Human Trash with Anime System
1 Death and New Life of a Trash
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Human Trash with Anime System
Author :HaanShuoo
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1 Death and New Life of a Trash

Imperial Capital of Black Phoenix Empire

Inside the Bai residence, the people were in panic. They were all running back and forth carrying medical things while covered in sweat. The reason while they were like this was because the youngest son of the family head was attacked and stabbed a total of 23 time while he was playing in a brothel. The youngest son was known in the whole capital of the empire as the number one playboy and trash of the empire.

"Doctors, you must save my son at all costs, if not you and your family will accompany him in the underworld." a man wearing a green golden robe said sternly as the bulging muscles of his body tremble. He was the father of Bai Shen(MC), and also the head of the prestigious Bai family, Bai Chen.

The doctors pales when they heard what Bai Chen said. They were all the famous doctors in the capital, even the emperor respects them. But in Bai Chen's eyes, all of them were just insects. The only thing important to him was the life of his third son Bai Shen.

Bai Shen's mother was his first wife, but unfortunately she died just after giving birth to their son. Because of that, he tended to spoil this son of him. He gives everything he wants and agreed on everything he said. He knew that it was because of him that his son grew up like this, but he just can't help it as he love this son of his dearly. His love for his third son even make his two older son jealous.

While Bai Chen was restless outside the room, inside were the same, no the doctors were even more restless than the father. Cold sweat was pouring down their body like a broken dam. The young man that was lying on the bed already stopped breathing. Their eyes darted everywhere as they think of a solution on how to escape their impending doom.

"W...what should we do now?" doctor#1 said with pale face.

"S...should we jump out the window?" doctor#2 said while shivering non stop.

"I...idiot, this is the highest floor of the mansion, we are just a low level cultivator. If we jump out the window we will definitely dodge Lord Bai's anger, but we will become human paste" doctor#3 said while thinking a solution to their problem.




The sound of heartbeat echoed the quiet room. When the doctors heard that, they all looked at the lying body on the bed. All of them simultaneously open their eyes and mouth wide as they watch the miracle of God happening in front of them. The stab wounds on Bai Shen's body was closing rapidly visible in naked eye. The bloods on the floor and bed slowly crawled back inside his body.

The three doctors watch as tears of joy started to came down from the corner of their eyes. They don't know what was happening, the three of them just know one thing, and that is 'They were saved'.

What they don't know was that the real Bai Shen was already dead, and just another soul occupy the empty body.

Ding... Synchronizing body, soul and system...







Ding... Synchronization completed

Ding... Greetings Host and Welcome to the Anime System.

"W...what happened? where am I?" the new soul who entered the body asked.

"Host Shen(same name as the previous owner of the body) was caught having sex with a goat and you were shot to death by the owner of the goat." the robotic voice of the system replied.

"I know about that, I was just doing it for fun. What I want to know is where I am?" Shen face turned red feeling shameful hearing how he died.

"Host was transmigrated to a new body in a different world, 'Father God' allowed you to be transmigrated and have me an anime system because he felt pity of your pathetic life before" the system replied while giving some harsh word.

"Alright I understand, now tell me about the system." Shen asked.

"Host I am the anime system that will serve as your primary source of power and ability in this new world you're in. Host can buy different techniques, bloodlines, weapons and everything in the system as long as host have sufficient system points."

"System points are the currency used in order to buy in the system. Host can acquire system points by killing beasts or anything, exchanging items in the system and by finishing a mission given by the system." the system explained to him with a robotic voice.

"So it really is just like the novels that I read in the past." Shen already have an idea on how the system works, but still he asked.

"Base from the novels that I read with a system, they receive some gift from the start. Does the system also has a gift for me?"

"Yes host, we've prepared a gift for you to start your new life."

Ding... Received a 1st Present Gift Box...

Ding... Do you want to open the gift box?

Notification ring inside his ears as he received the message from the system. Feeling excited, Shen shouted loudly inside his mind,

"OPEN IT!!!"
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    《Human Trash with Anime System》