eyes. He had not expected that his son, the so called trash of the empire because of his acts would one day be able to comprehend the ancient manual and become this strong in just a single night. He was feeling extremely bless right now as he hug his son.

Bai Mei watch her father and little brother with her eyes full of different emotions. She knew that this was the start of her brother changing, her mind and heart were confuse if she should be happy or sad at this changes. She close her eyes as a single tear fall from them.
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    《Human Trash with Anime System》